Feb 01 16:33

Enemies Of Free Speech Call For Internet Licensing

Calls to introduce a licensing system to police the Internet on behalf of a powerful UN agency represent the latest salvo in a long-running battle to kill free speech on the web and bring an end to the powerful digital democracy that has devastated the carbon tax agenda of the UN by exposing the Climategate scandal.


Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy officer for Microsoft, told fellow globalists at the summit that the Internet needed to be policed by means of introducing licenses similar to drivers licenses – in other words government permission to use the web.

Feb 01 14:06

Report: 48% of 22 million scanned computers infected with malware

Feb 01 09:58

Enemies Of Free Speech Call For Internet Licensing

Calls to introduce a licensing system to police the Internet on behalf of a powerful UN agency represent the latest salvo in a long-running battle to kill free speech on the web and bring an end to the powerful digital democracy that has devastated the carbon tax agenda of the UN by exposing the Climategate scandal.

Feb 01 09:54

Dumping my laptop for...a server?

Essentially, I’ve been saving for a high-end laptop/desktop replacement that could handle virtualization, lots of storage, video editing, you name it. My MacBook just isn’t cutting it anymore. So what does that have to do with the iPad, or any other tablet for that matter? The idea of “the screen” and everything the iPad represents means that lugging around one of those slick Core i7 laptops I’ve been eying up is probably a recipe for obsolescence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a subtle push for cloud computing, which strikes me as a return to the days of mainframe machines and a terminal at your desk. While the cloud does free one from limits in storage and computing power (as long as you pay the fees) it does mean that the cloud servers (meaning the government) have unlimited access to all your data without needing a warrant (an issue I have with the online backup services as well).

The problem with cloud computing is that the cloud can be switched off far more easily and selectively than the internet as a whole. Opponents of global dictatorship have warned of the shutting down of the internet for some time, but that is no longer practical. Far too much commerce uses the net for it to ever go away, and attempts at censorship have been less than 100% effective.

But in the event of a "national emergency" (Trademark, White House) the cloud servers could shut down access to any predetermined set of functions for any predetermined groups of users. That iPad or screen or netbook instantly becomes little more than a TV set with extra buttons, and your personal data is no longer available to you.

I like standalone computers for the same reason I would want to keep my money (if I had any) out of the bank. I do not recognize the government's right to loot or to shut down my computers.

Feb 01 08:29

Spying on Americans: A Multibillion Bonanza for the Telecoms

Chillingly, Walker asserted that "a citizen may not gain standing by claiming a right to have the government follow the law." This pitiful summary judgement merely affirms the obvious: America is a lawless state where neither citizens nor "co-equal" branches of government, Congress and the Courts, can challenge the quintessentially political decisions made in secret by the Executive Branch.

Jan 31 14:35

Consumers warned as fraudulent 'tax refund' emails flood the internet

Consumers were today warned to be on their guard against fraudulent emails telling them they were due to receive a tax refund.

HM Revenue & Customs thinks around 20,000 of the scam emails have been sent during the past week alone, as fraudsters try to cash in on people's preoccupation with tax in the run-up to the self-assessment deadline.

The emails tell people that they are due a tax refund and ask them to fill in an online form giving their bank account or credit card details so that the rebate can be paid.

The fraudsters then use the information to either empty victims' accounts or spend up to their credit limit, before passing on their details to other criminal gangs.

Jan 31 08:20

UN agency calls for global cyberwarfare treaty, ‘driver’s license’ for Web users

he world needs a treaty to prevent cyber attacks becoming an all-out war, the head of the main UN communications and technology agency warned Saturday.

International Telcommunications Union secretary general Hamadoun Toure gave his warning at a World Economic Forum debate where experts said nations must now consider when a cyber attack becomes a declaration of war.

Jan 30 08:59

Chinese company pre-emptively clones iPad

The unveiling of Apple's iPad tablet computer was one of the most anticipated technology events in recent years, but a similar looking device has been on sale in China for nearly six months.

The touchscreen iPad look-alike marks a new milestone by Chinese manufacturers: cloning a product before it had even been announced, mused, a Shanghai city blog, and, a tech blog dedicated to Chinese copies.

But Shenzhen Great Loong Brother Industrial Co. -- makers of the Chinese device, which resembles an over-sized iPhone -- said Apple appeared to be the copycats.

Jan 30 08:54

Windows 7 upgrades Vista laptops to lower battery life

Laptop owners upgrading their Windows XP and Windows Vista machines to Windows 7 are complaining that Microsoft's new OS has severely reduced their available battery life.

One user tells The Reg that after upgrading his circa 2007 HP notebook from Vista to Windows 7, the machine's battery life dropped from two hours to a half hour, and countless others are voicing similar complaints on Microsoft's TechNet forums.

