Oct 17 11:49

China’s Moon Missions Could Threaten US Satellites: Pentagon

The Chinese government has said the mission is part of a four-stage plan to build a moon base. “We hope to start the construction of the [robot-manned] lunar base around 2025 and realize a manned landing on the moon around 2030,” Zhao Xiaojin of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group told Xinhuanet in March.

But Gossel said putting a satellite at L2 could also enable Chinese attack spacecraft to zoom past the moon — about a quarter-million miles away — and then sneak up on critical U.S. intelligence and communications satellites in geosynchronous orbit, just 28,300 miles up — as occurred in the 2011 apocalypse-themed film “Melancholia.”

Oct 17 11:19

China to launch ‘artificial moon’ into SPACE to replace STREET LIGHTS

China is two years away from sending a lighting satellite to space, according to Wu Chunfeng, chairman of space contractor Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute Co (CASC).

The device has been designed to illuminate an area as large as 80km and works by complementing the light of the moon at night, Mr Wu explained during a national mass innovation and entrepreneurship activity held last week.

And the precise illumination range will be controlled within a few dozen metres, Mr Wu added.

The device's power of illuminating the Earth will be eight-time stronger than the one of the real moon, enough to replace the lights on the street.

Oct 17 11:14

Monsanto And Bayer Are Moving To Create A Monopoly On Marijuana

You’ve heard of Monopoly, right? The fun little board game with fake money, little plastic houses, and get out of jail free cards? It’s a great way to pass the time. That is, depending on who you’re playing with.

But when it comes to real-life properties, business, and products, however, a monopoly becomes a whole lot more dangerous.

Two major companies, Monsanto and Bayer, have recently joined together and seem to be plotting to take over the cannabis industry. In other words, create a monopoly on marijuana.

Oct 17 11:09

US doctors baffled as rare spinal disease spreads across 22 states

US health officials have issued a warning about a rare condition which attacks the nervous system and spinal cord after 62 new cases of the little-known disease were confirmed across 22 states.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) took steps to warn about the symptoms of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) after doctors recorded a jump in cases this year. In 2018, the federal health watchdog confirmed 62 instances of the disease - which causes limb weakness and can paralyse sufferers. The illness has been compared to the polio and West Nile viruses.

Oct 17 09:22

Mom helped make child porn using 3-year-old child in Delaware County

A mother has been arrested for allegedly helping her ex-boyfriend create child pornography using a 3-year-old girl in Delaware County.

Kayla Parker, 26, was arrested in Dayton, Ohio, the Pennsylvania attorney general's office said on Tuesday.

According to investigators, the incidents happened about four years ago while Parker was living with David Carbonaro in Upper Darby, Pa.

Oct 17 08:47

Woman Tweets About All The Times Men Didn’t Rape Her To Teach A Lesson On Consent (24 Pics)

With most accusations of rape come a large dose of victim-blaming; What was she wearing? How many drinks had she had? Was she behaving flirtatiously? Well, one woman decided to counter these responses with 7 powerful stories, not of sexual assault, but of the times she wasn’t assaulted. Comedian Mara Quint recounts how in all of these situations she fit the criteria of a potential victim, large quantities of alcohol and flirtation but that there was one defining factor – men who knew what consent was.

Oct 17 07:18

10 Really Weird Chinese Medical Treatments And Their Effects

Chinese medicine has been around an extremely long time. Systematic records of medical techniques first appeared in China around the second century BC. Since then, hundreds of thousands of doctors have worked their magic, eventually giving birth to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) of today.

Oct 17 05:37

Is DARPA Planning to Infect Insects with GM Viruses for Use in Food Crops?

Again, the mad scientist division of the Pentagon, DARPA, is doing something that causes people anxiety. In 2016, a program called “Insect Allies” was launched by the US Department of Defense. It involves the investment of $45 million over the course of four years into creating viruses, that infect crops, supposedly to help prevent the failure of crops driven by climate change and pathogens.

