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Feb 13 13:15

Israeli settlers torch Palestinian school in latest 'price tag' attack

Israeli settlers set fire to a classroom last night in the occupied West Bank village of Einabus, in the latest apparent "price tag" attack on Palestinian communities, students and teachers told Middle East Eye.

Rateb Nassar, the deputy headmaster of the affected school, told MEE that Israeli settlers came from the nearby illegal settlement of Yitzhar, and threw burning materials inside one of the classrooms.

The assailants also spray-painted racist and anti-Arab slogans on the walls, threatening to kill Palestinians and burn their properties, he added.

“This is the most dangerous attack the school has witnessed, and it indicates that more settler attacks are to come," Nassar said.

Feb 13 13:15

"Maybe This Was Man Made" - CNBC Questions Coronavirus Origins As ZeroHedge Remains Banned On Twitter

In keeping with our storied history of presenting readers with plausible theories and allowing them to make their own decisions often times weeks, months or years in advance of the mainstream media figuring them out and/or having the courage to finally touch on them, we're not surprised to see some of the critical questions we raised about the coronavirus origins weeks ago finally bleed into the mainstream media this morning.

The idea of the coronavirus potentially being a man made virus was a question we raised several weeks ago in this post when we asked "Is This The Man Behind the Global Coronavirus Pandemic?". In that post, we asked questions about Zhou Peng, one of China's top virology and immunology experts who works at China's top-rated biohazard lab, the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Feb 13 13:06

China rolls out 'close contact detection app' for coronavirus

China has launched an app that aims to reduce the spread of coronavirus by alerting users when they've been in close proximity to someone with the illness. According to a report in Xinhua, China's state-run news agency, the app -- named the Close Contact Detector -- lets users check their status by scanning a QR code using an app such as Alipay, WeChat or QQ. They will then be directed to enter their name and government ID number, and can check the status of three other ID numbers.

Feb 13 13:05

On the Origins of the 2019-nCoV Virus, Wuhan, China


Feb 13 12:32

Switzerland Halts 5G Rollout Due to Health Concerns, Widespread Public Opposition

"Switzerland, one of the world's leaders in the rollout of 5G mobile technology, has placed an indefinite moratorium on the use of its new network because of health concerns," The Financial Times reports.

Feb 13 12:27

Video Emerges of Bernie Sanders Admitting Free Health Care Would Bankrupt America

When the 2020 hopeful was mayor of Burlington, Vermont, the notion on free medical care for all was a lot more realistic.

Feb 13 12:27

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Deep State Brings In Big Gun US ATTORNEY to Defy Request for Evidentiary Hearing on Previously Hidden Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Emails on Seth Rich

After getting caught lying to the Courts and claiming there were no documents related to Seth Rich, emails between FBI Deep State lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were uncovered with the title “Seth Rich”.

Next the FBI claimed the Strzok-Page emails were redacted to protect the investigation they claim never happened.

Now the Deep State DOJ is bringing in the US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York to argue against an evidentiary hearing on the matter.

Feb 13 12:26

Being Ahead of Time

In my recent book, Being in Time, I analyse Jewish controlled opposition. I argue that some self-identified Jews end up being on both polar extremes of every debate that is even mildly relevant to Jewish existence: Those who have recently been disturbed about the Jews who are at the centre of the impeachment trial have also found that Jews hold key positions on Trump’s defense team. Those who accuse Jews of pushing immigration and multiculturalism can’t deny that Trump’s senior policy advisor on immigration is Stephen Miller and that breitbart.com was conceived in Jerusalem. The Palestinians’ solidarity movement is dominated by a few well organized Jewish solidarity groups that do little but divert the discourse from the Palestinian right of return and exhaust the movement in their relentless witch-hunting of truth speakers and seekers.

Feb 13 12:25

PBS Assaults White Americans

The New York Times’ assault on white Americans, about which I wrote yesterday ( https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/02/11/the-new-york-times-assault... ), is not unique to the New York Times. White people are the targets of Identity Politics—the political ideology of the Democrat Party. The demonization of white people is the main focus of “Black Studies” in universities and schools. Corporate adds now engage in attacks on white ethnicities, such as this Scandinavian Airlines ad:

Feb 13 12:24

The Air Force is massively scaling back a major upgrade for the B-2 stealth bomber

After years of delays and technical issues, the Air Force is restructuring a key B-2 modernization program, transforming it from a suite of technologies meant to help the bomber evade Russia and China into a less ambitious cockpit display upgrade.

