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Feb 13 10:41

US banks under pressure from forensic hit-teams

Forensic inspectors from at least four federal agencies will soon begin combing through asset registers, trading ledgers and balance sheets at the 18 or so biggest US banks. Line by line, the inspectors will tot up billions of dollars in liabilities.

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This is going to make Enron look like a high school math error.

Feb 13 10:40

U.S. 4th-quarter housing prices fall 12% from 2007

Home prices nationally dropped 12% in the fourth quarter, the most on record, amid foreclosures and a recession that pushed buyers out of the market.

Feb 13 10:40

Toyota Seeks To Shed U.S. Workers Tina Wang, 02.13.09, 02:20 AM EST

The Japanese automaker will try to buy out American workers for the first time as it cuts production, and will slash compensation for North American executives. But it seems no matter what it does, Toyota will simply not make money until at least 2010.

Feb 13 10:40

Rescue Efforts Ding U.S.'s Triple-A Rating

The effects of the U.S.'s efforts to solve the financial and economic crisis are taking a toll on the country's ability to uphold a triple-A rating, according to a report published by Moody's Investors Service, though the agency shied away from warning of any ratings downgrade.

Feb 13 10:39

Putin Warns US About Socialism

Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin has said the US should take a lesson from the pages of Russian history and not exercise “excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the state’s omnipotence”.

“In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state’s role absolute,” Putin said during a speech at the opening ceremony of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly. I am sure nobody wants to see it repeated.”

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Talk about being through the looking glass!!!!!!

Feb 13 10:30

27,000 Work in Pentagon PR and Recruiting

Forget the drone stuff. Here is your eye-popping statistic of the day: "This year, the Pentagon will employ 27,000 people just for recruitment, advertising and public relations — almost as many as the total 30,000-person work force in the State Department."

Feb 13 10:28

Wall Street Men May Flee World According to TARP

Eight chief executive officers of the biggest U.S. banks heard lawmakers in Washington criticize their bonuses, underwriting fees and perks. Representative Emanuel Cleaver, a Missouri Democrat, read questions from angry constituents asking what banks did with money they’d taken from the $700 billion TARP fund, and Representative Michael Capuano, a Massachusetts Democrat, said he “cannot believe no one has prosecuted you.”

Feb 13 10:18

Unredacted documents reveal prisoners tortured to death

The American Civil Liberties Union has released previously classified excerpts of a government report on harsh interrogation techniques used in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. These previously unreported pages detail repeated use of "abusive" behavior, even to the point of prisoner deaths.

The documents, obtained by the ACLU under a Freedom of Information Act request, contain a report by Vice Admiral Albert T. Church, who was tapped to conduct a comprehensive review of Defense Department interrogation operations. Church specifically calls out interrogations at Bagram Air base in Afghanistan as "clearly abusive, and clearly not in keeping with any approved interrogation policy or guidance."

Feb 13 10:10

Space crash called "catastrophic," lots of debris

The crash of two satellites has generated an estimated tens of thousands of pieces of space junk that could circle Earth and threaten other satellites for the next 10,000 years, space experts said Friday.

One called the collision "a catastrophic event" that he hoped would force the new U.S. administration to address the issue of debris in space.

Russian Mission Control chief Vladimir Solovyov said Tuesday's smashup of a derelict Russian military satellite and a working U.S. Iridium commercial satellite occurred in the busiest part of near-Earth space — some 500 miles (800 kilometers) above Earth.

Feb 13 09:59

Pentagon fails to anticipate satellite collision

The US Joint Space Operations Center tracks about 18,000 objects in orbit, so many that it has to decide which to follow most closely, like the International Space Station or manned space flights.

"There are limits on your ability to track and compute every piece of orbiting man made object," said Whitman.

Feb 13 09:58

Israel warns of harsh response to any attack by Hezbollah

Israel warned Hezbollah this week that it will respond harshly to any attempt to down an Israel Air Force jet over Lebanon ...

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Read that one again. Israel's position is that if they fly warplanes over Lebanon (an act of war in and of itself) and if Hezbollah tries to shoot down one of the invading aircraft, Israel will "respond?"

Flying over someone else's country with a warplane without permission is a provocation!

Feb 13 09:56

Israel mobilizes forces on Lebanon border

Israel has reportedly mobilized its forces along its northern borders amid concerns that Tel Aviv may be planning to provoke Lebanon.

Feb 13 09:51

British group heads to Guantanamo to free resident

A British court met Wednesday to reconsider a case regarding a British resident being held in Guantanamo — a lawsuit that stands to embarrass the American and British governments over torture allegations.

Feb 13 09:35

Hamas Says Cease-Fire Nears; Israel Demurs

Hamas officials said Friday that an announcement of an 18-month cease-fire with Israel was days away and would include a substantial opening of Gaza’s borders with Israel in exchange for an end to Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli southern communities. But a senior Israeli official said nothing had been agreed yet.

Feb 13 09:21

National Defense Authorization Act of 2001

Webmaster's Commentary: 

[I put this under commentary so it would not be truncated]
Division A
Title V
Subtitle D
Section 546 (a), page 119

(3) Numerous investigations following the attack on Pearl Harbor have documented that Admiral Kimmel and Lieutenant General Short were not provided necessary and critical intelligence that was available, that foretold of war with Japan, that warned of imminent attack, and that would have alerted them to prepare for attack…

(7) On June 15, 1944 an investigation conducted by Admiral T. C. Hart at the direction of the Secretary of the Navy produced evidence, subsequently confirmed, that essential intelligence concerning Japanese intentions and war plans was available in Washington but was not shared with Admiral Kimmel.

