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Nader Says Reinstate Helen Thomas on THE REAL NEWS

In an interview with Paul Jay of The Real News

Former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader launched a scathing critique of US media and politicians for what he said was “Professional Execution,” over the sudden retirement of senior White House correspondent Helen Thomas after she made remarks critical of Israel that were considered offensive to Jews.

Nader said American pundits had gotten away with much worse comments about Muslims and Arabs. “antisemitism against arabs is rife in politics today,” he said.

“How about Ann Coulter? she didn’t lose a 30,000 dollar speech? She didn’t lose her column, and she said horrific things about going over there and slaughtering Muslims, if they can’t be converted to christianity, she added.”

But with Thomas, Nader said: “One mistake like that, which she apologized for, and they terminated her column, they terminated her career, they’re going to replace her in the White House press corps.”

Nader said: She is a courageous journalists. She always asks the tough questions that are on the American peoples minds. She goes right to the core of the issue by asking simple questions ?

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