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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

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August 12, 2020

Aug 12 15:18

Red mercury

Red mercury is purportedly a substance of uncertain composition used in the creation of nuclear weapons, as well as a variety of unrelated weapons systems. Because of the great secrecy surrounding the development and manufacture of nuclear weapons, there is no proof that red mercury exists. However, all samples of alleged "red mercury" analyzed in the public literature have proven to be well-known, common red substances of no interest to weapons makers.[1]

Red mercury is therefore considered a hoax, perpetrated by con artists who sought to take advantage of gullible buyers on the black market for arms. There have been reports of "red mercury" on the international black markets since 1979, but the hoax seems to have been most common in the early 1990s, with asking prices as high as $1,800,000 per kilogram.[2]

Aug 12 14:40

NY Fed on corporate leverage:

Aug 12 13:57

US comedian Seth Rogen turns the truth about Israel into a joke

Lawrence Davidson highlights the growing gap between Zionists and young Jewish Americans who question the fake history of Israel they have been taught which blanks out the Palestinian people, and reject the racist, apartheid Zionist state.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Aug 12 13:17

The Real Kamala Harris

As bad as Hillary Clinton was, she never proposed using an executive order to institute a nationwide gun grab. -- If Harris really does become president, I anticipate that there will actually be discussion in some red states about the possibility of declaring independence from the federal government. -- Yes, I do think that things could really get that bad.

Aug 12 12:46

US Postal Service Violated Hatch Act Helping Hillary Campaign

An extensive investigation operating quietly outside the limelight of round-the-clock news coverage on Capitol Hill has conclusively vindicated the Opposition Media. There was official government interference in the 2016 presidential contest that elected Donald Trump.

It’s a story that has everything: Secret coordination, baggy uniforms with funny hats, lists of hand-picked operatives embedded in the campaign and nationwide scope. Even worse, these blatantly illegal activities involved official collusion at the highest level of government.

Only it wasn’t the Russian government interfering in the democratic process. It was Democrats in the Obama government!

In a story that must have caused much anguish at The Washington Post, we discover "the US Postal Service engaged in widespread violations of federal law by pressuring managers to approve letter carriers’ taking time off last fall to campaign for Hillary Clinton and other union-backed Democrats."

Aug 12 12:40

Neighbor reportedly rushes 5-year-old boy playing outside, puts a gun to his head, and executes him [UPDATED]

She couldn't believe her eyes.

"My first reaction was he's playing with the kids," she recalled. "For a second I thought, 'That couldn't happen.' People don't run across the street and kill kids."

Labrant said the situation became all too real when she saw the child's father react to the horrific scene.

Authorities took Sessoms into custody on Monday night and charged him with first-degree murder. He is being held in the Wilson County Jail without bond.

Authorities have not yet determined a motive in the shooting, but insisted that the killing wasn't random, as Sessoms was reportedly friendly with Cannon's father.

Aug 12 12:31

Gun control losing support as Americans fear a future without properly funded police

It won’t be surprising to see these numbers continue to rise as cities across the nation actually move forward with their poorly conceived plans to defund their police departments while left-wing mobs continue to terrorize communities. People are starting to realize that if they cannot rely on the police to protect them, they will have to take matters into their own hands if they wish to keep their family safe.

Aug 12 12:27


In the recent weeks the US-led coalition in Iraq experienced a turn for the worse.

On the evening of August 10th, a military convoy carrying equipment for US forces near the Iraq-Kuwait border was reportedly targeted by an explosion. The Iraqi Shiite armed group, Ashab al-Kahf, issued a statement claiming that its forces had destroyed “equipment and vehicles belonging to the American enemy” in a bombing, targeting a border crossing south of the Iraqi city of Basra. The group also released a video purposely showing the attack.

Aug 12 12:27

Kamala Harris Proposes Executive Orders on Gun Control

Senator Kamala Harris of California, the former prosecutor who is running for the Democratic presidential nomination, on Monday committed to a host of executive actions to implement gun control measures that have long failed to pass in Congress.