Oct 17 05:36

Global Insect Decline Now ‘Hyperalarming’ According to Latest Research

For the last 8 years we have been receiving warnings about the loss of honey bees and other pollinator insects, but yet so far have been wholly unable to comprehend what this means to our future, and therefore have been unable and unwilling to react with any seriousness.

Oct 17 04:26

3 TOTALLY FAKE Foods in Just About Everybody’s Kitchen

Americans are eating fake foods. It's sad but true that many American staples are fraudulent. Going to the grocery store and searching for whole, nutritious foods is like running a gauntlet of lies.

The American food system is as fake as a toupée. Here are 3 foods that are in nearly everybody's kitchen that are completely fake.

Oct 16 15:53

Maseca Corn Flours Test Positive for Toxic Residues of Monsanto Weedkiller

Organic Consumers Association Mexico (ACO), a project of US-based Organic Consumers Association (OCA), today announced that samples of Maseca brand white and yellow corn flours tested positive for residues of glyphosate and its main metabolite, AMPA. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup weedkiller.

"It's clear from our testing that Maseca's claims of selling a 'natural' and 'nutritious' product are false and misleading," said OCA's international director, Ronnie Cummins. "Consumers in Mexico and the US who care about pesticide contamination and GMOs should seek organic non-GMO alternatives to Maseca flours until the company agrees to source only non-GMO grains for its products."

Oct 16 14:21

Supreme Court deals final blow to lead paint manufacturers' years-long effort to avoid cleanup costs

The lead paint industry’s efforts to avoid a cleanup bill for more than $400 million has reached the end of the road.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to review California state court rulings finding Sherwin-Williams, Conagra and NL Industries responsible for lead paint contamination in thousands of homes built before 1951. That date is when the companies said their predecessor firms ceased actively advertising lead-based paint as a residential product.

Oct 16 13:51

Genetics plays outsized role in autism, large study shows

According to an analysis of data from nearly 4.5 million people, autism is more heritable than alcohol dependence, depression, anorexia and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Oct 16 11:40

Thailand announced its plans to ban the import of plastic waste from wealthy Western nations by 2021

Concerned over rising pollution, and limited recycling capacity, Thailand announced its plans to ban the import of plastic waste from wealthy Western nations by 2021.

Oct 16 11:10

Europe UNDERWATER: France and Portugal DEVASTATED as Majorca hit by AVALANCHE of water

WESTERN Europe is on alert for further devastating thunderstorms, heavy rain and flash flooding days after severe weather systems smashed Portugal, France and Spain, leaving several people dead.

Oct 16 09:29

Making America Socialist Again

It’s not often that the president of the United States writes an op-ed for a major newspaper. But this is exactly what President Trump did on October 10 in USA Today.

Trump was railing against (and rightly so) the Democrats’ “Medicare for All” (S.1804) proposal to “establish a government-run, single-payer health care system that eliminates all private and employer-based health care plans” and will “cost an astonishing $32.6 trillion during its first 10 years.”

Oct 16 08:53

Hillary Clinton Releases DNA Test Proving She Is Only Half Lizard Person

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Shortly after Elizabeth Warren released a DNA test that may or may not show that she is 1/1024th Native American, failed presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showed the results of a recent DNA test that conclusively proved she is only 50% Reptilian.

The test, conducted by a renowned DNA expert, showed that only 50% of her blood comes from reptilian humanoids from space bent on destroying humanity. Many Washington insiders had claimed she was 100% reptile, but these claims are now known to be a hoax.

Oct 16 07:51

Scientists found a new method to Target and Eliminates Cancer Cells

Scientists developed polymer antibodies that can target and eliminate the cancer cells. This approach could leads to the development of new methods for cancer treatment.

Oct 16 04:36

DNA Ancestry Tests Are 'Meaningless' for Your Historical Genealogy Search

All humans share large amounts of DNA, which means individual ancestry tests can't reliably trace your genealogy very far without other evidence

Genealogy tracking has become big business, with many companies charging up to $300 to trace your DNA to specific historical figures or ethnic groups in the distant past by analyzing ancestry tests.

A group of scientists now offers a public warning that these ancestry tests have little scientific backing, and are often so unreliable and inaccurate that they amount to "genetic astrology


(*there is still the matter of a million bucks !)

