Aug 16 11:09

The Gold Bull Is Alive And Kicking

Aug 16 09:42

Equity Put/Call Volume Ratio’s 21-Day MA

Aug 16 08:26

The High Cost of Occupational Licensing

By Antony Sammeroff

Occupational licensing makes for an interesting case because it is almost ubiquitously considered in the public interest and even necessary to prevent catastrophe. And yet there is actually zero evidence that it leads to a higher quality of service provision. Zilch!...

Aug 16 07:13

What Makes Currencies Rise & Fall in Value?

Aug 15 17:55

Oil Markets Face Nightmare Scenario

Aug 15 17:55

How Much Student Debt Does Each State Hold?

Aug 15 11:32

GE shares plunge as much as 15% after Madoff whistleblower claimed the company is a 'bigger fraud than Enron' and a bankruptcy waiting to happen

General Electric shares fell as much as 15% on Thursday after fraud investigator Harry Markopolos, who blew the whistle on Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme, said GE was concealing deep financial problems.

In a 175-page report, Markopolos accused GE of hiding $38.1 billion in potential losses and asserted that the company's cash situation was far worse than it had disclosed.

'GE's true debt to equity ratio is 17:1, not 3:1, which will undermine its credit status,' Markopolos said in the report, which was commissioned by an undisclosed hedge fund that has taken short positions on GE stock.

The report says GE is insolvent and asserts that its industrial businesses have a working capital deficit of $20 billion.

The plunge in share prices wiped more than $10 billion off of GE's market capitalization in a matter of hours.

Aug 15 11:25

Scott Adams: Epstein, Stock Markets and Trump, Deep Fakes, Simulation Proof, Hong Kong

Comments at:

Always bet on human incompetence over a complex explanation
Kamala Harris…politicizing an active ongoing police event
If you can’t solve a problem any other way…”Trump it”
Shake the box till the variables produce a potential solution
Deep Fakes amazing video of Bill Hader’s face imperceptibly morphing
China will NEVER approve a fair trade deal…for cultural reasons
So how is a fair deal possible?
Thomas Friedman says he’d prefer TPP over trade war
Hong Kong situation and the likely outcome
Stock market prediction filter for 2020 election results
Will elite Democrats intentionally crash the stock market?
Is “political selling” happening to intentionally drive it down?
“Inverted Yield Curve” and recession fears…why?
Bill Clinton portrait at Epstein’s…wearing a blue dress and red shoes?

Aug 15 11:23

Jim Cramer Tells Media to ‘Dial Back the Hysteria’ on Economy

Appearing on NBC’s Today show Thursday morning, CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer was the voice of calm, telling his colleagues to “dial back the hysteria” over the economy and reassuring viewers that “the markets are up huge.
” He called out those in the press, including NBC, that were “sowing panic” about the possibility of a future recession.

Aug 15 11:20

Crisis Ahead

Aug 15 10:54

Recession news search headlines

Aug 15 10:25

Trump Threatens to Pull US Out of World Trade Organization

US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that the United States may pull out of the World Trade Organization (WTO), following what he claims are years of mistreatment at the hands of the organization.

"We will leave if we have to", Trump said during a campaign rally in Pittsburgh. "They have been screwing us for years, and it's not going to happen any longer".

Aug 15 09:48

Celente – Global Panic Heating Up But The Worst Is Yet To Come

Gerald Celente: “The Dow dove 800 points today.

Crude oil tumbled nearly 4 percent on weak global demand and rising crude stockpiles. In the U.S., the broad oil-and-gas index company shares fell to their lowest point since they were created in 2006… the early days of the shale boom.

China reported disappointing data for July, with industrial output down, falling to its lowest level in 17-years and retail sales, the juice that keeps the Chinese economy growing, came in at 7.6 percent, sharply down from 9.8 percent in June.

The UK is teetering on recession and its pound is plunging.

Aug 15 09:29

Gold Breaches $1,500 as Global Tensions Rise

Aug 15 09:17

Oil Demand Growth Slowdown Isn’t Over Yet

Aug 15 08:45

Bubble Bubba Isn’t Doing Fine Anymore

Aug 15 08:01

Financial Success Formula Failure

Aug 15 07:42

Recession conspiracy

Aug 15 04:15

World sharemarkets shudder, but it's too early to predict a recession

The US yield curve may have turned negative in the US, sending the US and markets around the world sharply lower, but analysts said it's too early to cry recession just yet.

The much-vaunted US yield curve is held up as a key indicator for markets everywhere.

Under normal conditions, two-year bond yields should be lower than longer-term ones, reflecting reward for tying up money for longer periods.

The US curve has steadily been flattening over the last few months. In July, the differential was a positive 28 basis points.

Aug 14 21:09

Macy's shares plunge after retailer reports nearly 50 per cent drop in profit as it blames unsold inventory and decline in tourism

Macy's reported a nearly 50-per cent fall in quarterly profit and slashed its forecast for full-year earnings on Wednesday, sending its shares tumbling as much as 18 per cent.

