Civil War

The best way, and possibly the only way, to defeat an indigenous, armed population of three hundred million people, is to get them to fight against each other.

If an attack came from within, government forces would be vanquished within days. From without; no invading army stands a chance, and in the case of economic attack, extreme poverty will only unite the people out of survival necessity, and force more of them to cast an angry eye toward their “government”.

So how is this accomplished? How do you get a population who happens to be very angry with their “government” to fight against each other instead?

Well it’s really kind of simple. First you find any minor division or difference that already exists between them, drive a wedge into it, and just keep hammering away. If you happen to have control of the mass media, it’s just a matter of programming decisions that result in the blacks fighting the whites, the Christians fighting the Muslims, and the citizens fighting the wetbacks.

You may no longer believe the mainstream media, but you’re still tuning in to watch, and by doing so, you’re subjecting yourself to their emotional manipulation, and allowing them to choose which issues are important, regardless of whether or not you think they’re lying. They don’t care which side you’re on, as long as they can decide what you’re fighting about, and of course, that you keep fighting each other instead of them.

Which network is screaming about the destruction of our Bill of Rights? The wholesale theft of this nation’s resources? The “justice” system that’s blind to anyone with money? Our wars being waged against mythical terrorists that we’ve financed? The chemtrails, the killer cops, the poisoned food and medicine, our ponzi-scheme of a monetary system, the orchestration of world war three, or the intentional economic collapse that’s collapsing on all of us as I type?

None of them. They’re keeping you distracted from everything that’s important, while doing their best to keep you divided, and to a large extent, the “alternative media” only relays the same messages (and to a large extent, the “alternative media” is owned, or financially manipulated by them).

All too often the horrors and probability of civil war is discussed, always stressing how divided we are as a people, and then trying their best to insure we’re divided by inciting racial and religious hatred.

I’d be willing to bet that an overwhelming majority of black people in this country want nothing to do with the “Black Lives Matter” idiots, but it’s the idiots who make the headlines everyday, portrayed as representatives of the entire race, and everyday they have another announcement designed to piss off white people.

The black lives matter crew is a gift of George Soros, and they amount to a handful of paid whores, with a small following of useful idiots, who get an undue amount of media attention. Slavery is rampant today in the American prison system, and in other parts of the world, but instead of that being an important topic of discussion, the TV has Americans fighting over slaves who died a century ago.

The liberals are even less of a threat. Armed or not, they aren’t going to attack anyone; they’re just going to keep crying, and everyone else is going to keep laughing at them. They’re becoming unglued because the lies that built their perception of reality, and all of their political opinions, are falling apart like a house of cards. This has thrown them into a state of temporary mental instability. Some of them will get over it, some may commit suicide, but most will deny they’ve ever held such erroneous beliefs.

Whatever a few hundred people do, regardless of how violent or repulsive their acts, simply doesn’t matter in a nation of 320 million, unless the message can be broadcast repeatedly across the entire nation, and used to influence the entire population, who otherwise would never have heard of these events.

The majority of Mexicans will head home when the tit runs dry, and the criminals are being hanged. The remainder are probably assimilating into our culture. The people of Mexico are living in extreme poverty, and we happen to be paying them handsomely to come here. Crossing the border is the best job a Mexican will ever get. The Mexicans are trouble, but the bigger problem is the people who invited them in, and paid them to come here with your money. I’m not suggesting that the wetbacks be allowed to stay, but that their motives for coming here are generally economic, except for those of a criminal nature, who are probably a small percentage of the whole.

If any organized Mexicans were to launch any kind of “attack”, expect that it would probably be a Soros-funded theatrical event, designed to provoke a violent response from Americans, and justify some sort of crackdown or another, or to place more soldiers on our streets.

Did any network take a minute to remind you that there are more Chinese entering this country than Mexicans? The Chinese invasion is a much greater threat than the Mexicans will ever be, because rather than going on welfare and being dependants, they’re coming with suitcases full of money and buying the place. They’ve had no interest in assimilating into our culture since the railroads were built, and they have no intention of doing so now. The Red army is already here, and soon they’ll have a rifle behind every blade of grass, too. They have firm beachheads all across the country, and you can guess who’s side they’ll be on when the Chinese army arrives to collect the $2 Trillion we owe them. Of course, there are good, patriotic Americans of Chinese descent living here as well, and we’ll figure out who’s who when we have to.

But before that fateful day arrives, Americans will be encouraged to fight each other, by race, religion, and political ideology, because the strategy involves wearing us down physically and logistically through civil war, to make us softer targets for invading forces, whether they be Chinese, Russian, NATO, or all of the above.

The fact of the matter is that Americans are being laughed at by everyone on the planet, and they’re being robbed and oppressed by their own “government”, because no one’s afraid of them anymore. They don’t see the Americans of a hundred years ago. What they see is a fat, stupid, spoiled, and weak couch potato who deserves to be robbed of his wealth, because he’s too stupid, scared, and lazy to do anything about it. They see you as a brainwashed dupe, worshiping an idiot box. The foreigners also hate you out of jealousy, because you’re richer, prettier, and smarter than they are, even if you’re too lazy to use your brain.

Americans have been softened up for an attack. It didn’t happen overnight, but instead decades of propaganda has encouraged you to be weak, cowardly, defenseless, and unhealthy, while continually mocking masculinity and gun ownership. If you’re an American, a target’s been painted on your back, because everyone in the world wants what you have, and you’ve made it real easy for them to take it.

This is the world that’s been forming around you while you’ve been led around on a leash by your television. All of these people constantly being thrust into your face as your “enemies” don’t amount to more than a handful of idiots who get a lot of press, and who’ll also be annihilated about an hour after Americans know they’ll suffer no repercussions for it. And naturally, your real threats are never discussed, and your real enemies are never mentioned. Your personal opinions regarding war and violence are irrelevant, because war is coming to you whether you like it or not.

I don’t advocate war by any means, and in fact, the only thing I can think of that’s more horrible than war, would be the horrors suffered by the unprepared victims of war. I don’t want to shoot anyone, but I’d rather go down fighting than see my family tortured, or know that my female relatives are being gang raped by invaders. That’s war, and it’s coming soon to a theater near you.

I know you’re going to fight, because you’ll be given no choice in the matter. Whether or not you win will depend on the preparations you make now, and the guy who runs out of ammo first, generally loses. You’re also not going to fare very well by yourself, but if you organize a civil defense force in your community, invaders may seek out softer targets.

Either way, you had better prepare for war, if for no other reason than everyone else is. Dark clouds are gathering for the shit-storm that’s headed our way, which may arrive from several directions at once, so adapt your mind to that new reality, and the fact that absolutely no one is coming to your rescue. — Jolly Roger

“The most effectual means of preserving peace, is to prepare for war” – George Washington

Smash your television, and tune in to this instead:


Civil War

Jolly Roger

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