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Dec 17 07:44

Whoopi Goldberg explodes on 'The View' when Meghan McCain demands to know if liberal co-hosts want to hear a conservative take: 'Stop talking!'

Sparks flew on Monday's episode of "The View" when Whoopi Goldberg demanded that co-host Meghan McCain — the show's most vocal (and often lone) conservative voice — "stop talking."

Dec 17 07:43

AOC complains about having too many Obamacare plan options. Many Americans have faced a much different problem

Freshman Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) is upset that she has 66 different insurance plans to choose from. Meanwhile, government over-regulation of the health care industry has left many Americans with only one.

Dec 17 07:42

Big Tech Billionaires Host Major Fundraiser for Mayor Pete Buttigieg in California

Attendees of the fundraiser are set to include Netflix CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings. the co-host of the event, as well as Nicole Shanahan, the wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin; Wendy Schmidt, the wife of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt; and Michelle Sandberg, the sister of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, according to a report from Vox.

Dec 17 07:42

Support for Impeaching and Removing President Trump Declines Even Among Democrat Voters

A new CNN poll conducted by SSRS has found that support for impeaching and removing President Donald Trump has fallen in the last month among Democrat voters.
The survey, which was released on Monday evening, found that 77 percent of Democrat voters support impeachment and removal, down from 90 percent of respondents in November.

Dec 17 07:41

Back Home in Pelosi’s San Francisco: Homeless Drug Addicts Are Now Taking Dumps in the Supermarket Aisles

San Francisco has more drug addicts than public high school students.

Dec 17 07:41

Judiciary Committee Impeachment Report Alleges Trump Committed ‘Multiple Crimes’ – Wire Fraud, Bribery – Taunts Prison Threat

The House Judiciary Committee released a 169-page report in the dead of the night Monday alleging President Trump committed criminal bribery and wire fraud.

Dec 17 07:31

Likud expels anti-Netanyahu members

The Likud party in Israel has expelled around 100 members who are known to be against the policies of its leader Benjamin Netanyahu, the Jerusalem Post reported on Monday. The current Prime Minister has been heading the Likud for 14 years.

The expulsions come just 10 days before the Likud leadership primaries slated for 26 December. According to a senior Likud official, Michael Kleiner, the party decided to expel the new members after individual hearings. “This group acted like a fifth column inside the party,” said Kleiner.

Dec 17 07:30

Ireland urges EU to confront Israel’s plans to annex Jordan Valley

Ireland plans to urge European Union countries to take steps to counter “any unacceptable and illegal” encroachment by Israel on the Jordan Valley, Ireland’s deputy prime minister and minister of foreign affairs said.

Simon Coveney told the Times that the EU’s Council of Foreign Affairs discussed last week the bloc’s approach towards the Middle East peace process in order to “promote and protect the capacity to negotiate and deliver a two-state solution that is fair to both Israelis and Palestinians”.

Dec 17 07:28

Gideon Sa’ar: Two-state solution an ‘illusion’, Israel from river to the sea

Likud hopeful Gideon Sa’ar said yesterday that the two-state solution is an “illusion” and stressed the boundaries of the state of Israel are “between the river [Jordan] and the [Mediterranean] Sea”.

Sa’ar, who seeks to take over leadership of the Likud party from Benjamin Netanyahu, said: “Throughout the world they say that a two-state solution remains the path to an agreement, but I have to say to you, this is not a position that helps anyone. Two-states is an illusion.”

Dec 17 07:27

British Weapons Manufacturers, Banks, See Share Price Rocket after Conservative Election Victory

The big winner in last week’s conservative landslide elections in the United Kingdom? Weapons manufacturers.

Almost every one of Britain’s top arms producers saw large spikes in their share price immediately following the news that Boris Johnson was to become the next Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn was going to stand down as leader of the Labour Party.

Great Britain is the world’s sixth-leading arms exporter, and nine British companies make the list of the 100 largest military contractors in the world. With the exception of Rolls Royce, which is suffering a sustained, long term decline in value, every one saw significant increases in value on Friday. Military engineering multinational Babcock, for example, saw its share price rise from £599 to £657 in the first hour of trading after the news of the Tory victory. There were also spikes for the likes of BAE Systems, Cobham, Serco, QinetiQ and Chemring and Ultra Electronics.

