Jul 04 10:07

British Marines Seize Oil Tanker Suspected of Bringing Iranian Oil to Syria

By Jason Ditz

(ANTIWAR.COM) — British Royal Marines seized an oil tanker in Gibraltar on Thursday. They suspected the tanker was headed to Syria, which would be a violation of US and EU sanctions. The Grace 1 oil tanker was believed to have started its journey in Iran...

Jul 04 09:36

U.S. trade deficit surges to five-month high as imports soar

The Commerce Department said on Wednesday the trade deficit surged 8.4% to $55.5 billion. Data for April was revised higher to show the trade gap widening to $51.2 billion instead of the previously reported $50.8 billion. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast the trade gap widening to $54.0 billion in May.

Jul 04 08:59

Australia Lowers Rate to Historic Low of 1%

Jul 04 08:32

Bank of Japan Stealth-Tapers Further

Jul 04 07:47

Which Countries Own the Most U.S. Debt?

Jul 04 07:28

Soaring inventory in Southern California

Jul 03 17:58

How hedging your bets can be useful

Jul 03 12:41

The 7 Biggest Regrets for Retirees

Jul 03 11:43

Walmart and Others Train Employees with Virtual Reality Despite Research Proving Harm Caused by It

By B.N. Frank

Research has already proven that Virtual Reality (VR) is not safe. The goggles expose users to harmful (and sometimes blinding) Blue Light and harmful (and sometimes cancerous) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) at close-range...

Jul 03 10:47

Catherine Austin Fitts Interviews Patrick Wood On Technocracy

By Catherine Austin Fitts

This is a transcript from an extensive and wide-ranging interview with Catherine Austin Fitts on June 13, 2019. We covered Opportunity Zones, Smart Cities and Technocracy. It is a must-read for everyone wanting to understand the economic side of Technocracy...

Jul 03 10:27

Brexit blow: Canada refuses to roll over EU trade deal for UK - trade officials ‘furious’

The decision not to roll over the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) if Britain crashes out of the European Union without a deal on October 31 could have a huge impact on businesses selling goods to the Canadian market. Britain has insisted Canada roll over CETA, even in the event of a no deal Brexit, but the North American country is awaiting the outcome of any further talks between London and Brussels before making a final decision, a source at the Department for International Trade told BuzzFeed News. The same source told the news website British trade officials are “furious” at the embarrassing rejection, having spent the best part of a year trying to convince Canada to extend CETA.

Canada is a major trading partner of the UK, accounting for 1.6 percent of the country’s exports.

Jul 03 08:21

This is Community Service! Instead of Ticketing Them, Cops Cut Grass of Elderly and Disabled Citizens

By The Free Thought Project

Apopka, FL — Last month, TFTP reported the story out of Orono, Minn. in which police officer Matt Siltala was called out to a residence over tall grass. Instead of ticketing the elderly woman who lived in the home and who could no longer mow her grass, Siltala cut her grass for her. Now, it appears that this kindness and community policing is spreading. After all, the best way to lead is by example, and Siltala’s example is hard not to follow.

A group called Raising Men Lawn Care Service RMLCS is an organization who created what they call the 50 yard challenge. The challenge is designed for boys and girls to encourage them to cut 50 yards in their community, for free...

Jul 03 08:06

Mayor of nearly bankrupt Flint, Mich. gave herself a $35,000 raise and just took a taxpayer-funded vacation to Hawaii - 12160 Social Network

More than 250 mayors met in Honolulu from Friday, June 28, to Monday, July 1, for the annual meeting. The meeting was held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village 5-star resort in Honolulu. A one-person, one-night stay costs upwards of $800 per night.

Jul 03 07:43

The Economic Bubble Bath

Jul 03 06:28

Rich get richer, everyone else not so much in record U.S. expansion

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Last month Pink Floyd frontman David Gilmour sold his guitar collection for $21.5 million, including one piece - his famed "Black Strat" Fender Stratocaster - that went for nearly $4 million to the owner of the U.S. National Football League's Indianapolis Colts.