At a town hall hosted by CNN, Ms. Harris said that, if elected, she would sign an executive order mandating background checks for customers of any firearms dealer who sells more than five guns a year. The executive actions would also include more stringent regulation of gun manufacturers that could result in revoked licenses or prosecution, as well as an attempt to close the loophole that allows some domestic abusers to purchase guns if their victim is an unwedded partner…

Aug 12 12:09

Biden Naming Harris as VP Pick Poses Special Threat for Gun Owners

As usual, “gun owner” Harris is not “anti-gun,” as long as she and her allies control them. Showing the obligatory elitist hypocrisy gun-grabbing politicos reserve for themselves, she has made full use of taxpayer-funded armed police protection, even in situations where the deployment of municipal resources for state officials has been deemed “unprecedented.” Now that she’s on Biden’s ticket, the Secret Service will be keeping her protected while she works to undermine the ability of all Americans to protect themselves.

Aug 12 12:01

Gun Control Partner : Biden Chooses Sen. Kamala Harris

Americans’ Second Amendment rights will be front and center in the November election as 2020 presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden made it official, announcing U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as his running mate. The pick means Democrats will nominate one of the most anti-gun presidential tickets in modern history, placing Sen. Harris a heartbeat from the presidency.

Aug 12 11:54

The rise of cloud bread! Fluffy loaves dyed in candy colours is the latest photogenic food trend to sweep TikTok and Instagram

The rise of cloud bread! Fluffy loaves dyed in candy colours is the latest photogenic food trend to sweep TikTok and Instagram

Aug 12 11:52

UK reels from biggest Covid hit of ANY major economy with GDP slumping a FIFTH as the country officially plunges into recession and Rishi Sunak warns of jobs bloodbath - but glimmer of hope as growth rebounded by 8.7% in June

Britain has suffered the biggest economic hit from coronavirus of any major economy, figures showed today - with GDP plunging more than a fifth at the height of the outbreak.
UK plc shrank by a shocking 20.4 per cent in the three months to June, the steepest fall in modern history, with record reductions in construction, services and production.

Aug 12 11:33

Despite Chicago Police Chief Demand For Accountability, First Looter Goes Free On $500 Bond

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown unloaded on reporters Monday, the Daily Wire reported, blasting the Cook County State’s Attorney, Kim Foxx, and others responsible for handling criminal matters for failing to ensure looters and rioters, arrested in the first round of incidents in May, faced consequences.

Aug 12 11:32

Big 12 Moves Ahead With Plans For Fall Football Season After Big Ten, Pac-12 Pull The Plug

University administrators of schools in the Big 12 conference are not yet willing to cancel the 2020 fall football season and have agreed to push forward with a September start.

Aug 12 11:31

Trucking company announces it won't deliver to cities pushing to defund police

A trucking company based in Illinois announced recently that it will no longer deliver to cities that are calling for police to be defunded.

Aug 12 11:27

Sarah Palin Offers Advice To Kamala Harris: ‘Trust No One,’ ‘Don’t Get Muzzled’

Former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin had some words of wisdom for Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who joined presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as his running mate Tuesday: “Trust no one.”

Aug 12 11:23

City Considers $250 Fine For Residents Not Wearing Masks — Outside

Officials in Hoboken, New Jersey, are considering a citywide ordinance to fine residents $250 if they don’t wear a mask outdoors.

Aug 12 11:04

Nancy Pelosi bashes Trump for signing payroll tax cut. But she loved it when Obama was president.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi harshly condemned President Donald Trump for taking executive action on Saturday in response to Congress's failure to pass a second coronavirus relief package.

In a joint statement with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Pelosi claimed the president's action "endanger[s] seniors' Social Security and Medicare." That's because, in an effort to help Americans financially, Trump signed an executive order deferring payroll taxes — known as the "FICA" tax, which funds Social Security and Medicare — through the end of the year.

Aug 12 10:59

SP500 Dropped 50% the Last Time Gold did This

Aug 12 10:58

Cop says protester pointed loaded rifle at him, had over 100 rounds of ammo — and one bullet in chamber

A Wisconsin police officer said a 23-year-old protester pointed a loaded rifle at him — and bit and kicked him — during a Waupaca protest earlier this month, WBAY-TV reported.