Dec 17 07:26

Trump Creates a New Nation

The pandering by Donald Trump and those around him to Israel and to some conservative American Jews is apparently endless. Last Wednesday the president signed an executive order that is intended to address alleged anti-Semitism on college campuses by cutting off funds to those universities that do not prevent criticism of Israel. To provide a legal basis to defund, the administration is relying on title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits any discrimination based on race, color or national origin. Since the Act does not include religion, Trump’s order is declaring ipso facto that henceforth “Jewishness” is a nationality.

Dec 17 07:22

It's Official -- Diversity Means Just Fewer White People: Wall Street Journal Demands National Hockey League (NHL) Increase Non-White Players or Die

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is 80.7 percent black.

The National Football League (NFL) is 70.1 percent People of Color – 26.8 percent white.

The National Hockey League (NHL) is roughly 90 percent white and under assault by the elite corporate press for being too white, a charge never leveled at the NBA or the NFL for their paucity of white athletes.

Dec 17 07:21

Neoliberal Economics Destroyed the Economy and the Middle Class

According to official US government economic data, the US economy has been growing for 10.5 years since June of 2009. The reason that the US government can produce this false conclusion is that costs that are subtrahends from GDP are not included in the measure. Instead, many costs are counted not as subtractions from growth but as additions to growth. For example, the penalty interest on a person’s credit card balance that results when a person falls behind his payments is counted as an increase in “financial services” and as an increase in Gross Domestic Product. The economic world is stood on its head.

Dec 17 07:21

In new interview, Harvey Weinstein insists he deserves credit for helping women: 'I made more movies directed by women and about women than any filmmaker'

In an exclusive interview with the New York Post, disgraced Hollywood producer and alleged serial predator Harvey Weinstein threw a pity-party for his tarnished legacy.

Dec 17 07:20

VIDEO: Freshman Democrat gets booed by constituents after announcing that she'll vote to impeach President Trump

A House Democrat from a swing district announced Monday that she will vote to impeach President Donald Trump and was met with some very vocal disagreement as a result.

Dec 17 07:20

UK elementary school strips 'Lord' from Jesus in 'Away in a Manger' so 'all our children' can attend Christmas carol service

A United Kingdom elementary school has stripped Jesus of his "Lord" title in the iconic "Away in a Manger" Christmas carol so all students can attend a Christmas-themed event, the Daily Mail reported.

Dec 17 07:20

Afghanistan War – the Crime of the Century

What we learned in what is rightly being called the “Pentagon Papers” of our time, is that hundreds of US Administration officials – including three US Presidents – knowingly lied to the American people about the Afghanistan war for years. This wasn’t just a matter of omitting some unflattering facts. This was about bald-faced lying about a war they knew was a disaster from almost day one.

Remember President Bush’s Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld? Remember how supremely confident he was at those press conferences, acting like the master of the universe? Here’s what he told the Pentagon’s special inspector general who compiled these thousands of interviews on Afghanistan: “I have no visibility into who the bad guys are.”

Dec 17 07:19

Nerf criticized for selling 'assault weapon' toys: 'How does promoting play with huge automatic weapons create joy?'

A consumer group has called on toy brand Nerf to stop selling "assault weapon toys" to children, saying the company is contributing to a culture in which kids are afraid of mass shootings occurring at their schools, according to the Daily Wire.

Dec 17 07:19

Washington Post’s Afghanistan Story Reveals Core Folly of American Defense Strategy

After a lengthy legal battle, the Post got hold of documents compiled by SIGAR, the Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction. John Sopko, the Inspector General, interviewed over 600 people connected to the Afghan war effort to prepare a series of reports called “Lessons Learned,” which purported to explain what had gone wrong since America’s invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

The “Lessons Learned” reports were critical, but “left out the harshest and most frank criticisms from the interviews,” the Post wrote.

The Post sued to get hold of the underlying material, finally obtained it, and is now releasing its contents.