Jan 30 08:29


An increase in the activities in Occupied East Jerusalem has apparently sparked enough interest throughout the world for YouTube to agree not to pull the videos off the Web. Could we be seeing an end to their zionist censorship? Let’s hope so…..

Jan 29 16:58

Bank of America suffers Internet outage

Many Bank of America customers were unable to access their accounts online Friday when the bank suffered a major Internet outage. The main web site of the country's largest bank was only available to about 20 percent of customers in cities across the country as of 5 pm., according to a prominent Internet monitoring firm.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You trying to tell me that BofA doesn't have a backup system?

Jan 29 15:54

Wikileaks temporarily shuts down due to lack of funds

The whistleblowing website Wikileaks has temporarily shut down because of a lack of funds.

The site, which has been a major irritant to governments and big businesses since it launched in 2007, says it cannot keep going without more public donations.

Wikileaks' organisers announced the suspension in a statement on its site. "To concentrate on raising the funds necessary to keep us alive into 2010, we have reluctantly suspended all other operations, but will be back soon," it says.

Jan 29 14:11

Bank of America downtime torments customers once again

Today BoA has been flat on its back for at least several hours.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Al Qaeda did it!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jan 29 07:52

UN Task Force looks at legal aspects of curtailing 'Internet terrorism'

Reviewing existing and possible legal measures to prevent or curtail the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes was the focus of a two-day workshop convened by the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) in Berlin on 25-26 January. The meeting co-organized and hosted by the German Federal Foreign Office brought together experts from Member States, United Nations agencies, regional organizations, including the representatives of various European institutions, as well as from, academia and civil society.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: With two of the UN's three pillars for global government lying in ruins, the globalists have finally realized that a free and open internet means a free and open population. Since the global dictatorship hates our freedoms, they are looking for a way to return the world's people to being dumb, unquestioning, and helpless receptors of propaganda.

Jan 29 05:45

You cannot be serious! Internet virals take a bite out of Apple's new iPad amid widespread disappointment

Apple say the iPad is a 'magic and revolutionary' product but already the device is being ridiculed by bloggers and industry insiders.

Company chief Steve Jobs launched the iPad amid great hype on Wednesday and claimed the device would plug the gap between laptops and mobiles.

But, alarmingly for the company which has always been the darling of the 'geek' community, the sentiment on the web was distinctly underwhelmed and immediately sparked a wave of ridicule.

Jan 29 01:31


"Patrick F. Kennedy, an undersecretary for management at the State Department, said Abdulmutallab's visa wasn't taken away because intelligence officials asked his agency not to deny a visa to the suspected terrorist over concerns that a denial would've foiled a larger investigation into al-Qaida threats against the United States.

"Revocation action would've disclosed what they were doing," Kennedy said in testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security. Allowing Adbulmutallab to keep the visa increased chances federal investigators would be able to get closer to apprehending the terror network he is accused of working with, "rather than simply knocking out one solider in that effort."'

Jan 28 20:30

Hitler responds to the iPad

Jan 28 14:27

Hidden in another story: federal agents now looking for crotchbomber's helper they denied existed

Federal agents also tell they are attempting to identify a man who passengers said helped Abdulmutallab change planes for Detroit when he landed in Amsterdam from Lagos, Nigeria.

Authorities had initially discounted the passenger accounts, but the agents say there is a growing belief the man have played a role to make sure Abdulmutallab "did not get cold feet."

Jan 28 10:10

Home Office spawns new unit to expand internet surveillance

The Home Office has created a new unit to oversee a massive increase in surveillance of the internet, The Register has learned, quashing suggestions the plans are on hold until after the election.


Officials envisage communications providers will maintain giant databases of everything their customers do online, incluing email, social networking, web browsing and making VoIP calls. They want providers to process the mass of data to link it to individuals, to make it easier for authorities to access.

Jan 28 09:36

8 Things That Suck About the iPad

A lot of people at Gizmodo are psyched about the iPad. Not me! My god, am I underwhelmed by it. It has some absolutely backbreaking failures that will make buying one the last thing I would want to do.

Jan 28 08:43

Defects in e-passports allow real-time tracking

Computer scientists in Britain have uncovered weaknesses in electronic passports issued by the US, UK, and some 50 other countries that allow attackers to trace the movements of individuals as they enter or exit buildings.

Jan 27 20:51

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) First Production Documents

• In a span of just nine months, CBP officials searched over 1,500 electronic devices belonging to travelers. Under the current policy, they were not required to justify a single one of these searches.

• Travelers' laptops are not the only devices at risk of being examined, detained, or seized by the government. In fact, cell phones were the most commonly searched and seized devices between October 2008 and June 2009.

• Other types of devices that were searched and detained during this time period include digital cameras, thumb drives, hard drives, and even DVDs.