2nd degree recklessly endangering, use of a dangerous weapon (point a loaded firearm at an officer)
battery to a law enforcement officer, use of a dangerous weapon (biting an officer)

Aug 12 10:53

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Goes After U.K.’s Secretary Of State, Gets Smacked

Ben & Jerry’s, an ice cream company known for their left-wing activism, lectured British Secretary of State for the Home Department Priti Patel this week about the migrants who were illegally coming to the U.K. on boats. The secretary’s office responded with a sharp rebuke.

Aug 12 10:52

Failed Presidential Candidate John Kasich: ‘I Have A Right To Define What It Means To Be A Conservative’

John Kasich, who ran a failed Republican presidential campaign in 2016, told CNN this week that he has a “right” to define what it means to be a conservative as he prepares to speak at the Democratic National Convention next week.

Aug 12 10:51

New Doctor Working With White House Coronavirus Team Hits Media, Policymakers: ‘Not Appropriate Policy’

President Donald Trump announced during a press briefing on Tuesday that Scott Atlas, M.D., was working with the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Aug 12 10:49

AG Barr Responds To Seattle Police Chief’s Resignation Following City Council Cutting Police Funds

Attorney General William Barr responded to Seattle Police Department Chief Carmen Best’s abrupt decision to resign on Monday night, saying that her decision to resign was the result of “irresponsible proposals to defund the police” from state and local leaders.

Aug 12 10:29

5 New CBD Studies In 2020 Reveal Why So Many Are Choosing It Over Big Pharma Drugs

By Steven Maxwell

The free market has spoken. Americans prefer cannabis-related products to Big Pharma drugs for a host of ailments. They’re choosing cannabis because it works for them and now science is beginning to back them up.

The cannabis plant is proving to be very beneficial to human health despite the federal government’s continued prohibition as a Schedule 1 controlled substance. Schedule 1 classification substances have “no currently accepted medical use” and a “high potential for abuse.” Yet governments can no longer deny the evidence that cannabis is an effective treatment for many things without harmful side effects...

Aug 12 09:51

August 2020? No, March 1930...

Aug 12 09:44

Report: NYC Moved Convicted Pedophiles Very Near To Elementary School

As part of the city’s much-criticized coronavirus response, New York City officials reportedly placed at least six homeless pedophiles who are on parole at a luxury Manhattan hotel only one block from an an elementary-school playground in potential violation of state law.

Aug 12 09:39

Trump: If Biden Can Stand Up And Breathe, Media Will Say It’s ‘One Of The Greatest Debate Performances In History’

On Tuesday, radio host Hugh Hewitt conducted an interview with President Trump and asked him about prospective debates with former Vice President Joe Biden. “You know the way it is, the fake news,” Trump said. “If he stands up, and if he is able to breathe, and if he’s able to walk off the platform, they’ll say it was one of the greatest debate performances in history.”

Aug 12 09:39

WALSH: Hit Song Encourages Girls To Degrade, Objectify, Prostitute Themselves. This Is Not Empowerment.

Aug 12 09:37

Thousands Of Americans Renounce Citizenship, Citing Trump, Coronavirus As Reasons

Nearly six thousand Americans renounced their citizenship in the first six months of 2020, a massive increase over the previous six months.

Aug 12 09:29

Nick Saban On College Football: ‘Players Are A Lot Safer With Us Than They Are Running Around At Home’

University of Alabama coach Nick Saban said that his players are safer playing football than spending their time at home and in their communities.

Aug 12 09:28

PGA Golfer Says San Francisco Police Couldn’t Respond To Car Break-In Because They’re ‘So Overworked With Crime’

The Professional Golfers Association held its annual championship last weekend at TPC Harding Park in San Francisco.

Aug 12 09:23

Has nobody else spotted 6% inflation being reported in UK GDP?

Aug 12 09:23

Black Man Arrested For Allegedly Executing White Five-Year-Old Boy In Front Of Sisters

On Sunday, 25-year-old black male Darius Sessoms allegedly murdered 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant, who is white, in Wilson, North Carolina, in front of the boy’s two young sisters.

Aug 12 09:23

Democrat Women Warn Media That They Will Not Tolerate ‘Racist,’ ‘Sexist’ Coverage Of Biden Veep

A group of powerful, Democratic women has penned an open letter warning media outlets to restrict their coverage of presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate — expected to be a minority female — so as to avoid any “racism” or “sexism” in their reporting.