Dec 17 07:19

Illegal Immigrants Line Up Around the Block Throughout New York to Apply for Driver’s Licenses Under New Law (VIDEO)

This weekend, we highlighted a new law in New York called the Green Light Law, which allows illegal immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses.

Dec 17 07:18

The Main Source for Christopher Steele’s Garbage Dossier Was Subject of “Open FBI Counterintelligence Investigation” But DOJ Did Not Tell the FISA Court

The more we dig, the dirtier it gets.
The major source for the entire effort to spy on candidate and President Trump was under investigation himself but no one bothered to tell the courts.

Dec 17 07:18

Trans Activists Target Olympic Cyclist Inga Thompson For Saying Women Shouldn’t Have To Compete With Biological Men

Thompson competed in numerous Olympic games and other cycling events through the 1980’s and 90’s. She now has her own non profit to help women in sports and, up until the other day, served on the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association board of directors. Her crime against humanity? She has dared to come out and criticize male-to-female transgenders who are competing against women.

Dec 17 07:10

Two Marine Raiders and a Navy corpsman charged in death of American contractor

Two Marine Raiders and a Navy corpsman have been charged with involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, and other offenses in connection with the death of a Lockheed Martin contractor, who died following a reported fist fight in Iraq, according to Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command.

Rick Anthony Rodriguez, a former Green Beret, died in Landstuhl, Germany, on Jan. 4 after being medically evacuated from Erbil, Iraq.

Todd South of Military Times first reported on Monday that two Marines and one sailor face general courts-martial for Rodriguez's death: Gunnery Sgt. Daniel Draher, Gunnery Sgt. Joshua Negron, and Chief Petty Officer Eric Gilmet.

Dec 17 07:10

‘TOO DAMN LATE’: Gowdy Shreds Comey After Former FBI Director Admits He Was Wrong About FISA Misconduct

Gowdy served for years as a federal prosecutor in South Carolina and then as district attorney for South Carolina’s Seventh Judicial Circuit. So he knows when people are lying.

Dec 17 07:10

WikiLeaks Bombshell: UN Agency FAKED Douma ‘Gas Attack’ Report

New documents released by WikiLeaks confirm that within the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons there was a massive push to alter the findings of the “Fact Finding Mission” sent to Douma, Syria to investigate an alleged gas attack last year. Now 20 inspectors have claimed that their conclusions were left out of the report, which was re-written with conclusions opposite to what they found. Who forced them to fake the report and why?

Dec 17 07:09

Trump Rips Debate Commission, Raising Doubts About Whether He’ll Participate

President Trump on Monday ripped the Commission on Presidential Debates, which will oversee all debates in the 2020 presidential election.

Dec 17 07:09

Stalinist House Democrats Vow to Continue Impeachment Investigations Even if (When) Senate Acquits President Trump

Lawyers for House Democrats admitted in federal court on Monday that Stalinist lawmakers will continue their impeachment probe even after the House votes on articles of impeachment later this week.

Dec 17 07:09

More On-the-Fence Democrats Back Impeachment of Trump

More Democrats from competitive House districts said they will back the impeachment of President Trump, putting the effort on track to pass this week despite some fears that their position could put their seats at risk.

Dec 17 07:09

Meanwhile… The Greatest Stock Market Rally in US History Continues – 120th ALL TIME HIGH TODAY (Up Nearly 10,000 Points) Since 2016 Election!

America is in the middle of its greatest stock market rally ever but no one would know it due to the media’s fixation on other matters.
The markets showed today that they maintain their confidence in President Trump as the DOW reached another all-time closing high. This was the 120th all-time high since the 2016 election.

Dec 17 07:08

'I don't have the facts to prove it' — Maxine Waters admits her claims against President Trump are based on belief

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) admitted that the more egregious claims she makes against President Donald Trump are based on her belief, and that she doesn't have any facts to prove them.

Dec 17 07:08

Democrat NJ Mayor accused of stealing $190k from Democratic campaigns, laundering money through charity

A New Jersey mayor was indicted on charges that he stole $190,000 from various Democratic political campaigns and laundered the money through his charity.