Jan 27 20:16

Did The American Conservative just get hacked by Zionists?

Jan 27 17:47

Piracy letter campaign 'nets innocents'

More than 150 people have approached consumer publication Which? Computing claiming to have been wrongly targeted in crackdowns on illegal file-sharing.

ACS:Law has sent thousands of letters to people claiming they have illegally downloaded material and offers them a chance to settle by paying around £500.

Which? says it has been approached by some - including a 78 year-old accused of downloading pornography - who have no knowledge of the alleged offence.

Jan 27 13:25

Did Apple's iPad debut put a choke-hold on the Internet?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For the record, I am not seeing this here, and Twitter has been fine all morning.

Is someone trying to bash Apple?

Jan 26 18:50

Google’s phone muzzles the foul-mouthed

Try uttering a curse word into the Nexus One, and the well-mannered device will automatically replace the offensive expression with a string of # symbols.

Thus, a jocular text message inquiring about a buddy’s whereabouts is transcribed as “Hey #### where are you?” on the Nexus One; A spirited rejoinder to a dubious assertion becomes “that’s bull #### and you know it.”

Jan 26 15:27

The 2010 DHS Surveillance Technology Wish list (or, What To Watch Out For)

A friend of mine saw the PDF and shook his head, saying, "Its always been about the same thing: The drugs and the downloads. What they've wanted all along." If this is true - and I think it is - then quite a few people are in for a surprise.... Five years ago, ten years ago, there would only have been hints...One could tell, however, that the new technology could easily handle substitutions.... Like one knows when they really want dissidents, they talk child porn; when they want drugs, they talk explosives; when they want file-sharers, well, they try not to say anything until the scheme is underway.

...Try to make out at what they take such urgent, deliberate, expensive aim.... What will become of this, of us? How far, given what we know, will it actually go? And what I really want to know is, what can I - can we - do about it? Hopefully knowledge is power. Tell people about this. Post it. Email it. Find other documents like it while you can. Download them, just in case. Let us keep what Freedom we have; let us figure out how to reclaim the rest.

Google Quick View:

Google HTML Link:

Original PDF:

Alternate link with fulltext of document:

Jan 26 08:47

UK police to go online and 'influence what people think'

The officer, to be employed in the West Midlands, will also search for criticism of the police and use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Bebo to promote the force.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, remember; anyone who says GOOD things about the government is probably a cop! So, be polite, but otherwise ignore everything they have to say!

Jan 25 20:35

How to Disappear from Facebook and Twitter

Need to disappear from Facebook or Twitter? Now you can scrub yourself from the Internet with Web 2.0 Suicide Machine, a nifty service that purges your online presence from these all-consuming social networks. Since its Dec. 19 launch, Suicide Machine has assisted more than 1,000 virtual deaths, severing more than 80,500 friendships on Facebook and removing some 276,000 tweets from Twitter.

Once you hand over your log-in details and click Commit, the program will methodically delete your info — Twitter tweets, MySpace contacts, Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections — much like users could do manually. What remains is a brittle cyberskeleton: a profile with no data.

Jan 25 07:45

Mike Rivero visits the Daily Citizen

Jan 22 21:06

If Your Password Is 123456, Just Make It HackMe

According to a new analysis, one out of five Web users still decides to leave the digital equivalent of a key under the doormat: they choose a simple, easily guessed password like “abc123,” “iloveyou” or even “password” to protect their data.

Jan 22 11:05

Why the NHS can't get its browser act together

Ed Bott, who has forgotten more about Microsoft than many people know, says in a vehement blogpost at ZDNet that:

"Any IT professional who is still allowing IE6 to be used in a corporate setting is guilty of malpractice. Think that judgment is too harsh? Ask the security experts at Google, Adobe, and dozens of other large corporations that are cleaning up the mess from a wave of targeted attacks that allowed source code and confidential data to fall into the hands of well-organized intruders. The entry point? According to Microsoft, it's IE6."

By Bott's measure, we'd have to conclude that there's a lot of malpractice going on in UK government. More than 750,000 workstations in the NHS and 500,000 in the Department of Work and Pensions use exactly that combination.

Jan 22 10:54

Wikipedia Doesn't Like Me ...

Wikipedia's General Counsel, Mike Godwin, is sending me nasty emails. Apparently he doesn't like me telling people how bad Wikipedia actually is, and he definitely doesn't want me telling you what to do about it - when it effects you personally. He actually, the other day, said I "was trying to destroy Wikipedia..."

Stand back while I turn down my testosterone levels.

Even though, in some ways, it feels good to have some people think I'm that kind of powerful, I can't really claim credit for what's happening to Wikipedia. The whole world is beginning to realize that Wikipedia is being run by the social equivalent of a pimply twelve year old.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have my own Wikipedia story.