Feb 13 11:10

Record-breaking NASA astronaut Christina Koch says she 'felt like a baby' and 'struggled to hold up her own head' after 11 months in space

Aside from sore muscles and trouble with balance, she told reporters that she's readjusting well to gravity, although her neck hurt for about a day.

'What I have noticed is that my balance has taken a little while to get used to,' she said in Houston on Wednesday, six days after returning to Earth.

'I felt like a two-week-old who was actually working hard to hold up my own head.

'The physical act of walking was something to get used to but I'm feeling great.'

Feb 13 11:08

Windows 10 KB4532693 Update Bug Hides User Data, Loads Wrong Profile

Reports are coming in that the Windows 10 KB4532693 cumulative update is loading an incorrect user profile and causing the user's desktop and Start Menu to be reset to default.

On February 11th, Microsoft released the Windows 10 v1909 and v1903 KB4532693 cumulative update as part of their February Patch Tuesday updates.

Since then, reports are starting to come in that after installing the update, some users state that their normal user profile is missing, their desktop files are missing, and everything was reset to default.

Feb 13 11:04

‘Worst idea ever!’ Plans for Greta mural on North Dakota bakery scrapped after community outcry & boycott threats on social media

A planned mural featuring teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg in North Dakota has been tossed to the wind after news of the project stoked outrage among locals, who flooded social media with protests and threats to boycott.

The 7-foot mural was slated to be posted on an exterior wall of the Brick Oven Bakery in the city of Bismarck, however when local media outlet KFYR-TV brought the story to its Facebook page on Tuesday night, residents were immediately up in arms, with the post racking up over 1,000 comments in a matter of hours.

“Can't we put someone of importance from North Dakota on the building?” asked one outraged local. “Our state’s history is flooded with important people, Native Americans, Pioneers, Explorers, Presidents, Inventors. Seriously! This is the worst idea ever!”

Feb 13 11:01

Not a tease: Russia faces sex-toy shortage if coronavirus continues to spread

Russians may be hard-up for good vibrations unless the new Chinese coronavirus is soon taken under control. That’s according to the founder of the chain of erotic stores ‘Pink Rabbit’.

Maximilian Lapin, whose business has over 60 locations across Russia, told website Gazeta that sex shops nationwide are facing a shortage because the country’s Far Eastern border with China has been closed. A high percentage of the world’s sex toys are produced there.

Feb 13 10:28

Poll: Labour members say anti-Semitism crisis “invented”

A new opinion poll found that 73 percent of Labour members think anti-Semitism in the party is exaggerated.

Feb 13 10:27

COURT DOCUMENTS: Roger Stone Russian Set-Up Agent Was An FBI Informant Under Mueller

A juror in the Stone case named Tomeka Hart has a Twitter history disparaging Trump, and retweeting anti-Stone commentary after Stone’s arrest, including sharing articles about the Roger Stone case, according toa masterful thread by MAGA researcher Shem Horne.

Now, court documents obtained by NATIONAL FILE (presented below) show that a Russian national who used the fake name “Henry Greenberg” when meeting with Roger Stone in 2016 admitted under oath to being a longtime FBI informant.

Feb 13 10:25

Sanders campaign must not sugarcoat Israeli racism

My own conclusion is that the biggest concern Democrats should have in Iowa is the unconscionable decision not to adhere to the guiding principle of one person, one vote, but rather to weight the votes of white rural voters over those of people of color and other residents in urban areas. This worked to the advantage of the more conservative Pete Buttigieg and against Sanders. Voters should consider: Is it 2020 or 1964 in the Democratic Party?

Feb 13 10:24

Israeli McCarthyism is on a witch-hunt

For showing any level of support for Palestinian rights, teachers find themselves at risk of being fired

Feb 13 10:17

'Bloomberg is trying to buy this election!': Protestor storms stage, takes over podium at Mike Bloomberg rally

A protestor made quite a stir during a rally for Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Wednesday, when she began shouting that the candidate is "trying to buy" the election before storming the stage and taking over the lectern to continue making her case against the New York billionaire.

Feb 13 10:17

Retired NYPD officer says woman punched him in face, left it bloody on his birthday over red cap that looks like MAGA hat

Some leftists go berserk at the sight of red hats proclaiming Make America Great Again — the iconic slogan for President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign — and sometimes even turn violent.