Dec 17 06:42


Humiliating scandals are destroying right-wing leader Luis Fernando Camacho and the right is fracturing as a more militant MAS party readies for an uphill election battle

La Paz, Bolivia – Just one month after ruling elites and right-wing politicians seized power in Bolivia with a military coup, the fragile unity they briefly enjoyed has erupted into a bitter public feud.

Local analysts had predicted that coup leader Luis Fernando Camacho and Pumari could unite the right from the country’s east and west, both indigenous and white or mestizo. They were seen as an insurmountable dream team. That alliance now lies smoldering, with the two presidential frontrunners openly airing their dirty laundry amid a vicious power struggle.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder; if the right continues tearing itself apart, courtesy of its own hubris and stupidity, what, then, is waiting in the wings to take over, with those huge lithium deposits at stake?!?

One of the last things that happened, before Morales was forced to flee the country, was to look at signing a deal with China about lithium mining, and insuring that the of people of Bolivia got some of the money from this process.

The US Pentagon; State Department; and Congress are going to have to think, long and hard, about who it wants to replace the fracturing right-wing, just as China is most probably looking at who it might bring a new deal to Bolivia, who has the potential for staying power.

OR, under the circumstances, is the US going to invade?!?

Right now, with a "Foreign Policy by Dartboard" approach in South and Central America (where, unfortunately, none of the deciders on Team Trump, are actually looking at same dartboard), I would not bet against this, as hysterical a notion it might seem right now.

These lithium deposits may ultimately be worth billions; that ... has been enough for the US government to invade and attempt to "pacify" the indigenous populations, both in Central and South America, and in the Middle East.

Dec 17 06:24

Long-standing Sacramento restaurants closing up shop citing minimum wage hike

A number of Sacramento restaurants are closing their doors ahead of California's impending minimum wage increase — and some of the "institutions" have been in business for decades.

Dec 17 06:23

REPORT: Black Voter Support for Trump at Record Level for Republican President, Could Seal Reelection in 2020

This could explain the mad dash by Democrats to impeach Trump and try to remove him from office.
Support for Trump among black voters is higher than any other Republican president has ever enjoyed. Democrats know this would spell doom for them at the polls next November. They must be terrified.

Dec 17 06:23

DEMOCRAT DISASTER: Focus Group Finds Former Obama Voters Now Firmly in Trump Camp

In 2016, large swathes of voters who previously went for Obama switched to Trump. It was one of the keys to Trump’s victory. Many of those voters have now moved firmly into the Trump camp. This is a nightmare for Democrats.

Dec 17 06:22

Judge Allows Georgia to Purge More Than 300,000 Names From Its Voter Rolls – Stacey Abrams Group Files Emergency Motion to Stop Purge

A federal judge on Monday allowed Georgia to purge 309,000 names from its voter rolls but he also scheduled a second hearing to hear additional arguments.

Dec 17 06:22

BREAKING: House Democrats Reportedly Have Enough Votes to Impeach President Trump — Freshmen Reps Walk the Plank for Pelosi

By Monday afternoon, the Democrats garnered enough support from the vulnerable Trump-district Democrats and now have enough votes to impeach President Trump.

Dec 17 06:22

“Elissa Slotkin’s Got to Go!” Angry Protesters ERUPT on Dem Rep. Slotkin As She Announces Her Support For Impeaching President Trump (VIDEO)

Trump supporters in Michigan are angry as hell and they let vulnerable Democrat Rep. Elissa Slotkin know on Monday as she announced she will vote to impeach President Trump.

Dec 17 06:21

Schumer Whines McConnell Ignoring His Demands For Witnesses and Rules For Possible Senate Impeachment Trial (VIDEO)

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) whined that McConnell is ignoring his demands for rules for a possible Senate impeachment trial on Monday during a presser.

Dec 17 06:20

The Dawn of the Age of ‘Astropolitics’?

Needless to say, only time will tell if such exciting possibilities will materialize at some point. What is clear in the early 21st century is that the usefulness of space-based platforms is key for countless civilian and military applications, including navigational systems – like the American GPS or the Russian GLONASS – warfare, tactical support, weather forecasting, astronomical research, surveillance, and communications. Furthermore, the cosmos is nowadays becoming an increasingly fierce competitive arena where great powers are seeking to establish their presence and ascertain their strategic interests.