Aug 12 09:21

Bring ‘Tools, Ski Masks, Gloves’: Chicago Police Reveal Social Media Post That May Have Triggered Riots, Looting

Chicago police have released a social media post they say may have encouraged hundreds of individuals to descend on the city’s “Magnificent Mile” shopping district to loot and riot.

Aug 12 09:18

‘Hate Speech’: PA Governor Scolds Trump Campaign Adviser For ‘Misgendering’ Health Secretary

Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf accused Trump campaign adviser Jenna Ellis of hate speech on Monday after she called his transgender health secretary a “guy.”

Aug 12 09:13

Rishi Sunak warns of looming jobs catastrophe as UK economy OFFICIALLY goes into recession after plunging a shocking 20.4% at height of coronavirus outbreak - wiping out 17 YEARS of GDP growth

The news means the country is officially in recession - defined as two consecutive negative quarters - for the first time since the credit crunch. The economy dipped 2.2 per cent in the first three months of the year, and is now smaller than it has been since 2003.

The hit - thought to be the worst recession in 100 years - is harder than in every other major economy except Spain. And it emerged today that the Chancellor is considering delaying his crucial Autumn Budget if fears over a second wave of the deadly disease materialise.

Aug 12 09:12

'Looting is reparations': BLM protesters gather outside Chicago PD in support of looters who ransacked city Sunday night, as organizer claims 'anything they wanted to take, they can take because these businesses have insurance'

Black Lives Matter Chicago said early Monday's looting of stores was a form of 'reparations' as the group held a protest Monday night in support of the more than 100 people arrested after an evening of violence.

Downtown Chicago was otherwise quiet after authorities cut off access, with drawbridges leading into the city pulled up and freeway exits blocked after riots sparked by a false rumor of a child shot by police.

At least 13 police officers were injured as the violence claimed an estimated $65 million in property damage.

Aug 12 09:10

Over one BILLION Android phones may be at risk of 400 'Achilles' vulnerabilities which let hackers turn handsets into spying tools

Security researches warn over one billion Android phones are at risk of becoming a spying tool for hackers.

The team found 400 vulnerabilities in Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips, which are staples in the smartphones.

The flaws, collectively called 'Achilles,' lets cybercriminals access photos, videos, location data and other sensitive details on the handset.

First uncovered by the firm Check Point, experts say users only need to install what seems like a benign app, but is actual riddled with malware that lets hackers launch their attack.

Aug 12 09:06

Kamala Harris isn’t the first Black woman to run for VP. Meet Charlotta Bass.

Indeed, while Harris will indeed be the first Black woman and the first Asian American to appear on a major-party ticket, she is not the first Black woman to run for vice president. That title belongs to Bass, who joined a long-shot Progressive Party ticket in 1952, more than a decade before the Voting Rights Act was signed into law.

Aug 12 09:04

Before Kamala Harris became Biden’s running mate, Shirley Chisholm and other Black women aimed for the White House

U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, the American daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, is Joe Biden’s choice for vice president. If Biden wins in November, Harris would break three centuries-old barriers to become the nation’s first female vice president, first Black vice president and first Black female vice president.

Geraldine Ferraro was the first female vice-presidential candidate on a major party ticket, in 1984. In 2008, Alaska’s then-governor Sarah Palin was Republican John McCain’s running mate.

Before Harris was picked as Biden’s running mate, she was his competitor for the Democratic presidential nomination. She is one of many Black American women who have aimed for the highest office in the land despite great odds.

Aug 12 08:59

Gov. Cuomo rejects calls for investigation into New York nursing home deaths that he helped instigate

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is rejecting calls for an independent probe to be carried out into deaths of coronavirus patients in nursing homes across the state. He said that he believes the demands for the investigation are politically motivated.

The New York Department of Health reports that nearly 6,600 residents have died in the state’s nursing homes and adult facilities, although an analysis by the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity believes the actual death toll could be 25 percent greater than the official tally.

At the heart of the controversy is an executive order signed by Cuomo on March 25 that essentially forced nursing homes to re-admit recovering coronavirus patients who were discharged from hospitals without testing them to make sure they were free of the virus.

Similar mandates were put in place in New Jersey, California and Massachusetts.

