Are We Headed Toward a Second Civil War? - Politically Correct | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Are We Headed Toward a Second Civil War? - Politically Correct

With the insanity of political protests by the left, threats of assassinations, beheadings, shootings of congressmen at baseball games, mob violence and destruction of property, verbal threats, and liberal mobs confronting conservatives in restaurants, the anger between political affiliations is coming to a boiling point.


It looks like getting something going abroad


(*is going into the easier said then done stage , and neglected cities could use a little shock and awe , and the blame , why we lay it squarely on the democrats , who occupy and govern the blue states .
The Map Tells The Story . The US Electoral Map that is !
Just like Gaza , like I said when I first picked up the scent .
Now we know why Obama bought all those hollow points , he was doing a solid for Trump and his civil war aspirations , that as per usual , he's blaming on someone else , in advance !
What is amazing is where this has progressed to , ajacent with closing in on the end of year two of his reign .
How else do you explain the isolation he's encouraging the other nations to show us here ?
When I snap my fingers you will wake up and beli~eve that Civil War in America , because we couldn't get any of the so called big global players to bite , and because when all else fails turn to civil disorder , the sentiment of which does seem to be originating from both of the political parties that make up the body of The US Government, and would have you believe , Is The Best Idea For The U.S.A .
"I'm Voting For CIVIL WAR , Logan ,because that's the best idea for America , and also because the democrats are Communist Rainbows and Nazi Buttercups , and Snowflake Domestic Terrorists !)

That's the art of the deal , speaking at you , and that's real news in America 10/11/2018 , wreaking at you ! )