Gross Fraud At Nuremberg - An Ugly History | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Gross Fraud At Nuremberg - An Ugly History

These paragraphs are, of course, only a very brief overview of the innumerable deficiencies of the 'evidence' at Nuremberg. The overwhelming Jewish presence behind the scenes as interrogators, jailers and torturers is covered elsewhere in Irving's excellent, but far from complete, study. The sampling of techniques employed, however, is more than sufficient to demonstrate that truth was never the objective of the orchestrators of the trial. That is the key point in evaluating Nuremberg. All the evidence, real and faked at the great trial, was evidence in pursuit of a pre-determined verdict. It was desired to demonstrate that the Germans were uniquely evil, that the Germans had waged aggressive war, that the Germans had committed great 'crimes against humanity' and that the greatest of these alleged crimes was the alleged extermination of six million Jews in so-called 'gas chambers'. To reach these pre-determined verdicts, the court manipulated and distorted evidence on a massive scale. Therefore, any honest assessment of the German National Socialist government built on Nuremberg conclusions is inherently flawed. It is the art of writing history based on victor's propaganda.