The "Money" singer set a musical instrument sales record in the charity auction, marking yet another milestone for a booming market just weeks after New York-based art dealer Sotheby's Holdings, auctioned Claude Monet's "Meules" for $110.7 million, the most ever for an Impressionist painting.

And it is not just instruments or paintings in high demand among the world's billionaire set. Auction houses themselves now appear to be prized vanity purchases: Just a few days before the Pink Floyd auction, Franco-Israeli cable magnate Patrick Drahi, whose firm Altice earned significant money in the United States, made a $3.7 billion bid for Sotheby's, which had just hosted the Monet sale.

Jul 02 20:41

On The Advisory Board Of The Company Charging $750 Per Day To Detain Each Immigrant Child? Kelly, Armitage, Corbin, Hayden, Kerr, Zinni, Loftus.

by Emily Price

Yes, it’s a private company called Comprehensive Health Services (a subsidiary of Caliburn International). CHS operates the largest child migrant detention center, which is in FL and was already getting horrible press — especially from local FL papers — last year. But that didn’t matter, because CHS recently opened up a few more child prisons in TX, as it snagged a new government contract, despite many documented concerns about conditions...

While I can’t name for you the private investors getting rich off of this humanitarian crisis, I can name for you members of the advisory board of DCCP, which approves everything in the portfolio.

First up: Trump’s former Chief of Staff, John Kelly, who was named to the board LAST MONTH, and photographed riding a golf cart into a CHS child prison....

read more here, incl. links to sources & extra credit assignments

Jul 02 18:16

How the Fed Wrecks the Economy Over and Over Again

The bottom line is that we can’t “fix” the economy by electing Republicans or Democrats. We can’t put the country on sound economic footing by tweaking this or that policy in Washington D.C. The only way to put the economy on a sound footing is to deal with the root cause of the problem — the Federal Reserve and its constant meddling. As long as the Fed controls the monetary system, there will never be a “free market” in America. The central bankers always have their fingers on the economic scales.

Jul 02 11:39

Think for Yourself and Question the Benefits of Higher Education

By Logan Smith

Graduation season has once again concluded, and 1.9 million Americans have left college behind and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. The social and cultural pressures to attend college are high, and the financial expense to do so is just as acute. Major presidential candidates gin up their base by empathetically promising to absolve the self-inflicted financial troubles of student loans, blissfully punishing those who made sound financial college decisions. While presidential candidates are showcasing the victims of so-called nefarious student loans, celebrities are bribing university officials with millions of dollars simply to grant their children admission to state schools...

Jul 02 11:24

Nothing Is More Expensive Than a Free Government Service

By Jeffrey A. Tucker

I’m listening to politicians hock their wares these days. The same ideas keep reappearing. Put them in charge and health care will be free. College education will be free. All life essentials will be free. Jobs will fall like manna from heaven. There will be a guaranteed income. Retirement will be secure.

You get the impression of government as some magic fairy who bestows goods and services on people without the annoying part of having to forgo income to get them. It’s a world without prices, without demands, without cost, a bounty that comes to one and all merely because powerful people legislated it to be so. The power of a piece of paper backed by law!...

Jul 02 11:14

5 Things You Need from Your Job to Advance Your Career

By David L. Veksler

Your job won’t always be your dream job. Sometimes you’ll take on projects you don’t like, work with people whose company you don’t enjoy, or get paid less than you think you’re worth. Sometimes, your focus will be on getting by until you find your next gig or get promoted. However, no matter what you do, there is almost always more to gain from your work than a paycheck.

Many employees think of their salary as the sole value they derive from their job. Career growth requires a deliberate focus on personal growth to prepare yourself for the next rung on your career ladder. Here are five goals to focus on in your work...

Jul 02 10:02

The bigger the rise, the harder the fall.

Jul 02 09:13

California Unveils Big Brother Education System to Track Kids From “Cradle to Career”

By Shane Trejo

The California legislature has approved legislation that will be signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom to set up an educational system that will use big data to track children from “cradle to career.”