Oct 15 15:25

Cherokee Nation Responds to Senator Warren’s DNA Test

Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. issued the following statement Monday in response to Senator Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test claiming Native Heritage:

Oct 15 12:33

Chandra X-ray Observatory 'back from the dead' after gyro troubles caused it to shut down - just a week after Hubble suffered the same fate

NASA has said its Chandra space telescope will return to normal operation next week following a major technical problems.

Chandra automatically went into so-called safe mode last Wednesday, because of a gyroscope problem.

Hubble went into hibernation last Friday due to a similar gyroscope failure.

Oct 15 11:18

Ancestry Sites Could Soon Expose Nearly Anyone's Identity, Researchers Say

The researchers behind the study were inspired by the recent case of the alleged Golden State Killer.

Earlier this year, Sacramento police arrested 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo for a wave of rapes and murders allegedly committed by DeAngelo in the 1970s and 1980s. And they claimed to have identified DeAngelo with the help of genealogy databases.

Erlich and his team wanted to see how easy it would be in general to use the method to find someone’s identity by relying on the DNA of distant and possibly unknown family members. So they looked at more than 1.2 million anonymous people who had gotten testing from MyHeritage, and specifically excluded anyone who had immediate family members also in the database. The idea was to figure out whether a stranger’s DNA could indeed be used to crack your identity.

For Erlich, the findings are both reassuring and frightening.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are huge possibilities for abuse of this technology, and Erlich is absolutely right to be concerned about how it may be used.

Oct 15 11:11


The Biological Technologies Office, created in 2014, is the newest of DARPA’s six main divisions. This is the office headed by Justin Sanchez. One purpose of the office is to “restore and maintain warfighter abilities” by various means, including many that emphasize neurotechnology—applying engineering principles to the biology of the nervous system. For instance, the Restoring Active Memory program develops neuroprosthetics—tiny electronic components implanted in brain tissue—that aim to alter memory formation so as to counteract traumatic brain injury. Does DARPA also run secret biological programs? In the past, the Department of Defense has done such things. It has conducted tests on human subjects that were questionable, unethical, or, many have argued, illegal. The Big Boy protocol, for example, compared radiation exposure of sailors who worked above and below deck on a battleship, never informing the sailors that they were part of an experiment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF DARPA actually achieves these goals, how will it not be sought to "pacify" an angry public, sick and tired of wars, manipulated events and information, and the offshoring/outsourcing of American jobs, all created in order that the monied become even more wealthy?!?

We cannot forget that there is a very dark, ethical "underbelly" of this kind of research, and the implications may well lead to a very dystopian future for all citizens of this country.

Oct 15 10:21


News circulated recently that the DEA had rescheduled cannabidiol (CBD), the nonpsychoactive ingredient in cannabis, but the technicalities of the agency’s decision actually show their ruling is highly restrictive.

The decision concerned a recently FDA-approved pharmaceutical version of CBD, produced by GW Pharmaceuticals. Due to the federal government’s continued prohibition of cannabis, Epidiolex was prohibited from going to market unless the DEA rescheduled CBD. That’s what the agency did, leading some to believe that “since this FDA-approved medication is pure cannabidiol (CBD) that all CBD products fall into the same category,” Forbes noted.

But that is not the case. The DEA decision applies only to “FDA-approved” drugs, meaning they have just granted GW Pharmaceuticals a monopoly on plant-derived CBD (hemp-derived CBD is no longer restricted). The DEA said as much in a statement to NBC affiliate WTHR:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder what this company paid, and to whom in the FDA to become the single-sourced developer here.

Oct 15 10:19

‘Shift in Perspective’: LSD, MDMA Aids Terminal Patients, PTSD, Addicts - Study

New medical research looks into the ways that psychedelic drugs - LSD, MDMA (Ecstacy) and Psilocybin (so-called magic mushrooms) - can assist terminal cancer patients facing death, end addictions to alcohol and tobacco and relieve suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression.

In the mid-1960s, LSD became a banned Schedule 1 substance and research on the chemical compound quickly dwindled.

