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High Noon For Trump: The Impeachment Charade

The Trump deception has been one of the Jews’ most brilliant accomplishments. And it seems they’ve induced across the land a debilitating cognitive dissonance. “How can Trump possibly be a bad guy,” many across America are now asking, “if the likes of Nancy Pelosi can’t stand him?”

ARCH STANTON : Trump has just given Israel the international green light to do whatever it deems necessary to protect its interests in the Near East — and the Near East its getting nearer all the time. He has armed the Jewish House of Saud with nukes and other high tech weapons. Those nukes, combined with Israel’s nukes, make the Jews not only a monstrous regional threat, but a global menace as well.

In doing so, Trump will garner nothing but approving applause from the American sheeple, “red state” as well as “blue.” Everyone will agree that Trump is finally doing the “right thing” for America. They will conveniently be forgetting Trump’s broken promises to protect America’s borders. Where is the famous wall Trump promised to build? As Shlomo in Tel Aviv would say, “These goyim have the attention span of gnats.”