NATO’s Unrelenting Expansion Could Trigger a Major Nuclear War | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

NATO’s Unrelenting Expansion Could Trigger a Major Nuclear War

One can guess that some within the Donald Trump administration would have taken due care in pinpointing Montenegro on their European maps, with its population of 600,000 people. The Montenegrin landmass, situated in south-eastern Europe and for decades part of Yugoslavia, is a fraction the size of neighbouring Bosnia.

In July 2018, president Trump complained live on air regarding the Balkan country’s membership of NATO, saying the Montenegrins are “very aggressive people. They may get aggressive and, congratulations, you’re in World War III”. Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s Secretary General, had insisted that Montenegro “would have an equal voice in shaping our alliance, and its independence guaranteed”.

Indeed, Montenegro will hold as equal a voice as America herself in formulating NATO’s foreign policy actions. It is safe to presume the Montenegrin government – having pushed through in militarizing its state – will have no scruples in participating with future NATO engagements, to add to the past illegal attacks on Afghanistan, Libya, etc.

The expected arrival of newly-named “North Macedonia”, which will bring the number of NATO states to 30, is a further upcoming event that must have the Trump cabinet clamouring in anticipation. As with Montenegro, North Macedonia is a tiny country located in the Balkans, and is less than a third the size of Ireland.