Hug It Out: Embraces Can Counter Emotional Effects of Conflict, Study Shows
However, new research in the field of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, DMT and psilocybin mushrooms over the last decade has revealed that the compounds can help promote structural and functional plasticity in the prefrontal cortex of the human brain, leading to the ability of patients suffering from aggressive mental disorders to get relief from their compulsions.

Oct 15 10:09

Hurricane Cost May Skyrocket As Billions In Stealth Fighter Jets Unaccounted For; Tyndall AFB “Complete Loss”

After Hurricane Michael rendered Tyndall Air Force Base a “complete loss” from “widespread, catastrophic damage” – questions remain over nearly two-dozen F-22 Stealth Fighters which are unaccounted for.

According to the New York Times, Tyndall is home to 55 stealth fighters, “which cost a dizzying $339 million each.” Before Michael hit, the Air Force evacuated at least 33 of the planes to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, however they would not comment on the status of the remaining 22 fighters.

Air Force officials have not disclosed the whereabouts of the remaining 22 planes, other than to say that a number of aircraft were left at the base because of maintenance or safety reasons.

An Air Force spokeswoman, Maj. Malinda Singleton, would not confirm that any of the aircraft left behind were F-22s.

Oct 15 09:19

VIDEO: Former Sarasota resident shows his experience during Hurricane Michael

A former Sarasota resident wants to share his experience when Hurricane Michael destroyed his waterfront condo.

Harry Fager captured unbelievable video from his living room of the Category 4 hurricane.

Oct 15 08:17

When scientists want their data fudged and why you should care

How often are you asked to do something unethical? That was the blunt question at the heart of a surprising survey of biostatisticians released this week.

The answer? Many statisticians reported that scientists routinely asked them to fudge data.

McGill University bioethicist Jonathan Kimmelman said the results should be concerning to everyone.

"We use [statistical] information to make decisions about what drugs to take, what foods to eat, what policies to make, what chemicals to ban," Kimmelman said. "It's crucial to protect the integrity of that data."

Oct 15 07:52

Dr. Stephanie Seneff Hates Statin Drugs-Wait Until You Hear Why!

Oct 15 07:16

Schoolchildren are being wrongly diagnosed with ADHD 'just because they’re the youngest in their class', UCL study claims

Pupils are being labelled as hyperactive and given medication when they are simply younger than others in their year, a study warns.

Researchers examined the relationship between a child’s age relative to classmates and their chances of being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

After reviewing 17 studies, covering more than 14million children, researchers found it was more common for the youngest in a classroom to be diagnosed with ADHD.

Oct 14 11:31

Mother who shielded baby from hail stones during supercell storm in line for bravery award

A young mother recommended for a bravery award after she used her body to shield her infant daughter from hail stones which broke in through the window of their car during a supercell thunderstorm says she’s shocked by the gesture.

Oct 14 10:15

Finally! New Planned Parenthood CEO Admits The Real Truth

During a 2016 Democratic National Convention platform committee meeting, Wen argued how a stronger investment in public health should be a top priority, to fight diseases like Ebola and Zika.

The crazy thing is, her greatest argument in advocating for public health, was how diseases like Zika harm unborn children!

That’s right, Dr. Wen who is now the president of Planned Parenthood publicly acknowledged and admitted that indeed, an unborn child is actually a human life!

Oct 14 08:14


Drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50, who are now more likely to die from a drug overdose than from car accidents or firearms. The United States has the dubious distinction of having the highest percentage of drug-related deaths in the world.

While opioid abuse is a nationwide problem, there are specific areas that are being hit harder by this epidemic. Using the location data above, from NORC at the University of Chicago, we can see clusters of counties that have an extremely high rate of overdose deaths. Between 2012 and 2016, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio saw a combined 18,000 deaths related to opioid abuse.

A sharp increase in prescribed opioid-based painkillers and the rise of illegal fentanyl – which is up to 50 times stronger than heroin – has unleashed the worst public health crisis in American history.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And of course, because Doctors get "compensated" by the drug manufacturers for pushing their products, they are inclined to "push" them on their patients, for a little more money, which becomes very attractive, the more people they have hooked on these drugs.