(8) (B) detailed information and intelligence about Japanese intentions and war plans were available in “abundance” but were not shared with the Lieutenant General Short’s Hawaii command;

(15) The Dorn Report found -
(A) that “Army and Navy officials in Washington were privy to intercepted Japanese diplomatic communications… which provided crucial confirmation of the imminence of war”;

(16) … the degree to which the commanders of the United States forces in Hawaii were not alerted about the impending attack on Hawaii was directly attributable to the withholding of intelligence from Admiral Kimmel and Lieutenant General Short.

Feb 13 09:03

Microsoft Terrified Companies Won't Upgrade To Windows 7

While a Vista-to-7 upgrade seems easy, upgrading from XP-to-7 (or even XP-to-Vista, which is how Microsoft got stuck in this hole in the first place) is a major headache. For an enterprise client with thousands (or tens of thousands) of PCs, upgrading off XP could easily be the most difficult and/or expensive IT deployment a company will undertake all year.

We heard CEO Steve Ballmer tell CIO mag that corporations should move to Windows 7 because "people will ask their boss why the heck they don't have the stuff they have at home." Now that's not the stuff corporate buying decisions are made of, and Steve is smart enough to know that. Which underscores how Microsoft is grasping at straws to get their corporate customers to undertake major IT upgrades amidst the recession.

Feb 13 08:44


Feb 13 08:43

Bankrupt Britain

Niall Ferguson, respected economic historian, warns of other European countries facing an Iceland style bankruptcy. 'Switzerland is first in line… and Britain is not far behind,' he says.

While many politicians in Europe like to shift the blame for the credit crisis to the U.S. Niall points out that excessive lending and leveraging was much more endemic in countries such as Germany and the U.K.

Feb 13 08:40

Google cuts staff as radio plan fails

Through the dMarc technology, Google hoped to make radio advertising more efficient by giving advertisers more control, for instance by reporting back to them more precisely the exact times their messages had been aired.

Google signed up Clear Channel, the biggest US radio station group, to test the service, but it did not add enough accountability to radio advertising to make a difference with advertisers, according a person familiar with the project.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a huge problem. It is very difficult to find out how many people are listening over the airwaves (internet is easier to track), and the industry is full of advertisers whose claims of audience share are (to put it politely) "unreliable".

This is why cards and letters to the stations regarding the shows you like are so important. Very often, especially in the smaller markets, this is the only feedback the stations get as to which hosts are being listened to.

Feb 13 08:38

Fraud probe into UK firm's role in collapse of world's largest insurer AIG

A fraud investigation was launched last night into a UK firm’s alleged criminal involvement in the multi-billion-pound collapse of the world’s largest insurer.

The probe by the Serious Fraud Office into AIG Financial Products will focus on those with ‘inside knowledge’ of the collapse.

Feb 13 08:37

' Worst economic collapse ever'

Feb 13 08:16

Poll: Americans want Bush prosecuted

Two leading Democrats, House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy recently stated they are weighing the setting up of commissions to investigate possible Bush administration violations, ranging from detainee and interrogation policies to warrant less wiretaps and the firing of US attorneys.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Tough luck. Earl Warren is dead.

Feb 13 08:15

Stimulus: How it may affect your wallet

The bill provides a $400 credit per worker and a $800 credit per dual-earner couple. The full credit would be paid to people making $75,000 or less ($150,000 per dual-earner couple). A partial credit would be paid to those making above those amounts but no more than $100,000 ($200,000 for couples).

The credit would also be refundable, which means that even very low-income families who don't make enough to owe income tax would be able to claim it.

For most working individuals, the credit will be paid over time at roughly $15 per period, assuming 26 pay periods in a year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the US Government has just dropped $30,000 worth of debt onto your head, and all you get back for that is the cost of a pizza every two weeks.

And they actually think they can buy you off with this lame ass deal????????

Feb 13 08:13

US intel confirms Iran not developing nukes

The new chief of US intelligence has confirmed the findings of a 2007 intelligence report that Iran has no nuclear weapons program.

Dennis Blair told the Senate Intelligence Committee that his organization has assessed that Tehran does not have nuclear weapons design and weaponization work.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This makes O-Bush-ma's comment yesterday that he "believes" Iran is trying to build a bomb even more of an obvious sell-out.

Feb 13 08:11

Suspect charged over deadly Australian fire

Police said the man was charged with one count of arson causing death and lighting a wildfire near the town of Churchill, one of hundreds that raged through southeastern Victoria state last weekend. He also was charged with possessing child pornography.

The suspect's identity was being kept secret for his own safety, Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Dannye Moloney told a news conference. He was brought from Morwell, near the fire zone, to the state capital of Melbourne, Moloney said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I do not buy that the suspect's identity is being kept secret for his own protection. He's already in jail and even if he wasn't, he just needs to be at an undisclosed location.

My guess is that this suspect's identity is "inconsistent" with Rupert Murdoch's claims of an Islamic terror network behind the fires.

