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Jews in Germany to send aid fleet to Gaza

Jews of Germany prepare a boat of humanitarian aid to Gaza, that it has predicted to leave at the end of the month of July, according to has indicated east Thursday a person in charge of the initiative in Berlin. " The list of the passengers still has not been made, but we have very many requests of all parts of mundo" , he has declared to the radio Deutschlandfunk, Edith Lutz, that is in charge of this project, organized by the German section of the network ' European Jews by a peace justa' in Near East. Between the interested people they appear " several israelíes" , aside from which they have received " numerous messages of support coming from Israel". After the boarding of Israeli commandos the past 31 of May to the call ' Flotilla of the Libertad' , " our action is more urgent than nunca" , it has assured Lutz. The May assault cost the life to nine people, all of them of Turkish origin. The load that will take the boat will be destined mainly to the children: scholastic material, musical toys, clothes and instruments. " We do not know if they will let to us arrive at the Strip. We are in contact with the enemy with the Israeli Government and the Embassy in Berlin. We have to them informed " for a long time; , Lutz has informed, that has needed that the Israeli Embassy in the German capital has answered to them that, initially, cannot give any type them of aid.

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Note that we have to go to the foreign press to learn this.