Aug 12 08:56

'This will bankrupt the city': Nearly 20% of New York's hotels are being used to house 13,000 homeless people for more than $2million-a-night

139 of New York City's 700 hotels are being used by the city to house homeless people who they removed from shelters to avoid COVID-19 outbreaks

Aug 12 08:55

Photos, videos appear to capture FBI agents playing roles of armed rioters

We already know the FBI, under James Comey, was a treasonous, criminal enterprise engaged in masterminding more terror plots across America than any other group, including radical Islamic terrorists.

Under Comey, the FBI engaged in a treasonous coup attempt against President Trump. FBI officials altered 302 interview records, lied to the FISA court and later lied to the United States Senate under sworn testimony. For at least eight years under Obama — and probably much longer — the FBI was acting like a lawless criminal cartel, terrorizing America for political gain. And even under current Director Wray, the FBI continues to stonewall investigations into the deep state in a criminal conspiracy in order to cover up the crimes of the FBI under Obama and Comey.

Aug 12 08:53

Russia's coronavirus 'vaccine' announced by Vladimir Putin is shrouded in secrecy - but don't dismiss it just yet, writes BEN SPENCER

Russia's claims to have created the world’s first coronavirus vaccine should not be dismissed out of hand.

The country has a proud history of scientific achievements – it sent the first human into space and for decades led the world in the fields of engineering, mathematics and physics.

It also has a strong track record in producing reliable vaccines – notably for Ebola and yellow fever – and the Moscow institution behind the new jab, the Gamaleya Research Institute, is a long-established and well known research centre.

But it is hard to judge the safety and efficacy of the vaccine because very little information has been made available.

The teams behind experimental Covid vaccines in Oxford, the United States and China have all published detailed results of their trials at every stage.

Aug 12 08:53

Trump is 'surprised' that Biden chose 'nasty' Kamala Harris because she called him 'essentially racist' during 2019 primary fight - then claims first black female VP candidate is his 'number one pick' to face off against

President Trump has expressed surprise about Joe Biden's pick for vice president, Kamala Harris, saying that the California senator had previously labeled Biden as 'essentially racist.'

But he also revealed that Harris would have been his 'number one pick', if he were to be given a choice over who he and Vice President Pence would most like to face off against this coming November.

Biden named Harris as his running mate on Tuesday afternoon, making history by selecting the first black woman to compete on a major party's presidential ticket and acknowledging the vital role black voters will play in his bid to defeat President Donald Trump.

Aug 12 08:52

The daughter of immigrants with the White House in her reach: Meet Joe Biden's running mate Kamala Harris who prosecuted criminals and savaged Trump's nominees (and was helped to the top by her married lover)

Kamala Harris, the daughter of immigrants, whose career was defined by a series of firsts - first black woman to serve as San Francisco's district attorney and as the first black woman to serve California's attorney general - has added another first to that list: first black woman vice presidential candidate.

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden named his former rival for the nomination to the number two spot on Tuesday, giving her a place by his side as he works to defeat President Donald Trump this November.

Harris, 55, made a name for herself in San Francisco both in her work as a prosecutor and in the society pages for her friendships with the city's elite and her relationship with former mayor Willie Brown.

Aug 12 08:50

Joe Biden tells his supporters 'Let's go win this' after picking Kamala Harris as his running mate - which could make her the first black woman VP - and says 'together we can beat Donald Trump'

Joe Biden named Kamala Harris as his running mate on Tuesday to help him defeat President Donald Trump this November, a historic choice that acknowledges the role black voters will play in the election.

Aug 12 08:50

Scientists Reveal Certain Masks May Be More Dangerous Than Wearing None At All

The researchers at Duke University who performed the study, which was published in Science Advances, do not hold their report to be the final word on the effectiveness of the masks they examined, but rather the start of a conversation that can help Americans to make wise choices.

Aug 12 08:49

Teacher Worries Parents Might Find Out What He's Teaching Children - What Is He Hiding?

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the education experience for children across the country, and maybe that’s not a bad thing if you’re the kind of person who sees sliver linings.