Feb 13 08:09

Isles of plenty

A hoard of banking files from the Caymans – one of the most secretive British tax havens – are being supplied to the US authorities by a whistleblower who claims they detail worldwide tax avoidance.

The Cayman Islands – Caribbean territories under ultimate UK control – are currently the target of reformers. Alastair Darling was yesterday challenged in the Commons over allegations that UK banks have been using the Caymans for massive tax avoidance schemes. Barack Obama, before he reached the White House, was one of the senators who singled out the islands as a blot on the US fiscal landscape which ought to be investigated.

Feb 13 08:06

New Torture Memos Outline Black Sites, Ghost Prisoners

Three human rights groups released more than a thousand pages of Department of Defense and CIA documents Thursday that outline how closely the two agencies worked in rendering terrorism suspects to black sites, keeping detainees' identities secret, and tempering bad publicity for inmate treatment at Guántanamo Bay.

Feb 13 08:05

Israel Treated Gaza Like Its Own Private Death Laboratory

Dr. Fosse was describing the effects of a U.S. "focused lethality" weapon that minimizes explosive damage to structures while inflicting catastrophic wounds on its victims. But where did the Israelis get this weapon? And was their widespread use in the attack on Gaza a field test for a new generation of explosives?

Feb 13 08:05

The TARP Dog and Pony Show

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's long-awaited plan for rescuing the banks left people even more confused about the Obama administration's agenda than they had been before the announcement. This is best demonstrated by the plunge in the market, including bank stocks, that immediately followed.

Feb 13 08:03

Ailing Banks May Require More Aid to Keep Solvent

Some of the nation’s large banks, according to economists and other finance experts, are like dead men walking.

A sober assessment of the growing mountain of losses from bad bets, measured in today’s marketplace, would overwhelm the value of the banks’ assets, they say. The banks, in their view, are insolvent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Soooo, let's take more money from the people to give to the banks, which makes it even harder for the people to make payments no their debts ... which accelerates the decline.

Or ... we can tell stop killing brown people around the world. cut federal taxes in half, and revive the economy overnight.

Feb 13 08:01

DASH-8 aircraft have de-icing systems

The engines drive six-bladed reversible-pitch composite propellers, type R408, supplied by Dowty. The propeller blades are fitted with an electrical de-icing system.


The wings, tail plane and fin leading edges are fitted with de-icing systems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Already ABCNNBBCBS are putting out the story that flight 3407 crashed because of ice buildup on the wings leading to a stall on approach. But the aircraft had de-icing systems, electric heaters in the propeller blades and engine heat is ducted to the wings and control surfaces.

This rush to sell ice as the cause is troublesome.

Feb 13 07:55

New Details on Torture Deaths

In December 2002 – as the Bush administration was ratcheting up its harsh questioning of detainees – several captives died from “abusive” treatment at the hands of U.S. military interrogators in Afghanistan, according to newly declassified Defense Department documents.

Feb 13 07:55

Gaza rockets hit Israel despite Hamas truce deal

Gaza militants fired two rockets into Israel on Friday, only hours after a senior Hamas member said the Islamists had accepted an Egyptian-brokered truce for the war-ravaged Palestinian territory.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Qui bono? Who does NOT want a peace deal? THAT is who fired the rockets.

Feb 13 07:49

Obama's Defense Department appointees – The $3.4 Trillion Dollar Question

President Obama's recent Department of Defense appointees are responsible for $3.4 Trillion in missing taxpayer money.

Feb 13 07:49

Food banks forced to partner with farms, fishermen

As traditional sources of donations dry up and demand rises amid a worsening recession, food banks and their volunteers are finding creative ways to make the best of a growing challenge--while the hungry try to make less food go further.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... and Bernie Madoff relaxes in his $7 million penthouse.

Feb 13 07:47

Crisis sends French new poor flocking to food banks

The world financial crisis is forcing more and more once relatively comfortable French workers to seek out charity food banks and soup kitchens to get a free hot meal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 13 07:46

Hunger in Australia

# 13% of Australian adults and 15% of children live in poverty, and the numbers are growing.
# 2.4 million Australians don't have enough money to take care of basic needs such as housing, clothing and food.

Feb 13 07:43

Izzadine Jamal, 14 ans shot west bank by israeli soldier

Feb 13 07:15

I'm Still The Greatest

Feb 13 07:15

Army recruiters describe nightmare of job

“I would rather spend three years straight in Iraq, without coming home, without a break, than ever be a recruiter again,” said Stewart, who recruited in Hot Springs, Ark., from 2005 to 2008.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Feb 13 07:14

The popular uprising against central banking

When Paul first raised the issue in his campaign, he had no idea what he was tapping into. “I didn’t realize people your age knew so much about money and inflation,” he told a rally at the University of Pittsburgh last year. “But it gets the largest applause at college campuses. I figured the first time it happened [at the University of Southern California] it was an accident. … But then at the University of Michigan, they started to burn Federal Reserve Notes.”

Feb 13 07:11

The Failed Prophet - As Wall Street collapses, so does Milton Friedman’s legacy.

