The American Church and the New Dark Ages | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The American Church and the New Dark Ages

Rome Fell because of the influence of Christianity, and in turn Christianity fell because of Constantine and the bastardization that occurred between the state and the Papacy under Emperor Constantine’s rule. This is the circumstance that begat the Dark Ages.

While there is much controversy surrounding exactly how much land and wealth Constantine bestowed on the early Roman Church when he converted to Christianity, there is little doubt that he elevated the church to a position of power in the Eastern and Western empire. He ordered the Edict of Milian, which ended state persecution of Christians, and also his managing of Christian councils during that time allowed for the emergence of the underground church, forever setting an unhealthy precedent for state power and its influence on church government.

It was Constantine that commissioned the Old St. Peter’s Basillica church to be built over the top of Nero’s Circus in 312 A.D., and fittingly where Vatican City stands today. The Roman Church was given vast land holdings and riches by Constantine and signaled the beginning of one of the darkest periods of human history. While Constantine may have been sincere in his conversion, history proves his imperial interference in church government steered Christianity into a darkness it took humanity almost 1500 years to escape.

The Dark Ages is a reference to the severe drop off in historical documents and records indicating a decline in education among the common people. The reason being, as the Roman Catholic Church became more and more powerful it promptly gobbled everything up during this time. If there are unseen records pertaining to the Middle Ages they are stashed away in the vaults of Vatican City.