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Negative Interest: A ticking time bomb

Many Americans have been predicting this for well over a decade, but it appears the big axe is finally set to swing at America. Amidst a spate of global currency moves causing seismic shifts in global assets, military conflicts are fast enveloping the planet. An increasingly dysfunctional US government struggles over war with Iran, which incidentally just dumped the dollar, in a domestic environment that is steeped in racism, police brutality and irrational fear without end. Our water supply is being swiftly contaminated, all over the country, by fracking. And above all, corruption and lies are being exposed on the internet at breakneck speed, making it painfully obvious, to even the most political clueless, that something terribly wrong is about to happen.

With this as a backdrop, the Fed appears set to place the final nail in the coffin by implementing negative interest rates that will almost certainly cause a run on the banks, the likes of which Americans have never before experienced.

If it happens, it will be a crisis from which America will not recover.