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Is it called poetic justice?

Rex Williams and Earl Aiman

“What can we do to stop them from hating us?”

Simple! Stop acting like a tyrant.

“The new American Tyranny,” … nothing new, actually!

Prior to 1776 the British Colonies of the New world practiced British tyranny against the native American and the French colonists of North America. Post 1776, the practiced the “New American” tyranny against what remained of the Native American, and the Spanish Colonial in North America. And when they were all subdued or brought to heel, went on to export it overseas, product which they have continued to export ever since, in an ever greater degree.

We have become the tyrant which we overcame to escape, and we have assumed his mantle and the hatred of our own victims of tyranny.

Israel, on a smaller scale, has continued in the same vein, having escaped from the tyranny of Europe, they have embarked on their own reign of tyranny in the Middle East.

Both have learned the lessons of tyranny very well, all except the last one; the sword of Damocles will fall, and the heads will roll.

But, having wielded that sword themselves to gain their seats of tyranny, they are familiar only with the hilt end of the sword, and have yet to see and experience the import and the impact of the other end of the sword, the point and the cutting edge.

It is writ on the wall. It is simply a matter of time.

We learn nothing from history, the history of others, or or own. Thus, we repeat, repeat and repeat the same actions, never dreaming that the same results will follow.

Check Einstein on definitions of Insanity.


Earlaiman is right in showing the connection to the British form of Empire. But it was not a ...
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