Feb 13 10:17

Boys Competing With Girls Won Track Meets. The Girls Just Filed A Lawsuit In Federal Court.

On Wednesday, a lawsuit was filed in federal court by three high school girls and their mothers against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC), which has permitted boys to compete in events and win awards that would otherwise have gone to girls.

Feb 13 10:05

In Video: Turkish-backed ‘Moderate Rebels’ Wear ISIS Insignias

Just an ordinary Turkish-backed ‘moderate rebel’ in the Syrina province of Idlib. He wears an ISIS insignia and keeps strong democratic feelings in his heart.

Feb 13 10:01

Syrians tell the U.S. occupation to get out of their country!

Giant Syrian asks US troops what they are doing in his country. He is the town's street cleaner and is preparing to throw the flag into the trash after he gives these people a piece of his mind.

Syrian residents from Khirbet Amo town in Qamishli force American occupation forces to leave the town and tell them: the U.S. must get out of Syria!

Feb 13 09:49

WATCH: Ricky Gervais Trolls Natalie Portman’s Feminist Oscar Dress

At the Oscars on Sunday, Natalie Portman displayed her own bit of girl power by wearing a cape embroidered with the names of lady directors she believed deserved a nomination that year over some of the male candidates.

Feb 13 09:49

Vitamin C Infusion for the Treatment of Severe 2019-nCoV Infected Pneumonia

The Chinese are going alternative. D3 and oregano oil along with olive leaf extract all kill viruses.

Brief Summary:

2019 new coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infected pneumonia, namely severe acute respiratory infection (SARI) has caused global concern and emergency. There is a lack of effective targeted antiviral drugs, and symptomatic supportive treatment is still the current main treatment for SARI.

Vitamin C is significant to human body and plays a role in reducing inflammatory response and preventing common cold. In addtion, a few studies have shown that vitamin C deficiency is related to the increased risk and severity of influenza infections.

Feb 13 09:49

HAMMER: Conservatives Should Not Oppose Stop-And-Frisk Policy

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who is (quite literally) currently attempting to buy the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination, has found himself in seriously hot water this week.

Feb 13 09:49

Iowa Democratic Party chairman announces resignation as caucus disaster drags on

Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price issued his letter of resignation Wednesday, announcing that he will step aside as soon as his replacement is elected so that the party can move forward amid recounts in the ongoing caucus debacle.

Feb 13 09:43

Okay if Israel does it? Twitter cries 'foreign meddling' after Netanyahu says Tel Aviv 'promoted' anti-boycott laws in US

While Washington’s politicians never tire in their constant search for 'foreign meddling', the Twitter crowd has pointed out that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has admitted to trying to influence US politics.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu's office quoted the PM as saying that “in recent years, we have promoted laws in most US states, which determine that strong action is to be taken against whoever tries to boycott Israel.” This came shortly after the UN Human Rights Council released a database of more than 100 companies “involved in certain activities relating to settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory,” infuriating Israeli officials.


“Imagine ANY other country doing this. Bragging about their influence over our government to get laws passed that limit American freedoms,” one person wrote. Another wondered how Washington would have reacted “if China tweeted that they were influencing legislation in most US states.”

Feb 13 09:38

Quarantine camps approved for US

Feb 13 09:36

Trump Regime Illegals Murder a Syrian Civilian, Get to Taste Syrian Anger

The best I can tell the US troops killed a 14 year old for stoning their armored vehicle. And then things got really nasty.

Syrian locals threw stones and garbage cans against the criminal Trump illegal invaders and managed to tear down some of the illicit US flags from the tanks; in the following video clip, a Syrian local holds a tattered American flag, while verbally confronting two small soldiers who are armed and well protected, but who nonetheless, back away from the towering man:

This was too much for the cowardly, cheaply paid Trump regime forces, who then in full chickensh*t character, unleashed smoke bombs to blind the locals before shooting into the crowd, with live ammunition.

A civilian from Khirbet Ammo was murdered; another civilian from Hamoun village was injured.

Feb 13 09:34

The Navy Wants to Retire a Ship That's Only Six Years Old

The U.S. Navy has unveiled plans to retire the first four Littoral Combat Ships, the youngest of which is only six years old.

The LCS program has been problematic for more than a decade, with the lightly armed ships coming in over budget and with technical problems.

The entire LCS fleet could eventually go on the chopping block as a new class of frigates comes online in the mid 2020s.