In today’s political and social reality, the University of Chicago’s establishment of a $200 million Milton Friedman Institute (in the building that has long housed the renowned Chicago Theological Seminary) will not be perceived as simply a sign of appreciation for a prominent former faculty member. Instead, by founding such an institution, the university signals that it is aligning itself with a reactionary political program supported by the wealthiest, greediest and most powerful people and institutions in this country. Friedman’s ideology caused enormous damage to the American middle class and to working families here and around the world. It is not an ideology that a great institution like the University of Chicago should be seeking to advance.

Feb 13 07:10

Man dies in California after Taser arrest

A man in the northern California city of San Jose died after being jolted with a Taser, police said Thursday, apparently the sixth such death since the department began using the stun guns in 2004.

Feb 13 07:08

Beverly Eckert My Silence Cannot Be Bought

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Beverly Eckert died this morning in the crash of flight 3407.

Feb 13 07:03

US judges admit taking kickbacks

Two US judges charged with taking more than $2m (£1.4m) in kickbacks from a privately-run detention centre have pleaded guilty to fraud.

Feb 13 06:58

Profile: Beverly Eckert

Widow Beverly Eckert explains her decision: “I am suing because unlike other investigative avenues… my lawsuit requires all testimony be given under oath and fully uses powers to compel evidence. The victims’ fund was not created in a spirit of compassion.… Lawmakers capped the liability of the airlines at the behest of lobbyists who descended on Washington while the September 11 fires still smoldered.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Beverly Eckert died in this morning.s crash of flight 3407.

The plane was on final approach to Buffalo airport, 5 miles from the runway, when the control tower lost all contact. Weather was reported as light snow and fog and a 17 MPH wind. There was no radio message indicating a problem, so whatever happened happened in an instant. Only one house on the ground was destroyed, so the aircraft was on a nearly vertical path when it hit.

Feb 13 06:56

9/11 widow killed in crash

One of the victims of the Buffalo plane crash was the widow of a man who died in the September 11 attacks, according to reports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sept. 11th Widow
did NOT accept
cash settlement;
she sued the
government instead.
Also, as a co-founder
of the group "Voices of Sept. 11"
she pushed for an
Investigative Commission
and US. govt. intelligence reforms.

Feb 13 06:54

Obama cabinet: Unlucky or naive?

Jonathan Beale | BBC News, Washington | Fri- Feb 13, 2009

The president came to power with a powerful promise of change and a pledge to end the old politics while ushering in a new era of political integrity.

There was to be political and racial diversity too, but it has not quite worked out as planned.

Feb 13 06:39

Shortage of Critical Commodities Seen Already

Maybe you thought that less trade with China would mean fewer choices of lawn gnomes at Walmart this summer. And since you've recently sworn off, who cares anyway. Turns out China is also a leading provider of the raw materials used to make critical pharmaceutical drugs. We'll have fewer of those too and, in some cases, none at all.

Feb 13 06:34

Cloud of debris girdling the Earth could threaten Hubble telescope

High over Siberia – but not too high to be seen with the naked eye – two satellites have crashed into each other, creating debris clouds that could take decades to fall out of orbit and will pose an increased risk of more space accidents as they do.

The collision took place on Tuesday night 485 miles above the Russian Arctic. A defunct Russian military satellite falling out of orbit defied odds of “millions or maybe billions to one” to hit a civilian American satellite travelling at more than 17,000mph.

Scientists said that at least 600 new pieces of space debris are now orbiting the Earth in two expanding clouds that could eventually ring the planet.

Feb 13 06:13

Jewish Solidarity With Palestine-Banner Drop Over Cross Bronx Expressway

A banner drop over New York City's entrance to the Cross Bronx Expressway, at 179th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan, carried out by members of Jews Against the Occupation/NYC, declared "Free Palestine." This action by Jewish New Yorkers continued the wave of increasingly public Jewish solidarity with the Palestinians recently targeted by the Israeli government's attack on the Gaza Strip, which killed over 1,300 people. Four banners were hung from overpasses on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and a fifth near the U.S.S. Intrepid on the West Side Highway in January.

Feb 13 05:49

I.R.S. Study Tries to Assess if Hospitals Earn Non-Profit Tax Breaks

The New York Times | Stephanie Strom | Thu- Feb 12, 2009

Over the last several years, members of Congress have raised concerns over whether nonprofit hospitals provide enough free care and other community benefits to justify their tax exemptions.

The average compensation paid to the top executives of the hospitals responding to the I.R.S. survey was $490,000. But among a subset of 20 hospitals reporting higher levels of compensation for their top leaders, the average was $1.4 million.

Ms. Lerner said that the I.R.S. had identified at least one hospital among those 20 that it believed had paid its leader excessively.

Feb 12 23:20

Hopkins Doctors volunteered in Gaza hospitals

Hopkins Doctors Return From War-Torn Gaza Strip Sunni Khalid
BALTIMORE, MD (2009-02-13)

"The lack of medical supplies, said his brother, Labib, who worked in the operating room, made treating patients for trauma that much more difficult.
"All the suturing that we had to do in the emergency room of all the children was done without any local anesthestic agent at all; they just didn't have it. So, every case required a parent holding a child down, as well as a nurse holding the child down. It was very difficult for us, in conventional medicine, here in the West, who have access to so many things, it was a little bit different for us to certainly do procedures, where the electricity is going out on you halfway through your case.""

Feb 12 20:52

Islam Attracting Many Survivors of Rwanda Genocide

Wonder why these kinds of stories are not highlighted more often in the mainstream media...

