A Savage ‘War To End All Wars,’ and a Failed Peace | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

A Savage ‘War To End All Wars,’ and a Failed Peace

Europe lost an entire generation, killed, maimed or forever psychologically broken by the war. Many Europeans lost faith in the snake oil of nationalism and turned away from the standard frameworks of monarchy or liberal democracy. Some found solace in socialism, whereas others doubled down on ultranationalism in the form of fascist leaders.

Despite 9 million battle deaths – a number unfathomable when the war began – WWI solved little and sowed the seeds for the European cataclysm of 1939-45. It is an uncomfortable truth, especially for the United States, a nation that tends to see itself as being at the center of the world; the US played mostly a late, and bit, part in the drama across the Atlantic.

However, the populace believed its own propaganda, crafted a myth of American triumphalism and learned all the wrong lessons from the war. Instead of being a “war to end all wars,” the Great War turned out to be just the beginning of American interventionism – the pivot toward the creation of today’s fiscal-military hegemonic state. And it didn’t have to be that way.