Feb 13 09:32

Syria and Turkey Edge Toward All-Out War While Putin Smiles

There have been several clashes between Syrian and Turkish military forces in the last two weeks, as Syria attempts to retake Idlib province from rebel forces. Turkey has carved out a demilitarized zone in Idlib, which is supposed to be a safe zone for Syrian civilians. Their goal is to prevent a flood of refugees from crossing the Syrian border.

But Syria is ignoring the Moscow-negotiated cease-fire and driving hundreds of thousands of refugees toward Turkey, most of them in desperate straits.

The UN is warning of a humanitarian catastrophe as 700,000 Syrians are on the move with nowhere to go. But there are likely to be more refugees as Syria and Turkey have now come to blows, with President Erdogan promising to "punish" Syria for attacking Turkish positions in Idlib.

Washington Times:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Turkey is the US NATO ally in Syria; this could get profoundly ugly, and very quickly.

Feb 13 09:30

Chicago transit deletes Black History Month tweet about Abraham Lincoln after social media outrage

The official social media account for the Chicago Transit Authority was forced to apologize for a tweet attempting to celebrate African-American history month after being hit with public outrage.

Feb 13 09:30

Attorney General William Barr slated to testify before House Judiciary Committee

Attorney General William Barr has agreed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee next month, according to the panel's Democratic members, as Democrats in both chambers of Congress demand answers after the Department of Justice stepped in calling for a lower recommended sentence for President Donald Trump's friend Roger Stone.

Feb 13 09:28

Trump Says He Didn't Influence Roger Stone Sentencing Decision: 'I Stay Out Of Things'

President Donald Trump says he did not interfere with the Justice Department in its decision to change its prison recommendation for his former adviser, Roger Stone, but he is glad the change was made.

Feb 13 09:27

South Korea's government explores move from Windows to Linux desktop

According to the Korean news site Newsis, the South Korean Ministry of Strategy and Planning has announced the government is exploring moving most of its approximately 3.3 million Windows computers to Linux.

The reason for this is simple. It's to reduce software licensing costs and the government's reliance on Windows. As Choi Jang-hyuk, the head of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, said, "We will resolve our dependency on a single company while reducing the budget by introducing an open-source operating system."

How much? South Korean officials said it would cost 780 billion won (about $655 million) to move government PCs from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Feb 13 09:25

Developer Finds USB Chargers Have as Much Processing Power as the Apollo 11 Guidance Computers

Instead of plopping in an off the shelf processor, NASA’s engineers designed and built the AGC with somewhere around 5,600 electronic gates that were capable of performing nearly 40,000 simple mathematical calculations every second. While we measure processor speeds in gigahertz these days, the AGC chugged along at 1.024 MHz.

By comparison, the Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 USB-C charger includes a Cypress CYPD4225 processor running at 48 MHz with the twice the RAM of the AGC, and almost twice the storage space for software instructions. There would be some challenges when it comes to making all of the software powering the Apollo 11 spacecraft work on modern equipment, but on his site, Heller lays out the case for why he believes that just four of Anker’s USB chargers could have potentially helped take astronauts to the moon and back.

Feb 13 09:04

House Republicans Strike Back Against Schiff, Boycott 'Publicity Event' Hearing

The California Democrat has been making headlines for months as one of the leading figures in the failed impeachment effort against President Donald Trump, but if this week is any indication, he could be better known in the future as a chairman who can’t even lead his own committee.

Feb 13 09:04

5-Year-Old Carries Sister Out of Burning Home Before Going Back To Help Save 7 Family Members

There are a few standard developmental milestones that a child should display when they hit 5 years old. They should be able to carry on conversations, count up to at least 10 and be able to stand on one leg for at least 10 seconds.

Feb 13 09:03

Confused Biden Mocks 2nd Amendment, Claims 'Rational' Gun Policy Would Ban '50 Clips In A Weapon'

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was in Hudson, New Hampshire, on Sunday and made a slew of statements that derided gun ownership, even promising to sue gun manufacturers for “all the havoc they have caused.”

Feb 13 09:03

Democrat's Complete Hypocrisy Over Bernie Sanders And His Socialism(Cartoon)

We all know that Democrats are hypocrites and the only standards they have are double standards.
Currently it looks like Bernie Sanders is the new frontrunner and favorite of Democrat primary voters.

Feb 13 08:54

Trump cuts last remaining aid to PA to coerce acceptance of annexation plan

The Trump administration has dealt another blow to the the flailing Palestinian Authority (PA) in the form of more budget cuts, this time to the PA’s security forces.