Years ago, Wikipedia had articles about this website and about myself.

The articles were highly biased, and along with accusing me of being an anti-Semite contained outright factual errors. I edited the articles to remove the errors and to be fair I changed "is an anti-Semite" to "has been accused of being an anti-Semite".

When I checked back, the edits had been removed and the original error-filled versions restored. I edited the articles again, and again the edits were removed. Then the articles were locked against further edits. When I complained, I was told (no kidding) that Micheal Rivero was not a recognized authority on the subject of Michael Rivero. When I reminded Wikipedia that their philosophy was that everyone could write and edit Wikipedia and there were not supposed to be "recognized authorities" as gatekeepers, Wikipedia, in a soviet-style tantrum, declared me a "non-person" and all articles referencing either myself or this website were deleted.

Obviously, the deletions from Wikipedia have not had any effect on either myself or this website but it does reinforce the impression that the people who run Wikipedia do have an agenda, a point of view, and rather childish behavioral problems.

Jan 22 10:37

How Professional is Wiki?? (NOT Very)

How professional is wikipedia? Not very. Check out their page on SONY calling the corporation "a piece of crap." This let anyone edit idea of wiki back fires. I have seen many pages that were in accurate. In the Lavon affair they had the wrong person's name up as the jacket bomber for months. Their profiles on Zionists fair no better. Wiki opperates on the priciple of the squeaky wheel get the oil I believe.

Jan 22 09:48

The age of the killer robot is no longer a sci-fi fantasy

When the US invaded Iraq in 2003, they had no robots as part of their force. By the end of 2005, they had 2,400. Today, they have 12,000, carrying out 33,000 missions a year. A report by the US Joint Forces Command says autonomous robots will be the norm on the battlefield within 20 years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And all running on VISTA???????

Jan 21 13:30

"Anti Piracy" Law Firms labeled a Scam in the House of Lords

Jan 21 13:11

FBI warns lawyers: Beware of ex-wives bearing checks

The fraudulent client seeking legal representation is an ex-wife "on assignment" in an Asian country, and she claims to be pursuing a collection of divorce settlement monies from her ex-husband in the U.S. The law firm agrees to represent the ex-wife, sends an e-mail to the ex-husband, and receives a "certified" check for the settlement via delivery service. The ex-wife instructs the firm to wire the funds, less the retainer fee, to an overseas bank account. When the scam is executed successfully, the law firm wires the money before discovering the check is counterfeit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I thought lawyers were supposed to be too smart to fall for crap like this!

Jan 20 15:49

"Iranian Cyber Army" defaces Baidu - china Sues US company

well, we ALL know the "Iranian Cyber Army" is sitting in Telaviv tripping on some ecstasy and some trance by now...

Jan 20 15:13

2,000-Year-Old Scrolls, Internet-Era Crime

Mr. Golb is 49 years old and had 50 e-mail aliases. He used pseudonyms to post on blogs. Under the name of a professor he was trying to undermine, prosecutors charged, Mr. Golb wrote a quasi confession to plagiarism and circulated it among students and officials at New York University.

His purpose, the Manhattan district attorney’s office said, was “to influence and affect debate on the Dead Sea Scrolls, and in order to harass Dead Sea Scrolls scholars who disagree with his viewpoint.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember what I wrote the other day about subverting historical facts to suit a political agenda?

Reference this quote fromn the article: "Mr. Golb’s father is Norman Golb, a professor at the University of Chicago and a critic of claims that the Dead Sea Scrolls were the work of a sect called the Essenes, thought to have lived near the Qumran caves where the scrolls were found. Professor Golb has suggested that the scrolls were actually the product of several libraries in Jerusalem and were taken to the caves around the time the city fell to the Romans in the year 70."

Israel stole the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1967 during the Six Day War. Both the Palestinians, on whose land the scrolls were discovered, and the Jordanians, from whose care the scrolls were stolen, want the scrolls returned.

Clearly, if Norman Golb can sell this idea that the scrolls were created in Jewish libraries, rather than by the Essenes, then Israel can claim to keep the scrolls under the theory they were originally Jewish property to begin with.

Raphael Golb, as has become the normal practice for those who cannot win the debate with facts and logic, has resorted to playing dirty to get his way, harassing his opponents from behind multiple online identities.

Jan 20 08:55

Virus attack hits Vista machines, cripples university network

“…this is a completely new virus and we are the only organisation in the world to experience it. None of the mainstream virus software suppliers have seen this virus, and as such, there is no fix.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Save money. Shoot the cyber-criminals.

Jan 19 14:31

Google China hacks 'a possible inside job'

Cyber attacks against human rights activists could have been facilitated by people working in Google's China office, say reports

Jan 19 09:58

Microsoft readies emergency IE patch to counter public exploits

Microsoft has started dropping broad hints that an emergency patch for Internet Explorer will be released very soon to counter targeted attacks and the publication of exploit code for a “browse and you’re owned” vulnerability in its flagship Web browser.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wouldn't it be cheaper to start shooting the cyber-criminals?

