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Latvians are advised to prepare to war axes

Yandex: The U.S.-Baltic teachings - the largest at Russian borders for all post-Soviet time is just beginning, and the United States military is already behaving in local cities as hosts - none of people do not consider, keep insolent, rude. According to local residents, NATO militaries consider themselves the superior race.
"There is a real training to the cold war at any moment could go into the hot phase. To do this, in Latvia restored sereznye military facilities that were inherited from the Soviet era. This, for example, an airfield, which is of strategic importance for NATO. It can be used for air strikes in St. Petersburg and Moscow," said Einars Graudins, political scientist, human rights activist.
"By the number of tanks is obviously not enough to make an attack on Russia, but enough to intimidate foreigners - Russians, Jews, Poles who live here. Our government has arranged this model of social of social development that we have at the top of society are representatives of the highest positions of the titular nation and the bottom of the social ladder is other foreigners. This is a very dangerous pyramid," - said Alexander Gaponenko, President of the Institute for European studies.
ccording to the Latvian news Agency LETA, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Latvia is preparing a memo for the residents of the country. The most active is offered in case of war to stock up axes and to be treated with suspicion to anyone who is not like themselves, and to notify law enforcement authorities.