Obama's blackness, the white elites' psy-ops color | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Obama's blackness, the white elites' psy-ops color

Obamanation: A Lesson In Black Power

"Hell yes, it matters so much that he is Black. But not as a justification for backslapping celebration. Obama is a tool of the ruling class and when the power of Blackness is used by the ruling class it is Black power in reverse, turned around to use as a weapon against everyone except the ruling class."

"The placement, not election, of Barack Obama on the one hand proves that a Black face in a high place is worthless while simultaneously proving that his face is worth it’s weight in gold. The critical question is for whom. For us, the people, Black administrators in a system controlled by white corporate power continues to be meaningless. The system, not select positions within it, is the problem. For them, the ruling class a Black face is almost priceless. Black people within and without the United States, have lost faith in the United States. The nightmare, always marketed as the ‘dream’, had become unbearably harsh for too many. So harsh that there was a danger that, as with particularly bad dreams, people might be jolted out of sleep. This is where Obama is needed."