Condemning Assange Condones The War Crimes He Exposed | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Condemning Assange Condones The War Crimes He Exposed

By Joziah Thayer

Most of the people applauding the arrest and imprisonment of journalist Julian Assange are either still salty about Hillary Clinton losing to Donald Trump or were directly implicated in leaks published by WikiLeaks. Obama officials like Michael Hayden, James Clapper, John Brennan, and Jim Schuto who now have primetime spots on network news channels to demonize, propagandize, slander, demean and gush over the arrest of Julian Assange.

Anyone who tells you that the arrest of Julian Assange is right in any way lacks moral standards. If they are a journalist— and they claim Assange is not a journalist— then they expose themselves as actually not being a journalist at all. Julian Assange was nationalized as an Ecuadorian citizen. Under Ecuador’s constitution no citizen can be extradited to any foreign nation. Ecuador claims to be stripping Assange of his Ecuadorian citizenship, but that in and of itself is actually unconstitutional according to Ecuadorian law. Not only is President Moreno of Ecuador violating constitutional laws in Ecuador but he is also violating international laws on asylum...