Gaza Mass Murder Postmortems | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Gaza Mass Murder Postmortems

On Friday, Israeli soldiers killed 16 unarmed Gazans in cold blood, wounding over 1,400 others, some with life-threatening injuries, the death toll sure to rise – another 49 Palestinians shot on Saturday.

A Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) press release said Israeli soldiers killed or wounded peaceful Gazan demonstrators, including women and children, threatening no one – a high crime demanding accountability, stressing:

“This huge number of victims proves that the Israeli forces continue to commit further crimes and use of excessive force against Palestinian civilians in disregard for their lives upon an official political decision.”

Netanyahu disgracefully praised what happened, falsely claiming soldiers were “guarding the country’s borders” – a bald-faced lie.

IDF spokesman General Ronen Manilis turned truth on its head, saying Palestinians killed were involved in violence – twisting reality, adding only several dozen at most were injured by live fire.


Nothing From The Trump White House


(*But that can be easily explained . The President did say he wasn't sure if Israel even wants peace , but his prowess must be telling him; 'of course they must' , or he wouldn't go in , whole hog , on making Independence Day in Israel the biggest national holiday of the year .
Bernie Sanders is cheerleading the pacifying semblance of 'protest' , but Trump , in the realm only a fellow genius could possibly comprehend , probably just hasn't seen anything yet that's getting him to give up his seat , on the fence.)

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