Dec 17 06:12


Secret Deep State Demands: The FBI Wants Consumers’ Credit Data
Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has secretly demanded access to a whole bunch of consumer credit information and data. Recently revealed documents prove that the FBI wants access to troves of financial information from the nation’s largest credit agencies.

According to a report by Tech Crunch, this is a regular thing for the FBI. The government agency regularly uses these legal powers (known as national security letters) to compel credit giants to turn over non-content information, such as records of purchases and locations, that the agency deems necessary in national security investigations. But these letters have no judicial oversight and are typically filed with a gag order, preventing the recipient from disclosing the demand to anyone else; including the target of the letter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Forth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, has been getting continually clobbered by these national security letters.

Now, I am a person who loves to look on line for things like clothing, etc., because the customer experience in this country has gone the way of the dodobird, and the dribble glass.

But that this would in any way, make me more interesting to all the alphabet soup agencies who continually monitor this site, I don't know.

And yes, yesterday, I was looking at clothing; I confess, I confess; but do any of you monitoring this site understand how difficult it is for a 70 year old woman to purchase a comfortable pair of slacks which really will look good on her?!?

Sorry for attempting to inject a little levity here ...However, that being said, this is the butt-ugly truth of the business; when one has so much data, it can become absolutely overwhelming, and it is difficult to ferret out what is important, and what is not.

My shopping browsing habits are not anything with which to be concerned; anything the watchers of this site need to be concerned with, is what I say here.

And yes, just to annoy all the people who have been "tasked" to monitor this blog, (probably for having done some incredible screw-up in their job),I am a Christian pacifist activist, who never, ever condones violence, but consistently encourages her country to find ways of achieving its geopolitical objectives through honest, reasoned, hard, good-will negotiations, rather than through wars.

And if someone in the deep state wishes to correct me in my attitude or logic, please feel free to call; you've got my number!! :-)

Dec 17 05:57

Our sun just set a record for spotlessness: In 2019, the sun has been without sunspots for more than 270 days: Some scientists are predicting we are entering a mini-ice-age (what do you think?)

Solar Minimum has just become very deep indeed. With weather records being smashed all over the world this year, our Star has jumped on the bandwagon too. Last weekend, our sun, set a space-age record for spotlessness (quietness).

So far in 2019, the sun has been without sunspots for more than 270 days, including the last 33 days in a row ( which is 77% of the time this year). Since the Space Age began, no other year has had this many blank suns. The previous record-holder was the year 2008 when the sun was blank for 268 days. That was during the epic Solar Minimum of 2008-2009, formerly the deepest of the Space Age. Now 2019 has moved into first place.

Dec 17 05:55


Beijing has opened a new front on the internet for its more than a decade-old campaign to shut down a performing arts company whose shows challenge the Chinese regime’s human rights record and cultural identity.

Google search results for the Shen Yun Performing Arts company are steering users toward Chinese regime propaganda. Among the top results are several articles that align with the regime’s talking points or are directly produced by the regime. Other search engines don’t produce these results.

Whether Google is actively seeking to target Shen Yun with the Chinese Communist Party’s viewpoint is not clear. The search engine may itself be manipulated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF in fact these charges are be true, it is simply yet another demonstration that Google doesn't mind taking anyone's money; let's say they are far less of an American corporation, at this point in their evolution, than a pan-world corporation.

And hey, if the money spends from a client like the Communist Party, they will take the job, no problem; no questions.

Dec 17 05:51

New Rasmussen Poll Shows Voters Favor Jail, Firing for FBI Officials Who Targeted Trump

The latest Rasmussen poll shows that voters favor jail time, firing of FBI officials who targeted Trump during the 2016 campaign:

Dec 17 05:51

UN Climate Hoax Conference Comes to an End with China, India and the US Blamed for Holding Up Progress

The nuts and flakes who believe the world is getting hotter and the sky is falling surprisingly couldn’t come to an agreement about how the world was going to take more money from rich nations and pass it along to poor nations and somehow save the planet.

