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The ‘Audacity of Hope’ Ship Sails from New York to Gaza in Human Rights Mission

Michael Leon at Veterans Today and Greta Berlin at

Will there be another Massacre in the Mediterranean; does Israel dare?
They said it couldn’t be done, that Americans couldn’t raise money fast enough to buy a boat to join Freedom Flotilla 2 in the fall. But never underestimate American determination in the face of Israeli intransigence and brutality. The launch of the US Boat to Gaza began last night in New York, and Free Gaza was there to participate.

Listen to Col. Ann Wright’s eloquent speech at

And this is just a beginning, as gets ready to go live for events across the US and across Europe.

David Rovics has written an evocative song called “All Aboard the Mavi Marmara.” The Free Gaza team has added images in tribute to the nine brave men on board who gave their lives in pursuit of justice for the Palestinians.

This is our tribute to the men. They had names and families and children. They dreamed their dreams just as the Palestinians do.

Israeli commandos took all of that away from them by murdering them… 31 shots, most through the head and the back. The world needs to remember them. The world needs to remember the Palestinians who Israel kills every day. “All Aboard the Mavi Marmara” will be a song you will sing in your head for days. The images, we hope, you will never forget.

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