The State Department released its congressional budget request for 2021 on Monday; noticeably missing was funding for the Palestinian Security Services, which has received bipartisan support in congress for 27 years.

Last year, the US provided the Palestinians with an estimated $35 million for their security services.

Since President Trump took office, the US has been steadily cutting humanitarian and economic aid to the Palestinians, plunging the PA and other organizations like UNRWA into deep financial crises.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If President Trump believes that blackmail will bend the Palestinians to his will in his alleged "deal of the century", he is utterly, and amazingly incorrect in his assessment.

For the Palestinians, this is not about money; it is about homeland, and history, two things they want to never see taken away from them again.

But in the current thinking in Tel Aviv, much of that is going away, and soon, if Israel annexes the West Bank and the Jordan Valley.

Feb 13 08:51

More Lies on Iran: The White House Just Can’t Help Itself as New Facts Emerge

The public that actually follows the news might recall a little more than one month ago the United States assassinated a senior Iranian official named Qassem Soleimani. Openly killing someone in the government of a country with which one is not at war is, to say the least, unusual, particularly when the crime is carried out in yet another country with which both the perpetrator and the victim have friendly relations.

It soon emerged that the Iranian was in fact in Baghdad to discuss with the Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi a plan that might lead to the de-escalation of the ongoing conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran, a meeting that the White House apparently knew about may even have approved. If that is so, events as they unfolded suggest that the U.S. government might have encouraged Soleimani to make his trip so he could be set up and killed.

Feb 13 08:50

EXCLUSIVE: Feds Lock Down a Dangerous Lawsuit that Threatens To Expose The Clinton Foundation in One of The Biggest Public Thefts in U.S. History

The Feds — DOJ, IRS, FBI — are calling it the most dangerous lawsuit in America, one that threatens to expose the massive Clinton Foundation global fraud of epic proportions — a big reason why the federal bench has sealed the case.

Thomas Paine detailed this little-known lawsuit that has the rogue factions of the federal Intelligence apparatus as well as D.C. elites scurrying and beyond concerned. Paine detailed the controversial case on today’s Thomas Paine Podcast and the Moore Paine Show on Tuesday night. (Listen Below)

Warning: This podcast has some explicit language.

Feb 13 08:44

Dems Phony War Powers Resolution

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US 20th and 21st century history shows Dems more hellbent for war than Republicans.

In 1916, Dem Woodrow Wilson was reelected on a pledge of: “He Kept Us Out of War.”

Straightaway, he began planning US involvement in Europe’s war — today called WW I.

Propaganda his regime sponsored transformed pacifist Americans into raging German haters. Wilson got the war he wanted.

The same goes for Dem Franklin Roosevelt. From 1933 to late 1941, he spurned Japanese peace overtures that would have protected US interests in the Pacific.

By executive order, he froze Japanese assets. He waged economic war on the country, goading its ruling authorities to retaliate.

In late November 1941, US war secretary Henry Stimson said war depended only on how to maneuver Japan to attack with the lowest number of US casualties.

Feb 13 08:41

Georgia: Instead of Calling 911, State Rep, Police Chief Covered Up Friend’s Hit and Run as Victim Died in a Ditch

Cedartown, GA — The ‘good ole boy’ network is alive and well in Georgia and an innocent man is now dead because of it. Instead of calling for medical aid to help a dying cyclist their friend had just run over, a police chief and his state representative friend plotted how to cover it up.

Eric Keais, 38, spent his last hour on this Earth bleeding out in a ditch, suffering from internal injuries he sustained after being plowed down on his bicycle by Ralph “Ryan” Dover III.

Feb 13 08:38

Florida School Cop Threatens to Kill Student Trying to Leave Campus for Dentist Appointment

The cop and the school official both committed an aggravated assault. They need to be prosecuted and go to prison. 10 years would be nice!

New Port Richey, FL — When Nedra Miller sent her son off to his orthodontist appointment last December, she never thought his life would be threatened by a police officer. But that is exactly what happened—twice. Through a FOIA request, Miller obtained the officer’s body camera footage from that day and then quickly put the department on blast by uploading it to her Facebook page.

Feb 13 08:37

Revealed: Ilhan Omar’s Second Highest Donor, Basim Omar Sabri, Is A Convicted Felon Who Regularly Raises Funds for Hamas

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar’s second largest donor, Basim Omar Sabri, is a convicted felon who owns millions in property that is dilapidated and unsafe, receiving over 180 regulatory violations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF these allegations are actually true, it does absolutely not paint a pretty picture of this Congressional Representative.

