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Clinton III Continuity We Can Believe In

This is part mea culpa, so please indulge my quoting myself. Back on November 5th much of the country celebrated the end of an error and the election of the first non-white president. (We’ll get to “male” and “Christian” later – much later, I suppose. "Ivy League?" Maybe never.) I wrote: “We’ll know soon enough how hard we’ll have to fight bad Obama policy. Even before Inauguration Day, we’ll know. Who Obama picks for his “team” will be all-telling…If President Obama fails to break completely with the narcissistic Baby Boomer politicians; we’ll know. If he keeps Gates at Defense or appoints Powell in his place; we’ll know.”

Well, that sure was quick.

I’m generally of the “we should be gracious and wait to criticize, at least until he’s sworn in” camp. However, with Bush spending his remaining time in office facilitating extinctions for his corporate masters by gutting Endangered Species protections; drawing up self-protective Pardon lists and making that ludicrous non-victory lap to Iraq – where the hero journalist Muntather al-Zaidi joined fed-up Americans in giving him the boot - Barack Obama is de facto, as well as, President-elect.

While the incredible shrinking war criminal plans his escape to his new digs in Houston now that there is no need for the pretend brush-cutting photo-ops on the “ranch,” Obama has his hands full already dealing with the fall-out that attaches to all things Bush; like that cloud of dust surrounding Charlie Brown’s buddy Pigpen. Analyzing how Obama is going about it is fair game.