I'll donate a box of ammo.

Jan 18 19:13

TalkTalk condemns Bono's 'misguided' filesharing claims

TalkTalk stated: "If the Digital Economy Bill as it is currently framed becomes law, it will become legal to summarily disconnect someone for alleged copyright abuse but if you want to disconnect them for accessing child abuse images then you will have to get a court order first."

The court issue is one reason why the internet service provider is against government plans to introduce a three-strikes policy to cut illegal filesharing. It also claims that widespread Wi-FI hijacking means innocent parties could also face disconnection.

Jan 18 12:12

France joins Germany warning against Internet Explorer

France has echoed calls by the German government for web users to find an alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) to protect security.

Jan 18 07:41

Proposed Web video restrictions cause outrage in Italy

New rules to be introduced by government decree will require people who upload videos onto the Internet to obtain authorization from the Communications Ministry similar to that required by television broadcasters, drastically reducing freedom to communicate over the Web, opposition lawmakers have warned.

Jan 17 12:44

Italy to Require Anyone Who Uploads Video to the Internet to Obtain Government Authorization

New rules to be introduced by government decree will require people who upload videos onto the Internet to obtain authorization from the Communications Ministry similar to that required by television broadcasters, drastically reducing freedom to communicate over the Web, opposition lawmakers have warned.

Jan 16 11:09

Warning over using Internet Explorer from German Government as exploit goes public

On Friday, in a response to the security hole in several versions of Internet Explorer (IE), the German Federal Office for Information Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik, BSI) recommended that Internet Explorer users should switch to an alternative browser until a patch for IE has been made available. At the same time the exploit, code-named "Aurora", has appeared as public code on several mailing lists. The Metasploit team have already created a module that implements the exploit in the exploit framework.

Jan 15 14:07


Cybercriminals quickly mobilized following the news of a massive earthquake that hit Haiti on Tuesday, by introducing several hundred compromised domains embedded with bogus blackhat seo (search engine optimization) content related to Red Cross donations and general Haiti earthquake relief information.

Jan 13 16:57

Google may get copyright immunity in UK

Search engines such as Google could well find themselves exempt from UK law of any liability for copyright infringement if a new proposed amendment to the Digital Economy Bill is passed.

Jan 13 16:41

Obama Advisor Promotes ‘Cognitive Infiltration’

It’s easy to destroy groups with “cognitive diversity.” You just take up meeting time with arguments to the point where people don’t come back. You make protest signs which alienate 90% of colleagues. You demand revolutionary violence from pacifist groups.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, they are reviving COINTELPRO

Jan 13 15:23

Google to end censorship in China over cyber attacks

Google, the world's leading search engine, has thrown down the gauntlet to China by saying it is no longer willing to censor search results on its Chinese service.

The internet giant said the decision followed a cyber attack it believes was aimed at gathering information on Chinese human rights activists.

The move follows a clampdown on the internet in China over the last year, which has seen sites and social networking services hosted overseas blocked – including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – and the closure of many sites at home. Chinese authorities ­criticised Google for supplying "vulgar" content in results.

Jan 13 11:39

Reach Out & Distrust Someone.

In addition to finding out that France is going to ban cellphones for children (and would like to make it illegal to sell them phones at all), scroll down and check out the other links – i reproduced a few after the summary.

In fact, according to Jean-Louis Borloo, Environment Minister for France, the government is planning to not only make it illegal to pitch cell phones "in a manner designed to appeal to children aged under twelve years,"; but if Borloo has his way, it will also be illegal to sell cellphones that are designed for the under 7 set.

Wherify Wherifone - Cell Phone with GPS Locator Lets You GPS Track Your Kids

More Electronic Babysitters for the Kids with Verizon's Chaperone, Tmobile kidConnect, and Disney Mobile Cell Phones and Service for Children

All AT&T, Verizon, and Alltel Analog Cell Phones Will Stop Working after February

Jan 13 09:41

Canada's The Beaver magazine renamed to end porn mix-up

Canada's second-oldest magazine, The Beaver, is changing its name after 90 years because the title is too often censored by online porn filters, preventing it from reaching new online readers.

Jan 13 07:18

Facebook unleashes lawyers on Web 2.0 Suicide Machine

In a nutshell, the Rotterdam-based Suicide Machine helps users of Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn -- and, once upon a time, Facebook -- sever ties quickly and painlessly with the real and faux friends they've accumulated in their social networking travels. (Introductory video here.) More than 58,000 friendships have been so severed since the site began gathering attention among news outlets and bloggers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Social networking is just another fad, one that is waning as people go back to using the internet for finding out what the government is up to, rather than just chatting each other up.