Feb 13 08:32

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) is vowing to increase the number of refugees resettled in the United States by more than 500 percent if elected president, almost none of whom would likely be resettled in her neighborhood.

This year, President Trump lowered the annual refugee resettlement cap to its lowest ever at about 18,000 total admissions. This is merely a numerical limit and not a goal to be reached by the State Department.

Klobuchar has vowed to increase refugee resettlement back to Obama levels, admitting at least 110,000 refugees in the U.S. in her first year in office. As president, Klobuchar would “direct the State Department to restore the refugee admissions cap to at least its pre-Trump administration level,” according to her campaign.

Returning to Obama-level refugee admissions would be a more than 500 percent increase in refugee resettlement to the U.S. compared to Trump’s level of refugee resettlement.

Though thousands of American communities would be inundated with a refugee flow, Klobuchar’s neighborhood of Marcy-Holmes in Minneapolis, Minnesota, would likely have to absorb close to none of those refugees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What a consummate NIMBY (NOT in my back yard do these immigrants get resettled, thank you very much!!)

Burt having read this, I would really, sincerely like for Senator Klobuchar to explain to the American people, just how she intends for this country pay for this absorption of new immigrants, particularly when the Federal Government is totally broke right now?!?

Feb 13 08:30

Swalwell: Impeaching Trump Over Roger Stone Is Not ‘Off the Table’

This is the nutcase who said he would use nuclear weapons on individual American who wont give up their firearms. Why is this obviously insane POS still in the Congress?

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) Wednesday on CNN revealed that the Justice Department’s reversal on Roger Stone’s sentence after President Donald Trump’s tweet could be an impeachable offense.

Host Jake Tapper asked, “Might you impeachment him over this, over Roger Stone and the sentencing?”

Feb 13 08:23

As the world focuses on coronavirus, a deadly flu has killed at least 10,000 Americans

Americans’ concerns over the new coronavirus have spawned a public-health emergency declaration, a controversial travel ban and quarantine, and China-bound flight suspensions. But the better-known flu virus is a far greater threat to Americans’ health right now, data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest.

There are now 37,198 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide and at least 811 people have died, according to the latest figures from China’s National Health Commission released Sunday; 89 deaths and 2,656 new cases were reported over the previous 24-hour period. The majority of illnesses and deaths are in Hubei Province where Wuhan — believed to be the epicenter of the outbreak — is located. The illness has now spread to 25 countries.

Feb 13 08:23


High-profile investor Jeremy Grantham warned in a letter that falling birth rates in the developed world could accelerate in coming years due to increasing chemical toxicity, allowing only wealthy people to have children.

In recent years, economists have raised concern about the impact on economic growth of slowing birth rates in the developed world. Grantham, who co-founded GMO in the 1970s and is famous for calling the last two major market bubbles, said that trend is poised to accelerate due to increased chemical toxicity in the environment and food products.

“This interference is growing at such a rapid rate that if left alone it is likely to leave us sterile in a few decades with only the rich able to easily afford the healthy lifestyles and the exotic medical help required to have babies,” Grantham said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if he at all appreciates the deep, and bitter, irony of what he is saying, as the guy who invented GMOs, with which unsuspecting people are getting more and more poisoned every day, as though to deliberately insure the veracity of his statement here!!!

Feb 13 08:22

Shameless Virginia Democrats Heckle Pastor, Walk Out in Protest of His Prayer

A pastor’s biblical prayer was not only heckled but outright snubbed by Virginia Democrats in a shameless display.

Feb 13 08:21

'Dumbest damn thing I have ever heard!' — Trey Gowdy eviscerates Liz Warren

Former Republican congressman Trey Gowdy weighed in on the suggestion from presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) that Attorney General William Barr should resign over recent actions by the Department of Justice.

Feb 13 08:21

Rep. Ayanna Pressley says women are 'still shackled' because 'the American Constitution is sexist by its very design'

Far-left Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) claimed from the floor of the House of Representatives on Wednesday that women in the U.S. are "still shackled," because the "American Constitution is sexist by its very design."

Feb 13 08:21

Rose McGowan blasts fellow actress Natalie Portman for ‘feminist’ Oscars outfit: ‘You are the problem’

Actress and activist Rose McGowan tore into fellow actress Natalie Portman for her demonstratively "feminist" Oscars outfit.