Dec 17 05:44



It’s a Christmas miracle! Disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein showed up at court last week wearing a comically baggy suit and shuffling unsteadily with a walker. The very next day he was spotted in a New York department store, casually ambling through the aisles without assistance, loving family in tow. Page Six has the photographic evidence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sometimes looking at the way many of the monied live their lives, one has to wonder if sleaze and hubris just might be components of human DNA for which we just don't quite have a name, or explanation at this point in scientific history.

And that he believed, with every fibre of his being, that none of the paparazzi were going to call him out on this travesty of bad acting, when he shuffled into court with a walker and the worst-fitting clothing he could conjure?!?

This... is both absoflippinglutely amazing; and absolutely true!!

Dec 17 05:34

Next Real Estate Recession

Dec 17 05:33

No-Deal Trade Deal, Not a Done Deal!

Dec 17 05:32

French Police Morale Plunges - 10k Injuries, 25 Deaths, 52 Suicides in 2019, a Record, 'Sick With Worry'

A RECORD number of police officers have been injured or killed on duty during 2019, a year which has seen massive civil unrest on the streets of President Emmanuel Macron’s France.

The French authorities, police and state media have faced angry and often violent Yellow Vest demonstrations every week.

Dec 17 05:31

Want To Know What The US Defense Budget Does? Read The German Press! We Have It Here

The compromise reached between the Senate and the House of Representatives includes making tactical nuclear weapons, committing to NATO and increasing the European Deterrence Initiative to almost 7.5 billion.

The struggle over the Pentagon’s budget has been a long one. The Republicans were able to remove some important brakes on the merger that were in the Democrat-dominated House version.

RevContent InArticle SOLO
Now the Budget Act (NDAA 2020) will go to the House of Representatives and the Senate again before being presented to Trump.

Behind the impeachment turmoil, little attention was paid to the course set in this legislation. In any case, Trump was thrilled and, after the compromise, said he would sign the budget law immediately:

Dec 17 05:28

Brand New Russian Sarmat Missile Could Be Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Hypersonic Warheads

The missile has a range of 18,000 kilometers, takeoff mass of 208.1 tons and a payload of 10 tons.

The Russian intercontinental ballistic missile Sarmat will have a wide variety of combat warheads, including the latest generation of hypersonic, according to the commander of the Strategic Missile Force of Russia, General Sergei Karakaev, reported the newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda.

Work is currently underway to prepare the main missile regiment for rearmament with these missile systems, the general said.

Dec 17 05:26

Who's Afraid Of Johnson's Big Brexit Win?

Boris Johnson finally cut the Gordian knot of British politics. With the massive victory in Thursday’s election Johnson ensured his Withdrawal Treaty will make it through the House of Commons and deliver some version of Brexit in the future.

The win was so big it was an embarrassment to those who obstructed Brexit for the past three years. Of particular delight was watching Jo Swinson, leader of the Liberal Democrats, lose her seat after betting the party’s future on revoking Article 50.

Dec 17 05:25

Chinese Gangs Infect Pigs With Swine Fever In Criminal Meat Scheme

Chinese criminals have been flying drones onto farms and infecting perfectly healthy pigs with African swine fever, lowballing the farmer for their sick pigs, and then selling the tainted meat as healthy, according to SCMP, citing China Comment - a magazine affiliated with state news agency Xinhua.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That explains the rapid spread of the illness!

Dec 17 05:24

First regiment equipped with Avangard system to assume combat duty by year-end

Commander of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces Sergey Karakaev said that the first rocket regiment with the Avangard missile system will be deployed at the the Dombarovskaya Rocket Division

Dec 17 05:23

Not Climate Change, Greta... Origins of Deadly Heatwaves That Hit Countries Worldwide Discovered

A team of international scientists have discovered what could be behind deadly heatwaves that hit countries across the globe. According to a study published in the journal Nature, climate change researchers found a link between extreme temperatures and Rossby waves, giant meanders that warp air currents in a wave-like pattern and can be observed in the atmosphere as well as in the world's oceans.

