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DNA test proves Czech babies mixed up

published: 30.01.2009, 15:38 | updated: 30.01.2009 15:51:23
Czech hospital should pay 3 million to parents for mix-up of kids

Brno - The hospital in Trebic, south Moravia, has to pay a total compensation of 3.3 million crowns to the families of Nikola and Veronika, two baby girls whom the hospital staff mixed up and gave to incorrect parents after their birth, under a court decision today.The families demanded a compensation of 12 million crowns.

The hospital admitted its mistake and offered 600,000 crowns to the families, a sum the parents rejected as too low.

The two girls were born in December 2006. After several months one of the fathers, Libor Broza, applied for a DNA test on suspicion that "his" daughter was not his.

The tests confirmed the suspicion. It surfaced that Broza's daughter had been mixed up with a baby girl of the Cermak family in the Trebic hospital, where they were born on the same day.

The families finally exchanged the girls, aged about one year at the time.

Under the court decision today, the family of Libor Broza is to receive 1.2 million crowns and the Cermak family 2.1 million crowns.

"The sum proposed by the hospital was inappropriately low," said judge Michal Ryska.

He said four blatant and inexcusable mistakes had been uncovered on the part of the hospital.

First, the hospital failed to mark the kids properly after the birth.

Second, it mixed the kids up.

The third mistake is the staff's failure to check the complaints by the mothers who, still in the maternity clinic, warned that the babies might have been mixed up.

In addition, the medical staff unlawfully interfered with the children's documents after the scandal broke out, Ryska said.

(USD1=20.947 crowns)