The Afghanistan Files and the Poison of Lies | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The Afghanistan Files and the Poison of Lies

By Gerd Appenzeller
Indiscretions like those currently from WikiLeaks and the newspapers that reprinted portions of the text therefore have but one goal in mind: to make the truth known.

Translated By Ron Argentati

Edited by Gheanna Emelia

Germany – der Tagesspiegel – Original Article (German)

From Vietnam to Afghanistan: You can’t wage war against the truth. And you shouldn’t, because it’s not truth that’s endangering national security.

Some downplay the matter, others want to study it and the Americans have yet to react. After the release of secret U.S. documents concerning the war in Afghanistan on the Internet WikiLeaks platform, the British foreign minister appears disinterested. The German minister of defense wants to determine whether German security concerns were affected. In a similar case, the U.S. government has already previously determined that it endangers national security.

In fact, not much in the 90,000 leaked pages is really sensational. Almost everything fits together like new pieces in a puzzle, but there’s not enough there yet to form the complete picture. The military situation in Afghanistan is more dramatic than the allied political leaders care to admit; in the background, Pakistan is playing an unsavory role, and Turkey, somewhat surprisingly, is pursuing its own special interests in this strange war.

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