Oh wait, otherwise people might start to wonder how "Islamic" Al-Qaida really is. And the fact that most of Al-Qaida's victims are Muslim, and the fact that Al-Qaida never attacked Israel....

Feb 12 20:00

All eyes on Main Street as Obama drops in

Three o'clock in the afternoon: shift-change at Caterpillar Inc, and the men started trash-talking the company as soon as they had spilled out beyond the chain-link fence. Caterpillar announced this week that it was shedding 20,000 jobs. But yesterday, with a visit to the plant by Barack Obama, there was talk of jobs returning for some and better early retirement packages for others.
Webmaster's Commentary: 
"Don't you worry; We're gonna support Israel's theft of, I mean, transfer of, well, whatever, so they'll be buying tons of your bulldozers in the foreseeable future. By the way, you might want to consider changing the color from yellow to red so the blood stains don;t show up as much." -- Official White Horse Souse
Feb 12 19:57

Canada becomes Israel

Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper's government publicly supported Israel's brutal assault on Gaza and voted alone at the UN Human Rights Committee in defense of Israel's actions three weeks ago. Now Canada has taken over Israeli diplomacy. Literally.

In solidarity with Gaza, Venezuela expelled Israel's ambassador at the start of the bombardment and then broke off all diplomatic relations two weeks later. Israel need not worry since Ottawa plans to help out. On 29 January, The Jerusalem Post reported that "Israel's interests in Caracas will now be represented by the Canadian Embassy." This means Canada is officially Israel, at least in Venezuela.

Feb 12 19:53

A Truth Commission Now, War Crime Prosecutions To Follow

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Followed by a first-class hanging.

Feb 12 19:53

Israeli Ambassador Yuval Rotem tells jewish community that Israel is prepairing to strike Iran soon

Israel’s Ambassador to Australia caught on tape warning a group of Jewish Australian’s that the nation state of Israel plans to take offensive action against Iran in the next month[s].

While speaking to the Jewish community Ambassador Yuval Rotem let Israel’s plans toward Iran slip out.

Referring to Iran Ambassador Rotem said, “A realignment of forces that can handle the main strategic challenge we are all going to face in the upcoming month[s]. And there is going to be one.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Feb 12 19:51

Wells Fargo Is Effectively Insolvent

In yesterday's update to his June 11, 2008 analysis, Reggie shows that the lion's share of Wells Fargo's assets are in mortgages in the California, Florida and Arizona markets, which are all tanking. He concludes:

Wells Fargo has an impaired balance sheet. Marking mortgage assets ANYWHERE near what they are worth results in insolvency.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"BAILOUT! BAILOUT! BAILOUT!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Feb 12 19:50

Can Obama escape the dominating influence of AIPAC and the American Jewish/Zionist Israeli lobby?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently not.

Helen Thomas asked Obama a direct question at his first press conference. She asked him what nations in the Middle East have nuclear weapons right now.

Obama hemmed and hawed and made a statement about not allowing a nuclear arms race in the middle east, but avoided the question.

The reason is simple. Under US law it is illegal to give foreign aid to nations that have a nuclear capability operating outside international controls. Israel, which is known to have a nuclear weapons factory underneath the reactor at Dimona, has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and does not allow IAEA inspectors to visit their facilities. Hence, under the Symington Amendment, it is illegal for the US to send Israel foreign aid.

So, by not answering the question, Obama has avoided being called a liar, and more to the point has proven that he intends to keep supplying Israel with OUR money and weapons, even though it is illegal for him to do so.

And, Obama has announced today that he "believes" Tehran wants to develop a nuclear bomb, despite the 2007 NIE in which the various US intelligence agencies unanimously concluded that Iran was not developing nuclear weapons.

So, the war is on, because Israel wants it.

Feb 12 19:41

dirtbag Dershowitz threatens Tiny College

Alan Dershowitz has just called SJP members and has threatened to start an international campaign to divest from Hampshire College - we need your support! We will be beginning an international fundraising drive to help Hampshire the negative backflash for this stand against the illegal occupation of Palestine. We will also have other ways to support us.

Please stay tuned!

Feb 12 19:37

Microsoft Offers $250K to Catch Worm Creators

Microsoft has offered a $250,000 bounty for the creators of the dreaded Conficker worm, which has infected 10 million computers worldwide, PC Magazine reports. The software giant is working with security firms and domain name administrator ICANN to find the culprits, whose virus exploits a vulnerability in Windows. Microsoft helped catch a worm author in 2005 with a reward of the same size.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'll throw in an official WRH coffee mug AND a bag of Kona coffee!

Feb 12 19:35

When Will We March Against Obama?

"Give Obama a chance." some of his less critical supporters say. "Do you think you're smarter than Obama?", some of the less polite ones ask. But those are not the real questions. The real question is how long it will be before the left wakes up and finds its own voice. Shut out of Obama's policymaking circles, there are few choices but to speak up. How long before more of us seek to unambiguously hold the new president and his record accountable? How long before protesters hit the street?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Within four months., and yes, as a matter of fact I do think I am smarter than Obama, at least in understanding that you don't fix an economy by taking money from the working class to give to the banks to loan back to the working class (at interest).

I am smart enough to know that you cannot prosper a nation doing each others' laundry for a fee, and that wealth does not grow by shaking money back and forth with great vigor in that giant open-air casino called Wall Street.

