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Bailing Out Retirees Would Save America

This is an idea I heard but I wish I would have thought of it. Someone please find the original source!

The USA has, let's say, 40 million people entering retirement age. So for a fraction of the bank bailout, let's say we give each one of those retirees a million dollars. You're 65? Here you go, thank you. Their financial security is ensured. Then, we just stipulate they buy one American car. Okay. 40 million new American cars sold! Then we ask them to buy a condo. Okay, say, a nice comfy quarter of a million ocean view somewhere. They will live, the autoworkers will be called back to work and real estate might be viable for people other than Candy Spelling. Oh, and they will be able to pay the outlandish health insurance premiums they cannot today.

All this for just a fraction of the AIG bonuses! Cheaper than one Hollywood movie! What is wrong with this country? The people who run it.