What you rarely here about, in a Doctor's office or waiting room, are natural alternatives, like kratom (please read about this; the FDA keeps threatening to schedule this, so it is unavailable to Americans, but so far, have not), and a TENS unit, which can be found at your local drug store. These units, are transcutaneous neural stimulators, and break the cycle of pain by short bursts of energy, to the point where you are no longer hurting.

This last suggestion has been used with great success on getting people off of drugs.

Oct 13 18:20

TRUTH: Cannabis is in your DNA – watch at

What many people don’t realize is that cannabis doesn’t have to be smoked to partake of its many health benefits. Like other forms of natural produce, cannabis is loaded with vital nutrients that help it to thrive.

“Cannabis, when used properly, is as boring as any other vegetable, and just as necessary to your health,” the video explains. “Cannabis is packed with essential nutrients and healing properties when it is fresh and not heated, dried, or aged. When cannabis is fresh, from the plant, it is not a narcotic. It does not make you high.”

As also explained in the video, the presence of cannabis receptors in our cellular system means four things: “our body recognizes cannabis, uses it, needs it, and our health is better when we get it, otherwise those receptors would not be there.”

Oct 13 10:56

Paul Offit, MD, Vaccine Authority & Co-inventor, Finally Levels About Vaccinations Being Violent Acts

By Catherine J. Frompovich

If I didn’t have the authentic YouTube video of vaccine-pushing-authority, Dr. Paul Offit, MD, to share with my readers, you probably would think I’ve “gone off my rocker,” especially if I only quoted him and did not have the physical, visual and audio proof of his admitting numerous suppressed deprecating facts about vaccinations, thereby further empowering parents’ valid reasons for NOT vaccinating their beloved children.

Here are some acknowledgements Dr. Offit finally admits to about vaccinations...

Oct 13 10:25

Thousands of people reported missing after Hurricane Michael; death toll at 17

Days after powerful Hurricane Michael made landfall Wednesday just north of Mexico Beach, Florida, thousands of people have been informally reported missing to local authorities.

Emergency crews made it their mission Friday to search for people after the Category 4 storm barreled into the Florida Panhandle before making its way to southwest Georgia and South Carolina – while also lashing North Carolina and Virginia. At least 17 people have been killed.

Emergency officials said they received thousands of calls asking about missing people, but with cellphone service out across a wide area, they found it impossible to know who among those unaccounted for was safe but just unable to dial out to friends or family. The Miami Herald reported that thousands of people have been “informally reported missing” to the Red Cross, local authorities and the state.

Oct 13 10:23

Outside In: The Trump administration’s plan to remake the Middle East

The only promise that is new about the promised peace plan is the way it will be forced on the Palestinians: no one has promised that the plan itself will be new. With Saudi Arabia and Egypt—the outside—brought onside with the promise of continued military aid despite their crimes against humanity and violations of international law and the Palestinians weakened by being silenced, economically crushed and stripped of any friends to help them, the United States and Israel are now free to attempt to impose a peace plan on the Palestinians.

Oct 12 17:59

ANOTHER space telescope has switched itself into 'safe mode': NASA reveals Chandra X-ray Observatory has shut down just a week after Hubble suffered the same fate - but says the timing is 'coincidental'

Both orbiting observatories are old: Hubble is 28, while Chandra is 19. Flight controllers are working to resume operations with both.

NASA says it's coincidental both went 'asleep' within a week of one another.

An astronomer who works on Chandra, Jonathan McDowell of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, tweeted Friday that 'Chandra decided that if Hubble could have a little vacation, it wanted one, too.'

Oct 12 15:06

Chemical In Plastic Found In Water Bottles And Till Receipts ‘Raises The Risk Of Premature Birth Sixfold’, Scientists Claim

A chemical found in everyday plastic items could led to a sixfold increase in the risk of a premature baby.

Scientists said bisphenol A – used in containers, some water bottles (though not in single-use water bottles made with flexible plastic packaging), food cans and till receipts – can affect women who come into contact with it before they even conceive.