Feb 13 08:21

WATCH: Never Trumpers may want to check their principles

Check your principles! Sometimes, life can be confusing. You see, when Obama was president, conservatives rallied and banded together to resist the Socialist train America boarded initially in 2008, and again in 2012.

Feb 13 08:17

Trump sounds off on juror ‘bias’ in Roger Stone case, amid new revelations

The prosecutors and the jury forewoman need to do some hard time!

President Trump stepped up his criticism of Justice Department prosecutors on Thursday concerning former campaign adviser Roger Stone's criminal trial, after it was reported that the jury foreperson had posted anti-Trump and anti-Stone messages online.

A spokesman for Stone also told Fox News they were reviewing the new reports and considering their next move. “Mr. Stone and his defense team are diligently reviewing the newly reported information to determine any appropriate next steps,” the spokesman said in a statement.

Feb 13 08:11

Bum Steer(Cartoon)

Feb 13 08:11

Warren Faces Blowback Over Cringe Story She Tells To Promote Campaign

Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren faced blowback on Wednesday over a story that she told to promote her campaign following her lackluster performance in the New Hampshire primary last night.

Feb 13 08:10

South Carolina Dem Congressman Rips Sanders: ‘South Carolinians Don’t Want Socialism’

On Wednesday, the day after Senator Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary, a Democratic South Carolina congressman slammed him, asserting, “South Carolinians don’t want socialism.”

Feb 13 08:10

Here's how two versions of 'Fabio' spawned America's favorite climate activist

On Tuesday's episode of "Stu does America," Stu assessed the insane family dynamic of climate activist Greta Thunberg's ilk. In this clip, Stu addressed the sad reality that Thunberg's parents folded to their daughter's irrational fears about "climate change" rather than being parents.

Feb 13 08:09

UN health agency calls coronavirus 'the worst enemy you can imagine,' warns vaccine could take 18 months

An official at the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations' health agency, has issued a warning, calling the coronavirus "the worst enemy you can imagine" and more of a threat than "any terrorist attack," during a media briefing on Tuesday.

Feb 13 08:09

Roger Stone jury foreperson's anti-Trump social media posts surface after she defends DOJ prosecutors

This conviction will be overturned. The prosecutors and the jury forewoman need to be indicted for obstruction of Justice. This really stinks!!!

Former Memphis City Schools Board President Tomeka Hart revealed Wednesday that she was the foreperson of the jury that convicted former Trump adviser Roger Stone on obstruction charges last year -- and soon afterward, her history of Democratic activism and a string of her anti-Trump, left-wing social media posts came to light.

Hart even posted specifically about the Stone case before she voted to convict, as she retweeted an argument mocking those who considered Stone's dramatic arrest in a predawn raid by a federal tactical team to be excessive force. She also suggested President Trump and his supporters are racist and praised the investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, which ultimately led to Stone's prosecution.

Feb 13 08:06

WATCH: US military convoy met with HAIL OF BULLETS in north Syria… and Russian convoy intervenes to break up the fight

Footage has emerged of US troops getting involved in a heated exchange and a shootout with angry locals in northern Syria, which reportedly saw one man killed. A Russian military convoy then moved to de-escalate the situation.

Feb 13 07:56

House Republicans Strike Back Against Schiff, Boycott 'Publicity Event' Hearing

The California Democrat has been making headlines for months as one of the leading figures in the failed impeachment effort against President Donald Trump, but if this week is any indication, he could be better known in the future as a chairman who can’t even lead his own committee.

Feb 13 07:55

Jon Bon Jovi Opens Community Restaurant at University To Make Sure No Student Goes Hungry

Students at Rutgers University – Newark can dine for free inside a beautiful community restaurant opened by famed rocker Jon Bon Jovi.

Feb 13 07:55

Director Taika Waititi Wants Valkyrie To Be ‘Explicitly Queer’ In Next Thor Movie

Though the Marvel character Valkyrie, as played by Tessa Thompson in “Thor: Ragnarok,” has always allegedly been queer, director Taika Waititi wants her to be “exclusively queer” in the next Thor installment.

Feb 13 07:55

South Dakota Senate Bows to LGBT Outrage Mob, Kills Child Sex-Change Bill

We are now living in a bizarre world in which children barely old enough to pick what clothes to wear to school are allowed to make life-altering decisions.