The idea of personal space in real life is that you control where and when you get information. The problem with all social networking sites is that over time you become deluged with tr4i8vial junk (not unlike TV) and find yourself thrashing about in way too much data and unable to really evaluate it all (not unlike TSA).

The current trend is back towards a more selective allowing of intrusion.

Jan 12 19:55

Google may exit China after 'highly targeted' attack

Google plans to curb its controversial practice of censoring search results in China after uncovering a "highly sophisticated and targeted attack" designed to steal information about human rights activists from its Gmail service and at least 20 other large companies.

The attack that hit Google in mid-December originated in China and was aimed at accessing the Gmail accounts of human rights activists. Although only two email accounts appear to have been breached, "accounts of dozens of US-, China- and Europe-based Gmail users who are advocates of human rights in China" have been routinely breached, most likely as a result of phishing or malware attacks, the company said Tuesday.

Jan 12 16:40

Police Duped by Contractor Offering Video Surveillance

Moscow police said Tuesday that a private contractor that it had hired to provide live footage from street surveillance cameras had in fact fed prerecorded videos to police computers because the cameras did not work.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Oh my GAWD; that poor woman is being raped AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?"

Jan 11 11:04

Rupert Murdoch Begins Blocking News Aggregators, Search Engines

New Corp honcho Rupert Murdoch has been known to refer to those running the web as “plagiarists” and “parasites,” threatening to remove all of his content from search engines like Google (especially if Bing is willing to pay up). Many wondered if he was bluffing, but now the process seems to have begun, with the Times Online blocking aggregation of its stories.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Murdoch is about to learn the hard way that online links were creating much of his readership.

Jan 10 13:57

The Big Question: How close have we come to knowing the precise value of pi?

A French computer programmer has calculated pi to a world record of almost 2,700 billion decimal places. Fabrice Bellard said he did it for the programming challenge rather than any particular interest in this infinitely long number. All the more remarkable is that he did it on a desktop computer costing less than £2,000. It took 131 days to complete the calculation and the resulting number took up more than 1,000 gigabytes of memory on his hard drive. Downloading it would take 10 days and reciting it aloud would take about 49,000 years.

Jan 10 08:35

Taser’s new weapon: mobile phone monitoring

Stun gun maker Taser wants to help parents, not with jolts of electricity but with a tool which allows parents to effectively take over a child's mobile phone and manage its use.


The phone application, called "Mobile Protector," allows a parent to screen a child's incoming and outgoing calls and messages, block particular numbers and even listen in on a conversation.


Mobile Protector also allows a parent to disable a phone for a specified period.

Jan 09 06:23

Youtube Scenes Pulled from Peoples' Thoughts

"A computer program was used to search for links between the configuration of shapes, colors and movements in the videos, and patterns of activity in the patients’ visual cortex.

"It was later fed more than 200 days’ worth of YouTube internet clips and asked to predict which areas of the brain the clips would stimulate if people were watching them.

"Finally, the software was used to monitor the two patients’ brains as they watched a new film and to reproduce what they were seeing based on their neural activity alone.

"Remarkably, the computer program was able to display continuous footage of the films they were watching — albeit with blurred images."

Jan 08 12:30

Your Genitalia X-Rayed: Not Just For Airports Anymore

a mobile device scanning the streets now...

Below, from the company's press release on the "AS&E's Z Backscatter Van™" (their X-ray mobile threat detection unit), emphasis mine:

The system's unique "drive-by" capability allows...X-ray imaging of suspect vehicles and objects while the ZBV drives past....can also be operated in stationary mode*...producing X-ray images of vehiclesScreening can also be accomplished remotely. as they pass by. .. The system is unobtrusive, as it maintains the outward appearance of an ordinary van.

* In Stationary Scan Mode, ZBV operators may elect to scan the occupants of the subject vehicle. For this application, AS&E offers a Personnel Scanning option that may better enable the customer to meet any applicable country-specific regulatory requirements.

Jan 08 08:47


We are currently performing an investigation into the business practices of internet security company Web of Trust (




WOT does flag sites as bad if they are rated bad by the majority of users of WOT. When a site that WE know is good is rated bad, that is a sure sign that the other side i.e. the ZIOTARDS and their human-bots have lots of in-DUH-viduals flagging it bad with WOT in hopes that they can scare people away.

THIS DOES NOT MEAN WOT IS AT FAULT. It's a tool that others are using to their advantage - just like I could use a hammer to pound on your head.

Jan 08 07:23

Web Of Trust being used by Israel to censor critical websites.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Web of Trust is a plugin for Firefox browser that warns of dangerous websites. However, as has proven to be the case with all such systems that allow public input, zionists are using the Web of Trust system to block websites they feel are too critical of Israel's policies, and this link is a perfect example.

