We attended an AE911 meeting recently. Compelling presentation. Pretty clear to most of us one or
two hundred in the room (allied despite age, color,
socioecopolitical differences) what had happened on

One guy, though, started yelling in the back. He
wasn't disagreeing. He was fed up. Frustrated. He
wasn't crazy or unbalanced, either. Just fed up.
He was asked to pipe down, but couldn't and he
left. On the way out the door he shouted: "It's
a spiritual battle." And so it is. A spiritual

The author of another blog somewhere in the InterTubes,
an exceedingly well-done little blog on 4th and
"5th" generation warfare asked his readers, his
readers who were demanding another 9/11 commission,
or an explanation, he asked them (paraphrasing):
"Let's say you get your proof. They did it. Great.
So, who is it exactly that are you going to tell?"

What was his point?

Folks, you're telling either (a) The Converted or
(b) the Plotters and Powerbrokers themselves. What's
the point? "A" knows, and "B" could care less.

Why not do something useful? Like what?

Well CERTAINLY NOT violence (as our esteemed host, Mike, points out, repeatedly and clearly). COULD disconnect from cable. Right?

Think of it....if hundreds, if thousands...if millions of
people...Disconnected From Cable TV subscriptions...and
all gave the reason "I am tired of the lies and the
distractions", that would make a difference.

Think it through, folks. You're a corporate drone. You
get around the watercooler. Suddenly, more than half
the folks there, who have decided to disconnect,
don't know that Michael Jackson died (while Israel
loaded white phosphorous), don't know that Britney
was out without her panties (while they burnt humans
alive with it), don't know that "our team" won "the
game" (while murdered bodies were returned by the
Zio-Sraelis from Abu Kabir without any organs left
in them.)

Suddenly, the trivia level would drop 99%.

Suddenly, ABCNNMSNBCFOX revenues would drop 5,10,15,20%.

Somebody would notice.

So...why not (and ladies and gentlemen, I mean this
with positive intent and in the most respectful
way possible) why not Shut The Fuck Up and Stop
Buying Cable?

It's simple, really. You can still watch movies,
catch an occasional interview on YouTube. Can
still rent Netflix, etc. By all means, still drop
a dime in Mike's box each month. Do the same,
a fortoriori, over at

But why not REALLY make a dent with your voter-dollars? Stop Buying Cable.

Because nobody REALLY cares what your fucking opinion
is, do they?

Do something, and stop your fucking god-awful snivelling.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you respect you in the morning.