The team of scientists analysed climate data from the past 40 years and found that when particular Rossby waves called – wave 5 and wave 7 - appeared in the Northern Hemisphere's jet streams, they sent hot air flow to North America, Europe, and Asia. The hot air, in turn, caused spikes in temperature making the weather extreme in different parts of the world.

Dec 17 05:22

Former CIA Spook: Eric Holder Just Revealed That The "Deep State Is Running Scared"

Former CIA officer and counter-intelligence expert Kevin Shipp says that former Obama Administration Attorney General (AG) Eric Holder gave a big Deep State panic signal when he wrote in an Op-Ed last week in the Washington Post trashing current AG William Barr and his top prosecutor John Durham. Shipp explains,

“This is very significant. We all remember that Holder was Obama’s right hand man. Eric Holder was Barack Obama’s enforcer. The fact that Holder comes out this quickly after the Inspector General (IG) Horowitz Report comes out... and makes this veiled threat against Durham’s reputation. The fact that Eric Holder came out and made this statement is a clear indication to me they are running scared.

Dec 17 05:21

Afghanistan Papers Proves U.S. Invasion Was Built On Lies, Deceit And Confusion

The war in Afghanistan, the longest war in American history, is based on lies made by top U.S. officials and was “idiotic” as there was no clear plan, according to the documents published by the Washington Post, dubbed the ‘Afghanistan Papers.’ According to the papers, the U.S. has wasted nearly $1 trillion of taxpayers money in war against Afghanistan, with it expecting to cost trillions more. Effectively, it is the taxpayer’s money being wasted to maintain the war and occupation so that shareholders in U.S. military industries can profit while millions of Americans remain in poverty.

Dec 17 05:19

World’s Most Incredible Underwater Volcanoes

Dec 17 05:18


A Picture Of The Church & Politics In America Today

Dec 17 05:17

Snow is arriving in Hoosier state; Will impact Monday commute

Indianapolis is officially up to 3? as of 8:45 p.m. That makes this the highest 1-day snow total since January 12, 2019 when 6.9? fell. Today ranks as the 2nd most snow for this date since 1871. 3.5? of snow fell in 1947. This is also the first 3? December snow since 2016.

Snow should come to an end by 3 a.m. – 4 a.m. Temperatures will be in upper 20°s to around 30°. Salt is effective in that range so crews should have a couple hours to get salt on roads for AM commute.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It's just after 6AM here and the snow is still coming down outside!

Dec 17 05:16

New York Fed Plans to Throw $2.93 Trillion at Wall Street’s Trading Houses Over Next Month as New York Times Remains Silent

One has to wonder how much money it would take for the New York Fed to throw at Wall Street before the New York Times reports to its readers on the biggest Wall Street bailout by the Fed since the financial crisis.

Last Thursday, December 12, the New York Fed announced that over the next month it would shower the trading houses (primary dealers) on Wall Street with a total of $2.93 trillion in short-term loans. The money is for a Wall Street liquidity crisis that has yet to be explained in credible terms to the American people and yet the New York Times does not appear to have an investigative reporter assigned to investigate what’s really going on just 11 years after those same trading houses blew themselves up in the biggest financial crash since the Great Depression and took the U.S. economy along for the ride.

Dec 17 05:15

New Evidence Shows Syria's Assad May Have Been Falsely Blamed for 2018 Chemical Attack

Dec 17 05:14

Head of UK Israel Lobby Group Announces Gov’t Plan To Ban Boycotting Israel

After an election dogged by the weaponization of anti-Semitism, the victorious UK conservative party has announced a new legislative push that would prevent the public sector from working with any individual or organization that supports a boycott of Israel’s government.

Dec 17 05:14

Trump's DoJ Blocks Construction Of 'Private' Texas Border Wall

President Trump's Justice Department has shut down an effort to build three miles of private border wall just north of the Rio Grande after the US Attorney's Office for Texas's southern district warned that the project could impact the border river and potentially violate a treaty with Mexico.

Despite Trump's claims that his administration has nearly finished the wall, in reality, Trump has only built 90 miles of border wall. His supporters (who of course blame the Democrats for stymying President Trump at every turn, are now scrambling to finish it to try and cut down on crime and make the border more secure.