If you are using Firefox and the Web of Trust plugin, visiting this page brings up a warning box with the absolute worst possible score for the website. Yet if you ignore the warning and proceed, you will see that all it does is sho9wcase a YouTube video that the Israelis and their "useful idiots" have decided they have a right to prevent you from seeing.

Jan 07 12:19

UK singles sales reach record high

Thanks to the success of downloads, the UK singles market had its best year ever in 2009, with more than 150m copies sold

Jan 07 12:07

France three strikes law delayed by govt's own data watchdog

The French government department that examines the data privacy implications of new legislation is refusing to sign off on the country's tough new "three strikes" law until it gets more information about what data will be retained... and how.

Jan 07 00:04

Bono: China’s policing of internet is model Hollywood should adopt

In a move that drew significant criticism, Bono went on to suggest that the feasibility of tracking down file-sharers had already been proven.

"We know from America's noble effort to stop child pornography, not to mention China's ignoble effort to suppress online dissent, that it's perfectly possible to track content," he said.

Jan 06 11:47

Italians say pasta la vista to Microsoft

The Association for the Rights of Users and Consumers, which is a watchdog for Italian consumers, is to mount a class-action lawsuit to obtain compensation for customers who buy PCs with preinstalled Microsoft software but don't want the OS on their machines.

The case wants the return of the cost of the unwanted Microsoft software from the manufacturers of computer hardware. Vincenzo Donvito, president of ADUC said that more than 2,000 people, most of them Linux users, have already expressed interest in participating in the lawsuit.

Jan 06 10:02

The real Frankenstein experiment: One man's mission to create a living mind inside a machine

Professor Henry Markram, a doctor-turned-computer engineer, announced that his team would create the world's first artificial conscious and intelligent mind by 2018.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We do seem to be running short of the natural kind.

Jan 06 09:40

Amazon to customer: $3B charge may stand as record

A few days ago, Klug noticed a Discovery Channel 'Cells' CD-ROM (that runs only on Windows 98) being offered on Amazon for the eye-catching price of $2,904,980,000. It was being sold via a third party called Suburbanbooks. The $3.99 shipping charge did not deter him from placing an order.

Jan 05 19:18

New year bug causes German credit and cash card crisis

Millions of Germans have faced problems using credit and debit cards due to a new year software bug.

According to one of Germany's biggest banking associations, the problems are linked to issues reading the new date.

The problem has been described as a "late Millennium bug" and is affecting 20 million debit cards and 3.5 million credit cards.

Jan 04 21:01

YouTube Facilitates Chinese-Style Internet Censorship

Speaking of Chinese-style Internet censorship ...

When was the last time you tried to access the BBC's YouTube channels?

That's right. When you click on the above links, you will discover that these channels are no longer available in the United States, not even the BBC's "World News" channel.

Ironic, isn't it?

Americans can watch the Jerusalem Post, Russia Today, or even Al Jazeera on YouTube all day long, but just forget about watching anything from the motherland.

Jan 04 17:44

TSA Agent Posed as Blogger in Bid to Identify Agency Leak

A TSA agent who served a civil subpoena on blogger Steven Frischling last week also posed as the blogger in order to trick the blogger’s anonymous source into revealing his identity, according to someone familiar with the incident.

Jan 04 10:31

Facebook reportedly blocks 'Web 2.0 Suicide Machine'

Operators of Web site dedicated to those who seek social-media death with dignity say that Facebook is taking a more Hippocratic approach to the idea of killing one's online identities with a few keystrokes. They say the social-networking giant has killed off their access to Facebook.

Jan 03 17:15

Exclusive: TSA agent's notebook discovered in public place

What would you say if I told you that one of the federal agents who ventured to travel writer Steven Frischling's house to issue a subpoena and search his electronic equipment for the source of the agency's leaked security directive (SD) also happened to leave his notebook lying in a public place?

Would you define such a misstep as complete ineptitude?

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jan 02 08:55

Porn shame of hundreds of police staff disciplined over internet use

Hundreds of police workers have faced disciplinary action for looking at internet pornography and social networking sites [on taxpayer funded police computers], figures show.

Jan 01 21:53

Kingston admits to insecure USB drives

MEMORY MAKER Kingston Technologies has confessed to security problems with a few of its secure USB drives.

In a security alert posted on its website the company released a brief statement about the drives, going so far as to ask owners to send them back. Once they've deleted their photos of course.

"It has recently been brought to our attention that a skilled person with the proper tools and physical access to the drives may be able to gain unauthorized access to data contained on the following Kingston Secure USB drives," the firm writes.

Dec 31 11:09


I went to the What Really Happened site
and clicked on the following…..

Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab
and this is what I got….
This video is not available in your country!

