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Let me test your logic

My brother sent me this link (I think I'll have to have a chat with him) this is significant because he almost NEVER emails me and he NEVER sends out links someone sent him (IE: like cute stories or a cat beating up a dog: or anything else that people pass along in emails)
why is this significant you ask ?
Because this is no something my brother is interested in which means, SOMEONE sent it to HIM! so i wonder how many people are getting links to this video, and believe there is "Logic" behind what this person is saying.
OK you job is to leave me a message to this article and tell me what is wrong in "column A"
well say for arguing that "column B/False" is right on the money!
well will go on to say, "column B/True" is total bullshit as we know here at WHR it IS!

OK this leaves us with "column A"
i am not going to tell u all what is wrong with his "column A"! i want to see if you all can see what is wrong!
I will give u a hint, though i think this might be making it way to easy!
on second thought it would make it so easy a second grader can figure it out! so all the hint i will give is to says look at what he writes in "column A" and listen to what he says when he talks about it, please don't let me be the only one smarter then a second grader (i can rationalize at the 3rd grade level :-) and my spelling and punctuation is at a 4th grade level LOL) so i hope u can all see the fault in his logic as well as i can!
remember the only problem is in "column A"

while i wait for replies. I'll have a chat with my brother

PS: do not cheat and look at the comments to this video!
I have not looked at them so i do not know if they will even help you or not! but it would be cheating because i have not read them!

HERE is the link