I am smart enough to know that the propaganda games that worked at the height of the cold war are failing miserably in the age of the internet.

I am smart enough to know that Obama is not doing anything consistent with the long term improvement of the economy. He is patching things, going with the politically expedient quick fix, and that 6 months from now when the bailout is spent and the potholes in the roads are filled in those workers will be out of work again, still unable to pay their mortgages, still unable to pay their credit cards, and like the rest of of, some $30,000 deeper in debt each to the Federal Reserve for all these bailouts.

I am smart enough to know that the fatal flaw in the debt-based Federal Reserve System is that the moment it went into operation more money is owed than is actually in existence. I am smart enough to know that when the Federal Reserve cannot find more and more people to pledge themselves to a loan in order to create new money that the pyramid will collapse as it collapsing now. I am smart enough to realize that each new bailout thus creates more interest debt, meaning that We The People owe the federal Reserve even more money that does not actually exist.

I am smart enough to understand that the fastest way to fix the economy is to cut taxes so that we can pay our mortgages, ending the mortgage crisis, pay our credit cards, which ends the credit crisis, and shop for those goodies the retailers are screaming we are not buying enough of. I am smart enough to realize that we can afford massive tax cuts if we just lose our addiction to running around Planet Earth killing brown people, or handing billions of dollars in weapons to Israel so that they can kill brown people.

I am smart enough to see all this.

Why isn't Obama?

Feb 12 19:25

Muslim investors profit by adhering to faith

As credit markets have imploded, triggering a global economic crisis, Islamically correct investors have seen a change of fortune: The conservative principles this small group of devout Muslims clung to during the economic heyday has insulated them from the worst of the past year's suffering.

Their renunciation of the interest-based economy kept them away from investments in financial services companies, whose stocks have collapsed, and out of traditional mortgages.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is what Israel most fears; that the world will realize there is a better way to run a national economy than the current debt-based compound interest system that is designed to impoverish the masses to enrich the few.

Feb 12 19:22

UN - World’s poor should not have to bear brunt of financial crisis – Assembly President

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Oh come ON now; what do you think the poor are FOR?!?" -- The Rich

Feb 12 19:21

Iran may be running out of uranium oxide, study says

US think tank estimates Islamic Republic used up three-quarters of 600 tons of 'yellow cake' it purchased from South Africa in 1970s, lacks resources to sustain processing, enrichment activities for civilian nuclear program

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Feb 12 16:30

Inside source reveals FEMA & DHS preparing for mass graves and martial law near Chicago

An Indiana county municipal official in the vicinity of Chicago reveals the contents of his meetings with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. The initial requests seem reasonable enough when FEMA asks the county officials to prepare a Hazard Mitigation Plan to deal with flooding, fires, high winds and tornadoes.

But as the required meetings and calls with FEMA and DHS continue over a two year period their request become more unusual, raising suspicions of county officials

Feb 12 15:13

US energy chief floats idea of a carbon emissions tax

US Energy Secretary Steven Chu has floated the idea of a carbon emissions tax to fight global warming, in an interview with The New York Times Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I warned you; this human-caused global warming crap is nothing but a scam by a corrupted and bankrupt government to take more money from you.

Just ask yourself how you paying a new tax in any way affects the environment? It's not like we go out burning rain forests down on the weekend for laughs. In the current economy we are already living as cheaply as we can, driving only when we need to, buying only the essentials, to the point where American businesses are complaining that we are not spending ENOUGH! So, how will taking more money from us change our behavior, other than to force us all to pay even more for the same products?

More to the point, we know from Europe's experiment with a carbon tax that while the trading of credits made some individuals very rich, and the tax as a whole moved more money from the citizens to the government, there was no discernible reduction in Carbon Dioxide.

And, of course, a carbon tax has no effect of sulfur dioxide pouring out of volcanoes, methane bubbling up from the deep ocean depths, or the worst greenhouse gas of all, water vapor!

Do we really want the government managing the environment? These are the same people that wrecked the economy, lied us into two wars, and launched Challenger even when the engineers who built the thing said not to.

Take a lesson from Yellowstone in 1988 or Australia today. It was environmentalists, not evil corporate officers, that opposed the use of controlled burns to keep the dried overburden under control. With the very best of motives, these self-declared experts set the stage for a hideous runaway conflagration. Down in Australia, again with the best of motives, the environmentalists blocked controlled burns and worse, allowed the fire breaks to fill in to return them to their "natural state."

Well, they succeeded. because fire is part of nature (seeds of the Redwood tree cannot germinate without a fire), and no doubt this fire has put more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere then all the cars in Australia for the whole year!

Look at the ethanol debacle. It sounded like a good idea, growing the fuel for our cars, and letting the plants take as much carbon out of the air as burning the ethanol put back in. But ethanol is not carbon neutral. When you include the emissions from the process converting the plant material to ethanol you wind up with more carbon in the atmosphere. Then there is the fact that ethanol contains far less energy than gasoline, so you have to buy and burn more of it to travel the same distance. Germany finally banned ethanol when it was discovered that ethanol was destroying the gaskets and seals of auto fuel systems, which were designed to work with gasoline, not alcohols. And finally, the land with which to grow the ethanol crops didn't appear out of thin air, which triggered a food shortage.