Senate Bill 75 was approved by a vote of 31-7 in the Senate and 62-14 in the Assembly. It will create a “longitudinal” data system that profiles and manipulates pupils from the earliest of ages so they are guided into a career determined by the central planners...

Jul 02 07:40

Second Florida City Pays Hackers. How Smart Cities Leave Themselves Open for Cyberattacks.

By B.N. Frank

A city employee clicking on a malicious link is being blamed for this recent cyber attack in Lake City, Florida. Insurance will cover most of the ransom and taxpayers will cover the rest. Argh.

Hackers targeting local and state governments is on the rise. Regardless, many local and state governments are choosing to set themselves up for this by installing wireless utility Smart Meters, 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and by promoting and incorporating Smart Cities...

Jul 02 07:25

Extreme Frugality

Jul 02 06:27

Jim Willie: US Dollar Breakdown Begins

Jul 02 00:00

Aussie central bank cuts official rates to 1 per cent as global uncertainty mounts

The gap between New Zealand and Aussie official interest rates has widened after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut its rate to its lowest ever point of 1.0 per cent today.

It is only the second time since 2012 that the RBA has cut in two consecutive months.

The new Australian rate compares with New Zealand's official cash rate of 1.5 per cent.

Economists expect the New Zealand rate to fall to 1.25 per cent in August, and some expect to see a second rate cut before the year is out.

RBA Governor Philip Lowe said today's cut would support employment growth and provide greater confidence that inflation will be consistent with the medium-term target.

He said in a statement the outlook for the global economy remained reasonable. *You can always tell when they lie. They speak..*

Jul 01 18:50

Goodbye, tablets

Remember when tablets were hotter than hot and were going to replace PCs? Er, yeah, about that: I don’t think so.

Five years ago, Gartner bravely predicted that more than half of all users would use a tablet or smartphone first — instead of a laptop or desktop — for all online activities. Well, it was half right.

Smartphones, according to NetMarketShare, now make up 54% of the market. Desktops and laptops make up the bulk of the rest, with 41%. Tablets? A mere 4.61%, with their numbers ever declining.

Jul 01 18:11

ANZ threatens to 'review and reconsider' NZ operations if Reserve Bank pursues capital ratio changes

ANZ group chief executive Shayne Elliott has threatened to review the "size, nature and operations" of the New Zealand business if the Reserve Bank implements its proposed changes to capital ratios, according to his submission released publicly today.

The capital changes would see ANZ Group reduce investment and reallocate resources away from New Zealand to more profitable businesses, Elliott says.

"This may also lead the New Zealand business to reduce operational costs (including employee costs)."

It may also require ANZ Group to "dispose, or cease operation, of the relevant underperforming New Zealand assets or businesses".

*PPV sorry*

Jul 01 17:58

Media and politicians ignore oncoming financial crisis

Unless Congress immediately begins making substantial spending cuts, America will soon face a major economic crisis. This crisis will likely involve the Federal Reserve’s debt monetization resulting in a rejection of the dollar’s world reserve currency status. Since the media and most politicians refuse to discuss this topic, it is up to those of us who understand the truth to spread the word, grow the liberty movement, and force politicians to make real cuts right now.

Jul 01 16:30

(NZ) Business confidence plunge: ASB predicts big rate drop

ASB economists say the latest gloomy business confidence means the Reserve Bank will need to cut interest rates two more times this year.

"With economic momentum continuing to slow, we now expect the RBNZ will cut the OCR twice more, in August and November, bringing the Official Cash Rate (OCR) to 1 per cent," ASB said.

The bank has already cut once this year taking New Zealand's official cash rate to a record low 1.5 per cent.

New Zealand business confidence fell to more than a 10-year low in the June quarter, with manufacturers the gloomiest sector.

*The RBNZ wants Banks to double their capital from 8% to 16% because they know what is coming & the Banks are fighting against it. Makes one wonder why they are fighting it.*