Oct 12 13:56

Plastic on Remote South Atlantic Beaches Up 10 Fold in 10 Years

Plastic on beaches of these islands and the ocean around them are sentinels of our planet’s health.

Oct 12 13:05

The creator of GMO potatoes reveals the dangerous truth

During my 26 years as a genetic engineer, I created hundreds of thousands of different GM potatoes at a direct cost of about $50 million. I started my work at universities in Amsterdam and Berkeley, continued at Monsanto, and then worked for many years at J. R. Simplot Company, which is one of the largest potato processors in the world. I had my potatoes tested in greenhouses or the field, but I rarely left the laboratory to visit the farms or experimental stations. Indeed, I believed that my theoretical knowledge about potatoes was sufficient to improve potatoes. This was one of my biggest mistakes.

Oct 12 12:59

CA astronomers witness birth of binary star system for 1st time

A group of astronomers observing the strange quiet death of a massive star, which exploded in a "peculiar" fashion some 920 million light years from Earth, also witnessed the birth of binary star system for the first time.

Oct 12 12:44

CBD and Gut Health, An Overview

By Elizabeth Millard

Robust gut health isn’t just about digestion—although it plays a major role. The way your digestion system functions has been linked to an array of physiological processes, including hormone regulation, toxin elimination, defense against bacteria and viruses, cell regeneration, and more.

There’s so much control happening throughout your GI tract, that it’s been called the “second brain,” and when disease, stress, pollutants, or poor nutrition negatively affects that brain, it can have a profound impact on how you operate...

Oct 12 11:44

America’s obesity is threatening national security, according to this study

It’s well known at this point that just under 30 percent of Americans ages 17 to 24 ? the prime age to join the Army ? aren’t eligible to join.

But beyond that, almost a third of those who sit down with a recruiter to take the first steps are immediately disqualified.

Why? Because of their weight.

“Out of all the reasons that we have future soldiers disqualify, the largest – 31 percent ? is obesity,” Maj. Gen. Frank Muth, head of Army Recruiting Command, said Wednesday at AUSA’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C.

A freshly published study, “Unhealthy and Unprepared” concludes that America’s rising numbers of overweight youth are going to have real impacts on the military’s ability to maintain effectiveness.

“We’ve got to make sure that message gets out, because our concern is what happens when that percentage that qualify … potentially goes down?” Muth said. “Or if the obesity, if that starts to go up.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Beyond the obesity statistics (and one way to get away from being overweight is sticking completely to a natural diet, free from additives like MSG, which turns on the body's appetite, so that you will eat more), another interesting fact here, is that war is still the only way this country sees as a method of getting what it wants geopolitically.

I used to think that there might have been a day, in times past, when the American government could actually negotiate in good faith, to get what it wanted from other countries; but now, I see that this is no longer the case.

Oct 12 11:06

A star is born: Astronomers witness birth of binary star system for 1st time (IMAGE)

A group of astronomers observing the strange quiet death of a massive star, which exploded in a “peculiar” fashion some 920 million light years from Earth, also witnessed the birth of binary star system for the first time.

Astronomers from the California Institute of Technology and Carnegie Science Institute published their findings in the journal Science on Thursday. In the study, they describe the strange event in which the huge star exploded in a surprisingly faint and rapidly fading supernova - in stark contrast to the dramatic bang which exploding stars usually produce.

Oct 12 10:46

Turmeric OUTPERFORMS conventional chemotherapy drugs in treating all forms of cancer

Earlier this year, Daily Mail revealed that a 67-year-old woman named Dieneke Ferguson had cured her terminal blood cancer with nothing but a turmeric supplement. Ferguson had all but given up after years of battling her stage-3 multiple myeloma with conventional treatments like chemotherapy. After three grueling rounds of chemo and four stem cell implants failed her, Ferguson turned to a more natural approach.

With just eight grams of curcumin (a compound in turmeric) a day, the pensioner was finally able to fight back. Ferguson completely eliminated the fatal cancer from her body, and is now in good health.