Most environmentalism is more pop-culture than real science. They have a few jingos which sound good on a TV set, but have not been thought all the way through.

This is politics. This is advertising. This is taxes. This is almost a religion. But it is not science.

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Feb 12 14:58

Thousands of US weapons astray in Afghanistan: auditors

Thousands of US weapons, including assault rifles and grenade launchers, may be in Taliban or Al-Qaeda hands in Afghanistan because of lax controls, congressional auditors warned on Thursday.

The Pentagon has failed to track an estimated 87,000 weapons given to Afghan security forces, one-third of the 242,000 shipped by the US government between December 2004 and June 2008, the Government Accountability Office said.

A 46-page report by the GAO, the non-partisan investigative arm of Congress, said there had been no monitoring of a further 135,000 weapons donated by NATO allies to the poorly paid and corruption-rife Afghan army and police.

Feb 12 14:35

Malware writers target Digg with fake celebrity stories

Where the Web goes, the malware authors follow, and that's doubly true when it comes to websites like Digg that rely on their userbase to submit content. Some of the headlines might never catch your eye, but just a few might—and they don't lead anywhere good.

Feb 12 14:28

The Federal Reserve says the recession has cut many Americans' net worth by about 20 percent as the value of homes, stock portfolios and businesses plummet.

The Federal Reserve says the recession has cut many Americans' net worth by about 20 percent as the value of homes, stock portfolios and businesses plummet.

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Anyone seen their property tax bills go down by 20%?

Feb 12 14:27

New law to give police access to online exchanges

The Conservative government is preparing sweeping new eavesdropping legislation that will force Internet service providers to let police tap exchanges on their systems - but will likely reignite fear that Big Brother will be monitoring the private conversations of Canadians.

Feb 12 14:25

Unredacted documents reveal prisoners tortured to death

The American Civil Liberties Union has released previously classified excerpts of a government report on harsh interrogation techniques used in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. These previously unreported pages detail repeated use of "abusive" behavior, even to the point of prisoner deaths.

Feb 12 14:24

Next flash point over terror detainees: Bagram prison

President Obama has made the closing of the detention facility a priority. But as Guantánamo is being drawn down, large-scale construction is under way at a US military prison in Bagram, Afghanistan.

Feb 12 14:23

Dead In The Water - Israel's Attack on the USS Liberty

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BBC documentary from before they were so worried about being "impartial."

Feb 12 14:20

BREAKING NEWS - Judd Gregg withdraws name as Commerce Secretary Nominee

Citing "irresolvable differences" on economic issues, Sen. Judd Gregg announced today that he is withdrawing his nomination as Commerce secretary.

Gregg is the third nominee to drop out of President's Obama's cabinet before being confirmed.

Feb 12 14:17

U.S. warns of space "dodgeball" after satellite crash

Countries with satellites in space will have to play "dodgeball" for decades to avoid debris from this week's collision of U.S. and Russian satellites over Siberia, a top U.S. military officer said on Thursday.

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Looks like I was not being unduly alarmist on this subject during yesterday's show!

Feb 12 13:59

Nigeria arrests 12 in tainted formula case that killed 84 children

Health officials said earlier that Barewa Pharmaceuticals appeared to have been told it was purchasing propylene glycol, a normal ingredient in the teething formula. They said the pharmaceutical company had always bought that ingredient through approved channels before, but had turned to a new source for the ingredient used in the tainted batch.

Nigeria, a country of 140 million people, has been plagued by tainted, fake or untested drugs since it gained independence from Britain in 1960. About 200 babies died in 1990 under similar circumstances, also from diethylene glycol.

The West African country has a long history of poor enforcement of its own regulations, with corruption rampant among police and government officials.

Feb 12 13:53

Bank got help, still sending workers to resort

Wisconsin's second-largest bank is sending about 100 employees to a Puerto Rican resort next week, nearly three months after its parent company accepted more than half a billion dollars in taxpayer bailout money.

Feb 12 13:52

Poll: Most want inquiry into anti-terror tactics

Even as Americans struggle with two wars and an economy in tatters, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds majorities in favor of investigating some of the thorniest unfinished business from the Bush administration: Whether its tactics in the "war on terror" broke the law.

Feb 12 13:48

U.S. now sees Iran as pursuing nuclear bomb

Little more than a year after U.S. spy agencies concluded that Iran had halted work on a nuclear weapon, the Obama administration has made it clear that it believes there is no question that Tehran is seeking the bomb.

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Feb 12 13:41

Congress: Bill will increase feds' power to ban guns

NEWS: Congress Considers Bill that would Ban Guns and Hunting
By Gun Owners of America , A No-Compromise Gun Rights Organization - February 11, 2009

Lost in all the news of the massive bailout bill that just passed the Senate is another enormous bill, one that increases federal control of public and private land.

Of particular concern to gun owners is that the bill, S. 22, will greatly expand the amount of land controlled by the National Park Service. NPS land is currently subject to a gun ban.

Feb 12 12:56

Iraq may sue Israel for 1981 nuke attack

Iraq is reportedly considering ways to force Israel to pay reparations for launching airstrikes on its nuclear reactor near Baghdad.

Iraqi legislators are looking into adopting a resolution that would urge Tel Aviv to pay billions of dollars in compensations for its 1981 attack on the Osiraq (Tammuz) nuclear reactor, Iraqi daily al-Sabbah reported on Thursday.

