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Jan 29 04:15

The RealNews Network Malware attack.

I logged on to that site and my Security software alerted me to the following.

11:47:27 Firefox Denied: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Iframer


Firefox Denied:

An Exploit is software or code that targets security vulnerabilities, usually in the operating system or browser, but may also target vulnerabilities in other programs. Exploits are typically used to install malicious software on the victim's computer without the victim's knowledge or consent. An Exploit may be used to install malware that gives the attacker complete access to and control of the affected computer from a remote location.

update.More here on that threat.
Sun Java JDK / JRE Multiple Vulnerabilities

Jan 26 07:03

"Science" pays a dividend for O'Bomber - Farmed and aborted foetuses to yield up their rich stores for pharma to plunder.

Obama Executive Orders Will Force Abortion, Embryonic Stem Cell Funding - by Steven Ertelt Editor November 9, 2008 asked financial experts to name their top stock pick if Obama won the election. Oct 7th 2008

"If Barack Obama wins the presidency, one under-the-radar play would be embryonic stem cell research; Geron (NASDAQ: GERN) is the current leader in embryonic stem cell research among publicly traded companies."

Jan 12 08:29

War News for Monday, January 12, 2009

War News for Monday, January 12, 2009

#1: The violence began when two vehicles parked about 50 yards (meters) apart exploded in quick succession just after 7 a.m. as a police patrol passed by a bakery in a mainly Shiite area. The road, which runs through a commercial district, is frequently used by police and army convoys in the eastern New Baghdad neighborhood, residents said. Police and hospital officials said four people, including a policeman who died at the hospital, were killed and nine others wounded. The U.S. military said the Iraqi police were hit when explosives planted on a truck detonated as they were responded to the initial car bomb. The U.S. military gave a lower casualty toll, saying one Iraqi policeman was killed and two civilians were wounded.

Jan 11 08:46

Ukraine-Russia gas spat: some background and context

Ukraine-Russia gas spat: some background and context
As we enter yet another episode of worried or sanctimonious articles about the gas conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it's worth remembering a few simple facts:

1) The conflict started in 1992, not in 2006;

2) Russia cannot win a gas war against Ukraine and knows it;

3) the real underlying stakes are not about Russia or Ukraine.

Jan 10 01:32

Iraq Today

War News for Friday, January 09, 2009

"This is a farewell kiss, you dog. This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq." Muntazer al-Zaidi 12-14-08

The NY Times is reporting the deaths of three U.S. ISAF soldiers from a roadside bombing in Zabul Province, near the border of neighboring Kandahar Province on Friday, January 9th. Here's the ISAF release.

The Tri-city Herald is reporting the death of a civilian contractor, Paula Loyd, at the Brooke Army Medical Center on Wednesday, January 7th, from wounds she received from being doused with fuel and set on fire in Maywand, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008.

Jan. 6 airpower summary:

U.S. says Iraqis may still be held without charge: (Here we's only been ten days and we're rewriting the agreement.)

Wounded, but still battling:

Cheney slams irresponsible Iraq pullout: (Eleven days and counting)

Jan 09 13:00

US Army Engineers in Rafah / Gaza / part of the testing for US lethal weapons technology

US Army Engineers in Rafah / Gaza / part of the testing for US lethal weapons technology
Ynet news reports : US officers deployed along Egypt-Rafah border

London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Quds al-Arabi reported on Wednesday 7th january that American Engineering Corps' officers have been stationed at Egypt's border with Strip in order to unearth smugglers' tunnels in area

Jan 08 23:31

Palestine Red Crescent Society Blog

The enormity of the deaths hit me. After 12 days of killing and psychological warfare, I’d become…less shocked at the sight of pieces of bodies, a little numb…like a doctor might, or a person subjected to this time and again. I was and am horrified at the on-going slaughter, at the images of children’s bodies being pulled from the rubble astonished it could continue…but adapted to the fact that there would be bodies, maimed, lives ruined. Standing among sandy makeshift graves, watching men digging with their hands, others carrying corpses on any plank long enough –corrugated tin, scraps of wood, stretchers –to be hastily buried –the drones still fly overhead and tank shelling can be heard 100s of metres beyond, it all become too much again. I wept for all the dead and the wounded psyches of a people who know their blood flows freely and will continue to do so.

Jan 06 11:49

" In order to save the village we had to destroy it"

" In order to save the village we had to destroy it"

The BBC are reporting that, "at least 40 people have been killed in an Israeli air strike on the United Nations-run al-Fakhura girls school in the Gaza Strip". BBC video (timed 4.35 GMT) Israeli captain on school attack - Captain Elie Isaacson of the Israeli Defence Force said that they had had "major operational successes" in Gaza. He told the BBC's Ben Brown that the Israeli army wants to "get this thing finished as soon as possible" .. but wouldn't comment on the school massacre as they didn't have "accurate information".

Jan 05 13:02

Gaza - Warsaw Redux and a good time to remind Obama of his silence on the genocide of the Palestinians

from April 19th to May 16th , 1943 a Nazi campaign, led by SS General Jürgen Stroop with over 2000 soldiers, mostly Waffen SS, SS Ordnungspolizei, and SS Sicherheitsdienst troops began a short brutal campaign to end the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

The Nazis had walled off and sealed the ghetto in November 1940 and refused to allow in enough food to support life.