PRESS TV: Franklin Lamb ‘Israeli inquiry into aid attack doomed to fail’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

PRESS TV: Franklin Lamb ‘Israeli inquiry into aid attack doomed to fail’

On May 31, Israeli navy commandos launched a deadly attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in international waters as the aid convoy was heading toward the besieged Gaza Strip, killing 20 people.

Defying repeated international calls for a transparent and credible probe into the incident, Israel’s cabinet approved the establishment of an “independent public commission” to probe the legal aspects of the deadly operation.

What follows is Press TV’s interview with Dr. Franklin Lamb, an international lawyer, about the investigation into the attack.

Press TV: Dr. Lamb, will the one-sided investigation by Israel be regarded as a legitimate one by the international community?

Lamb: Absolutely not. Israel’s “ self ‘auto investigation’ will have no credibility whatsoever. All it will do is to provide some PR fodder for the international Zionist lobby to broadcast the findings (quote, unquote) and whitewash the murders Israel committed on the high seas. These crimes, including murder, assault and battery, destruction of property, false arrest, false imprisonment, piracy, kidnapping for just starters, committed in International waters require that the international community including the UN Security Council and the International Court of Justice hold Israel accountable.

Israel announcing that it will investigate itself is like accepting the fox to judge its actions in a chicken coup.

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