What is Israel so afraid of?

Dec 31 09:52

Khattab (aka Joseph Cohen) Removes All Traces of Link to Ft. Hood Killer Hasan

But whether or not this particular "Slave of Allah" is Nidal Hasan is not important. Certainly the Revolution Muslim user "ooklepookle" is Hasan's friend Duane Reasoner. What is important is that Khattab has been busy removing webpages from his site connecting him to "ooklepookle".

When we originally reported the relationship we had to use a Google cache page. All webpages showing "ooklepookle" at Revolution Muslim had already been removed. Google's archive -- a snapshot of what the webpage looked like at a single moment in time -- remained.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, given that Yousef al-Khattab is actually Joseph Cohen and one of the numerous fake Al Qaeda used to create a justification for war, then a link from Cohen to Nidal Hasan suggests that the Fort Hood incident was in reality a normal Mossad false-flag operation.

Dec 30 18:46

Internet piracy measures 'will cost consumers £500m'

The Digital Economy Bill, which requires internet service providers (ISPs) to disconnect users who are accused of illegal filesharing, will cost consumers up to £500 million, the Government has estimated.

The Bill, which is expected to become law next year, will add £25 a year to the cost of broadband, according to ISPs. The Government’s impact assessment document [available in PDF form], which examines the likely effects of the Bill, estimates that around 40,000 households will give up their broadband connections entirely to avoid the higher fees.

Dec 30 14:17

PsyOp Internet battle for Hearts, and Minds

The Internet revolution has changed the face of our planet. Over the last 20 years there's been a complete transformation of the way we live, conduct business, and share information. In the same amount of time, information technology has helped bring countless atrocities committed by governments, and global corporations into view. We've seen the rise of groups like "We Are Change", and birthing of the "Truth Movement"; which has kicked off a viral, and grassroots information wave. The Internet's been in many regards a saving grace of mankind, and in the same likeness the greatest threat to the establishment!

Dec 30 07:25

FLASHBACK - Hasbara spam alert

The hasbara brigade strikes again! You always hear about Israeli attempts at media manipulation. Everyone knows it's going on but usually the process happens through cyber insurgents like those involved with Giyus (and its media monitoring software, Megaphone). Now, we know that the Israeli foreign ministry itself is orchestrating propaganda efforts designed to flood news websites with pro-Israel arguments and information.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel tried to organize a flood of internet propaganda to cover their war crimes during Operation CAST LEAD.

It did not work because the blog-o-sphere is interactive and every single Israeli lie was met with ten posts containing the actual facts. Israel could not buy the blogs nor could they overwhelm them no matter how many volunteers (or paid PR shills) they had.

I relinked this because it appears Israel is about to restart their aggressions against Gaza and possibly Lebanon, and inevitably, we can expect Israel and the "Megaphonies" to once again treat the internet the way the USSR tried to treat radio waves.

Dec 28 07:41

Yahoo Sells All Its Users Private Email Contents to U.S. Agencies for Small Price

Yahoo isn’t happy that a detailed menu of the spying services it provides to "law enforcement" and spy agencies has leaked onto the web.

After earlier reports this week that Yahoo had blocked an FOIA Freedom of Information release of its "law enforcement and intelligence price list", someone helpfully provided a copy of the Yahoo company’s spying guide to the whistleblower web site

Dec 28 07:37

Telecom firms' fury at plan for 'Stasi' checks on every phone call and email

Telecoms firms have accused the Government of acting like the East German Stasi over plans to force them to store the details of every phone call for at least a year.

Under the proposals, the details of every email sent and website visited will also be recorded to help the police and security services fight crime and terrorism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The fastest way to stop terrorism is to stop fucking around with other peoples' countries!

Dec 25 10:32

HP computers are racist


Dec 24 18:55

CHRISTMAS CARD VIRUS WARNING - Trojan.Win32.Buzus.ahi Information and Removal.

Be very careful opening any emails with the subject "You have received a Christmas Greeting Card!" that has an attachment!

Dec 23 07:07

By Thought Alone: Mind Over Keyboard

A brain wave study presented at the 2009 annual meeting of the American Epilepsy Society shows that people with electrodes in their brains can “type” (input data into a computer) using just their minds.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I could use one of those. I just replaced yet another worn-out keyboard only yesterday!

Dec 23 06:51

Court: Microsoft violated patent; can't sell Word

A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld a $290 million judgment against Microsoft Corp. and issued an injunction that will prevent the sale of its popular Word software.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Microsoft finally gets a taste of that which it so gleefully does to others.

Dec 21 12:45

Wikibullies at work. The National Post exposes broad trust issues over Wikipedia climate information

The Climategate Emails reveal something else, too: the enlistment of the most widely read source of information in the world — Wikipedia — in the wholesale rewriting of this history.