Aug 12 08:48

In Historic Ultimatum: Uber Threatens To Shut Down California Business If Appeal Isn't Approved

In one of the most daring - if seemingly inevitable - ultimatums issued by a corporation facing a damaging legal action, Uber CEO Dara Khosroshahi has just threatened for the first time publicly to shut down its California business if its appeal of a judge's ruling in a case over a recent California law is rejected...

Aug 12 08:48

College Reinstates Student Accused of Racism After Learning She Was Framed

A Wesleyan College student in Georgia was expelled in early June over a racist post that online critics attempted to link to her social media account.

Aug 12 08:48

'I Think Football's Making a Tragic Mistake': Trump Calls for College Football To Return

Like most sane Americans, President Donald Trump wants to see some college football this fall.

Aug 12 08:45

Court Denies California County's Attempt To Immediately Shut Down Church

What has been characterized as the grasping hand of Caesar suffered a slap on the knuckles Tuesday as a California Superior Court judge rejected Ventura County’s request to block members of a Newbury Park church from worshipping in their building.

Aug 12 08:45

Harris Ignores Biden Race Record She Blasted Just a Few Months Ago

If the modern Democratic Party is good at anything, it is undoubtedly talking out of both sides of its mouth.

Aug 12 08:45

Trump Warns of What China Will Do if Biden Wins in November

President Donald Trump warned Americans on Tuesday of the potential for more Chinese influence over their lives if former Vice President Joe Biden wins the November election.

Aug 12 08:44

UK Will Publish 3 Separate COVID Death Reports After Serial 'Over-Exaggerating'

For months now, countries around the world have been publicizing ominous “coronavirus trackers” that count up to grim “milestones,” including the numbers of cases and deaths.

Aug 12 08:40

Putin says Russia’s Health Ministry has approved world’s FIRST Covid-19 vaccine, his own daughter has been vaccinated

Vladimir Putin announced on Tuesday morning that Russia has registered the world's first vaccine against coronavirus. He says the dose is effective in forming immunity against the deadly pathogen which has spread globally.

“As far as I know, a vaccine against the coronavirus infection has been registered this morning (in Russia) for the first time in the world,” the President told members of the government. “I thank everyone who worked on the vaccine – it’s a very important moment for the whole world.

Putin insisted that vaccination in Russia should only be carried out on a voluntary basis, with nobody forced to accept immunization. He also revealed that one of his daughters has already been vaccinated.

"I know that it works rather effectively, forms a stable immunity, and, I repeat, it passed all the necessary inspections," the president added.

Aug 12 08:39

Scientists Put Masks to the Test—With an iPhone and a Laser

Thanks to the reliable laws of physics that describe the relationship between the size of a particle and the amount of light it gives off when it gets scattered by a laser beam into the lens of a camera, Fischer was able to back-calculate the size of the smallest particle they could detect: half a micron. Knowing that, he was able to quickly write a bit of computer code that opened the video footage, tracked individuals particles from frame to frame, and quantified the number of detectable particles emitted. In the end, this produced a picture of how many particles built up in the box during about 35 seconds of talking. That was the control.

Aug 12 08:23

Sweden's Success is Kryptonite for Lockdown and Mask Advocates

In August, Sweden has registered just one death (!) with/from the coronavirus. Yes, you read that correctly. One death so far.

For the month of July, Sweden reported 226 deaths. They’ve accounted for 805 June deaths, 1646 in May, and 2572 in April. The deaths attributed to COVID-19 went from about a 50% reduction to falling off of a cliff.

The story is the same in the hospitals. COVID-19 is hardly registering as a blip on the radar. Sweden has reported just 4 new COVID-19 patients in their ICUs in August. The month of July saw only 52 COVID-19 patients in ICUs.

It doesn’t take a math whiz to come to the conclusion that the epidemic appears to have been wrapped up in Sweden for months.

Aug 12 07:44

Michelle Obama Makes Aggressive Push for More Voting by Mail

Former first lady Michelle Obama released a video Tuesday urging people to support early voting and mail-in voting for the November elections.

Aug 12 07:43

UK fires thousands of coronavirus contact tracers after reports they are watching Netflix and doing quizzes over lack of work

The United Kingdom is firing a third of the contact tracers hired to track the spread of the coronavirus after reports that they had very little to do and were spending their time watching Netflix and doing quizzes.