The lawmakers leading the campaign say they have based their case on United Nations Security Council Resolution 487, insisting that the official UN condemnation gives Baghdad the right to appropriate money for what it has suffered.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Following the US invasion, international experts examined the remains of the reactor and found a ruined power station, and not traces of a clandestine weapons laboratory, which had been Israel's excuse for the attack.

So, yes, Iraq has a case, although if Israel loses we know who they will force to pony up the cash for the fine.

Feb 12 12:54

Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.

Feb 12 12:49


US intelligence channels earlier this year identified a website calling on Muslims in Australia, the US, Europe and Russia to "start forest fires", claiming "scholars have justified chopping down and burning the infidels' forests when they do the same to our lands".

Feb 12 11:45

Ex-presidents of Latin America urge legal marijuana

Former presidents of Mexico, Colombia and Brazil called Wednesday for the decriminalization of marijuana for personal use and a change in tactics on the war on drugs, a Spanish news agency said.

Feb 12 11:40

Yes We Can Waffle

President Barack Obama held his first press conference last night. Thirteen questions from the press corps, albeit some of them compound. Thirteen chances to impress us with his promised transparency and forthrightness. Bottom line: We lost.

Feb 12 11:37

Here's Your Big 'Stimulus,' America

While Americans of an earlier age would have already grabbed for their muskets, today's sheeple wait obediently for the impending doom as they watch criminal politicians stuff the biggest welfare bill in history down our throats while laughably claiming it will stimulate the economy.

Feb 12 11:35

Standing up to the O’Briens

Bishop Richard Williamson gave a sermon in London in 2007 which has turned out to be quite prophetic for him. In the sermon, His Excellency discussed George Orwell’s 1984 and its implications for us Christians in the coming police state. In fact, I would say that His Excellency’s words, although spoken to a Catholic audience, extend to all lovers of Freedom and Truth, particularly to those who would dare defend them.

As the entire world now knows, Bishop Williamson is being persecuted for thought crimes, and might even soon be prosecuted for them. As if that weren’t bad enough, he’s been thrown under the bus by his own Superior, and most of his flock are in hiding. And the Pope, unfortunately, is of absolutely no help, since he has sworn his support to the Pharisees.

Feb 12 11:32

Hampshire College becomes first college in U.S. to divest from Israeli Occupation

Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, has become the first of any college or university in the U.S. to divest from companies on the grounds of their involvement in the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Feb 12 11:26

Human hair found in prehistoric hyena poop

Hairs likely belonged to humans living 195,000 to 257,000 years ago.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, Humans have been around for a quarter million years, and we only have the history of the last 8000 (and that's not very clear at all).

Kinda makes you wonder what happened during those first 242,000 years.

No doubt civilizations leave plenty of traces of their existence for 5000 years, as we see in Egypt and Persia. But after 50,000 years would anything remain at all? Even the cave paintings in France are only 30,000 years old.

Feb 12 10:35

Israel’s very own Guantanamos

Israeli maltreatment of Palestinian captives and political prisoners has reached unprecedented levels of brutality, according to lawyers, human rights groups and newly-released prisoners.

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the Daily Mail UK saw fit to "disappear" the original story into the memory-hole.

Feb 12 10:04

Mike and Ry hit the Israel mall carts

Morons lived in Israel joined the military and went to school there and studied the six day war but had no idea what the USS Liberty was.

Feb 12 09:45

Meet the XPAK. Locates Bombs & Terrorists That Build Them

XPAK is the brainchild of RedXDefense and is based on new silicon polymer technology developed by the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) known as a “nanowire.” The nanowire, which is 2,000 times thinner than a human hair, normally flouresces when exposed to ultraviolet light. Many types of explosives are immediately detectable by the XPAK in only trace amounts. With this technology the anti-IED effort is being extended directly into the terrorists bomb making lairs and the terrorists who handle the explosives. We will find the IED before it can be built.

Feb 12 09:43

Councils to be given power to snoop on calls and emails

Towns halls, along with police, security services and other public bodies will be able to view "communications" details of any one suspected of crime.

But critics fear the move will simply pave the way for authorities to spy on millions of citizens and taxpayers.

The power is contained in a new statutory order quietly laid before parliament yesterday.

If approved, it will come into effect from next month and cost the public more than £46 million to set up and run over the next eight years.

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Feb 12 09:40


The Israeli left died in 2000. Since then its corpse has been lying around unburied until finally its death certificate was issued, signed, sealed and delivered on Tuesday. The hangman of 2000 was also the gravedigger of 2009: Defense Minister Ehud Barak. The man who succeeded in spreading the lie about there being no partner has reaped the fruit of his deeds in this election. The funeral was held two days ago.

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Like I said, we could cut all Federal Taxes in half and revive the economy overnight if we just decide we are not going to kill brown people all over the world.

Feb 12 09:29

Declassified DoD Documents Suggest Detainees Were Tortured to Death

Newly declassified Defense Department documents describe a pattern of “abusive” behavior by U.S. military interrogators that appears to have caused the deaths of several suspected terrorists imprisoned at a detention center in Afghanistan in December 2002, just two days after former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld authorized the use of "enhanced interrogation" techniques against prisoners in that country.