Poverty returns to Europe by leaps and bounds | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Poverty returns to Europe by leaps and bounds

The news about the economic situation in the EU reminds frontline reports. Head of Unilever in Western Europe, Ian Zeyderveld, from the pages of the Financial Times Deutschland said that poverty is returning to Europe. The main reason for the increasingly lower income of the residents of the Old World is a full-blown crisis in the euro area that is still far from complete.
Head of the Department on International Financial Issues at the Centre for European Economic Research, Professor Michael Schroeder said that the European crisis affects export-oriented producers more than others. As a result, market conditions weaken, unemployment rises, and living standards lower. According to the expert, this situation may last for three to four years. Numerous examples of the fall of the level of European citizens clearly illustrate his words.
In its study, the British Guardian newspaper found that 83 percent of teachers in the UK every day see hungry students. Over half of teachers say that in the last couple of years the number of hungry school children has increased, as many British families are suffering from reduced benefits, unemployment and recession. Almost half of the teachers admitted to feeding starving scholars, one in five even gives them money for lunch. Why is this happening?