Experts have opined that contact tracing is an essential technique to aid in stopping the spread of coronavirus. It involves tracers contacting people who might have been exposed to others infected with the virus.

Aug 12 07:40

88 of the very best quotes about bicycles and cycling

Poets, presidents, prime ministers and prime-time newscasters have said great things about cycling. No doubt I’ll put a fair few of their quotes in my book – due in 2016 – but in the meantime here’s a selection …

Aug 12 07:39

Ed Sheeran's wife Cherry Seaborn was seen with a hint of a bump in the early stages of her secret pregnancy... as it's revealed they're 'expecting in just WEEKS'

Ed Sheeran's wife Cherry Seaborn was seen in March showing a hint of bump, five months before it was revealed they are expecting their first child together.
The chart-topping singer, 29, and Cherry, 27, who first met at school, are said to be weeks away from becoming parents, after keeping her pregnancy quiet during the global COVID-19 lockdown.

Aug 12 07:29

Trump on NFL Return: 'If They Don't Stand for the National Anthem, I Hope They Don't Open'

President Donald Trump’s never been a fan of anthem kneeling.

Aug 12 07:29

LA Councilman Voted To Strip Cops of $150M, But Records Show He's Called Them 8 Times Since April

The modern Democratic politician has an incredibly difficult job.

Aug 12 07:29

Will The Labor Market Continue To improve?

Aug 12 07:22

Do Black Lives Matter to Leftists? Black Female Police Chief Driven Out by 'Woke' Seattle Politicians

Seattle is so very woke, it was able to force its black female police chief into retirement after months of attacks and undermining by the mayor and city council.

Aug 12 07:18

Country Singer Rescued by Police After Getting Lost on His Own 30-Acre Property

It’s hard to understand how wild some places are. With our phones, electricity, close neighbors and internet, it’s nearly impossible to realize there are places with none of those things unless you’ve experienced them firsthand.

Aug 12 07:02

Teacher Worries Parents Might Find Out What He's Teaching Children - What Is He Hiding?

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the education experience for children across the country, and maybe that’s not a bad thing if you’re the kind of person who sees sliver linings.

Aug 12 06:59

Chief Out After Seattle Slashes Police Budget, Setting Up Mass Layoffs and Reduced Salaries

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best announced she will step down from her position on Sept. 2 following criticism of the police department and Monday’s city council votes to reduce the size and scope of the law enforcement agency.

Aug 12 06:49

The Economy Is Mortally Wounded

Aug 12 06:48

California Black Lives Matter Leader Charged with Five Felonies, Faces 15 Years in Prison (VIDEO)

Black Lives Matter leader Tianna Arata was arrested last month by the San Luis Obispo Police Department (SLOPD) after a protest she organized turned violent.

Aug 12 06:47

Flashback: Watch Tulsi Gabbard Destroy Party Favorite Kamala Harris – And Expose Her Record as Dirty Prosecutor

In August 2019 antiwar renegade Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard BLASTED Senator Kamala Harris on her controversial record as California Attorney General.

Aug 12 06:46

Sky-high care home death toll in New York has actually been UNDERCOUNTED, new data reveals

New York nursing home deaths at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic may have been undercounted by as much as two-thirds, according to new federal data. Already the highest in the US, the tally likely omits thousands.

The state’s official count of care home pandemic deaths – 6,600 – may be vastly undercounted, according to data from federal regulators revealed in a report from news agency AP on Tuesday that suggests the state deliberately omitted from its totals nursing home residents who died in hospital.

When regulators began requiring homes to include residents who died in a hospital in their casualty counts in May, the numbers soared to 65 percent more deaths than the official state count. Extrapolating even half of that discrepancy back to the start of the pandemic would mean thousands more died than were officially counted.

Aug 12 06:45

Germany warns US against imposing sanctions on Nord Stream 2, says no country has right to ‘dictate’ its energy policy

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has warned the United States not to interfere with the completion of the Russian-led Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, stressing that Europe has the right to choose its own energy sources.

“Sanctions between partners are definitely the wrong way to go,” Maas said during a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, adding that any attempt to prevent the pipeline from completion would be a violation of his country’s sovereignty.

Ultimately, it remains our sovereign decision where we get our energy from. No country has the right to dictate Europe's energy policy with threats. That won't be successful.