Dec 17 05:13

Putin to Americans: You Bring Back Nuclear Missiles to Europe, I’ll Park Mine in the Atlantic

The US has torn up the INF nuclear treaty which prohibited land-based mid-range conventional and nuclear missiles. Russians expect the next step for the US is to bring mid-range nuclear missiles aimed at Russia to Europe as they did in the 1980s.

Putin has made it clear if that happens, the Russian response will not be simply to deploy its own land-based missiles aimed at European hosts of American missiles as was the case in the 1980s, but to also park such missiles under the waters of the Atlantic aimed at the US.

Dec 17 05:12

FISA Report Was So Bad That FBI’s Top Lawyer During Russia Probe Felt ‘Distressed’ After Reading It

Former FBI general counsel James Baker said Monday that he felt “distressed” after reading the Justice Department inspector general’s report laying out “significant” errors and omissions in the bureau’s applications to surveil former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

In an interview on CNN, Baker went further in his critique of the bureau than did FBI Director James Comey, who said Sunday that he believed the FBI was “sloppy” in its efforts to obtain Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrants against Page.

Dec 17 05:11


James O'Keefe at Project Veritas has requested that everyone upload this documentary since Youtube removed it as it approached 1 million views in less than one day!

GOOGLE does not want you to see the stark reality: it is a social engineering, ...

Dec 17 05:10

The real Greta Thunberg without her script

Dec 17 05:10

House Democrat Collin Peterson in Trump +30 District to Vote NO On Impeachment

The democrats are starting to abandon ol’ stretch face Pelosi, as long time Congressman Collin Peterson, democrat from Minnesota, has signaled that he will be voting NO on the articles of impeachment.

Dec 17 05:10

US Navy SEALs Were Warned by Commanders Not to Report War Crimes

US war crimes in Iraq in general are a well-substantiated fact. Navy SEALs say they saw some “shocking” things, which other SEALs kill children with sniper rifles, spraying civilian neighborhoods with machine gun fire, etc.

Seeing such things was par for the course, in Iraq, but talking about it was another thing entirely. Several platoon members took the matter of war crimes by their platoon chief to troop commanders. They were immediately rebuked.

Not only did the commander tell them not to report the crimes to him, he warned them that talking about the war crimes at all would jeopardize their careers. War crimes are meant to be seen, but not heard about.

Dec 17 05:09

Newt Gingrich: Democrats’ ‘Anti-Constitutional Gimmick’ is Helping Trump (VIDEO)

There are few people in the country who understand the workings of impeachment better than former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Dec 17 05:07

Turkey’s Erdogan Threatens US With Recognizing Genocide of Native Americans

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that in response to the US Senate’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire in 1915, the Turkish Parliament may adopt a resolution on the genocide of Native Americans during American colonization, RIA Novosti reports.

“We have opened more than a million documents on the events of 1915; come and study [them],” Erdogan said on A Haber TV. “We are talking about documents held in our hands. We must also take action against you by such decisions of our parliament; and we will. How can we keep silent about Native Americans when talking about America? This is a shameful chapter of the US.”

Dec 17 05:06

Fox News Brings on Shifty Schiff to Shill His Impeachment Hoax as Trump Whines on Twitter

Shockingly, the CONSERVATIVE Chris Wallace of Fox News invited the LIBERAL Adam Schiff on Fox News Sunday to push his impeachment agenda.

It might seem strange that a CONSERVATIVE would be helping a LIBERAL push his agenda like this, but let me warn you: this has nothing at all to do with the fact that both Wallace and Schiff are Jewish. That is an absolute, complete and total coincidence. If you even for one single second think it is something more than pure coincidence, you are an anti-Semite, and if you are having that thought on a university campus in America, you can and should be immediately dragged away by paramilitary police forces under Donald Trump’s executive order protecting Jews from the analysis of coincidences on campus.

Dec 17 04:25

NO SHAME: Hillary Clinton Pushes For Impeachment Tweeting “No One is Above the Law”

Hillary Clinton has a lot of nerve and absolutely no shame. In her latest effort to remain relevant, she has joined the left wing chorus urging impeachment, and she actually said no one is above the law.