Aug 14 13:14

Food Price Rises Cant Be Hidden Any Longer

Aug 14 13:07

5 Sectors of The U.S. Economy That Are In Decline

By Steven Maxwell

As regular readers of this site are probably well aware, it often feels like we are living in parallel worlds when it comes to media coverage of just about anything. This is extremely evident in the economy.

In a game of numbers, one would think that there would be much more obvious agreement about the conclusions we can draw from economic data. Nothing could be further from the truth, as on one end we are given persistently buoyant optimism from the Wall Street stock-market crowd; and signs of imminent economic end-times on the other extreme side of the spectrum.

However, for anyone who spends even a small amount of time on Main Street, the realities tend to be much more obvious...

Aug 14 12:12

The King Dollar is finally in deep trouble

Aug 14 11:29

Dow drops more than 700 points as roller coaster in markets continues

The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted more than 700 points on Wednesday as new concerns arose over data on global economic growth.

Aug 14 11:23

The Economic Hitmen

Aug 14 11:21

Boston Home Prices Heatmap

Aug 14 11:05

China Prepares Its "Nuclear Option" In Trade War

Authored by Simon Watkins via,

As the trade war with the U.S. continues to escalate, China has re-engaged with Iran on three key projects and is weighing the use of what both Washington and Beijing term the ‘nuclear option’, a senior oil and gas industry source who works closely with Iran’s Petroleum Ministry told last week.

Having said that, and aware of the leverage that it had with Iran as one of the very few countries still willing to engage in developing its fields in the midst of increasingly vigorously-imposed sanctions, China has sought deal sweeteners from Iran, and has been given them. In order for it to reactivate its development of SP11, China will get a 17.25 percent discount for nine years on the value of all gas it recovers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One thing of which an intelligent person cannot accuse either China or Iran about, is not having a very long term, win/win economic plan for both countries.

But looking at the reality that 1 September, is just a little more than two weeks away, one has to wonder if the US government, will find itself capable of responding intelligently, or is that huge "crash and recession" the financial pundits have been trumpeting for so long, going to be the case?

Is the US government contemplating a two-front war with China and Iran, for which they would have to engage very quickly, before thinking people realized why this was happening?!?

And what "reason" will they give an ever-more conscious and evolved public, about why this is happening, and why now?!?

The short answer is, they cannot, even with the biggest false flag someone could ever conjure.

Aug 14 10:54

Fuel for the Next Mortgage Bust?

Aug 14 10:10

Scott Adams: Stock Predictions, Don Lemon, Ken Cuccinelli, Epstein, Bernie vs Fake News

Comments at:

“LoserThink” example1: Obama stock market better than Trump’s
“LoserThink” example2: Climate science w/o economics background
Flawless high-ground maneuver by Ken Cuccinelli
Erin Burnett’s hostile interview vs Ken’s high-ground demeanor
You may NEVER see it performed better…must watch
LA Times article questions President Trump’s empathy
Chris Cillizza says NO bias or content dictated by WaPo
That’s a dodge…do you know why?
Life Rule: If 30% of a group will be offended…don’t be a dick
Andie Dick severely attacked, lost consciousness, hospitalized
Brain damage is forever, it changes people forever
BOTH guards fell asleep for hours, then faked the logs?
HOAXERS attempt to shift “Fine People” HOAX to something else
“LoserThink” example 3: Quin Hillyer article in Washington Examiner
THE BATTLE IN PORTLAND: A scheduled Antifa sporting event

Aug 14 05:14


Aug 14 04:13

The Bull is Dying

Aug 13 18:13

Verizon Taking Its Final Huge Bath On Marissa Mayer's Yahoo Legacy

Tumblr is being sold for $20 million only six years after Double-M bought it for $1.1 billion.

Aug 13 16:41

CNN Article Says Intel Agencies Are Recruiting Teens In High School

By Aaron Kesel

A recent article in CNN tells the tale of teens whose friends think they are spying on their phone conversations because they work for the National Security Agency (NSA) at the complex at Fort Meade in Maryland.

CNN expresses that three 18-year-old teens who graduated from high schools in Maryland — Summer, Brianna and Simon — are among more than 150 high schoolers in a work study program at the NSA. These students are then given TS/SCI or Top Secret security clearance access to U.S. secrets...

Aug 13 16:14

Apple Is A Hedge Fund or Phone Maker?

Aug 13 12:15

Macro Bear And Bull Summary

Aug 13 10:33

Economy Slows, US Credit Card Interest Rates Hit Highest Levels In 25 Years

Aug 13 10:29

Russia Poised to Become Fourth Biggest Reserve Holder Unseating Saudi Arabia

Russia has been ditching dollar-denominated assets for over a year and a half amid ongoing sanctions pressure from Washington. It also has been piling up gold reserves, which reportedly soared in value due to a trade war between the US and China that caused the metal's price to spike.

Russia may soon replace Saudi Arabia as the fourth biggest holder of reserves in currency, precious metals and other securities, Bloomberg reported. The news agency estimated the Russian Central Bank's reserves at around $518 billion, something which have been growing significantly for the past four years, while the Kingdom has around $527 billion at its disposal.