Scott Adams: “Fine People” Zombie HOAX, Reframing Immigration, Lawyers | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: “Fine People” Zombie HOAX, Reframing Immigration, Lawyers

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AOC Twitter parody account (clearly indicated as PARODY) banned
“Fine People” HOAX promoters attempting to spin and maintain HOAX
WaPo HOAXers are ignoring Steve Cortes, Joel Pollack, me
My blog on “fine people” HOAX predicted WaPo article
President Trump hyperbole is psychology CREATING POSITIVE RESULTS
In contrast, “fine people” HOAX is destructive for the country
Enemy press tries to paint positive-result hyperbole as “lies”
POTUS uses hyperbole to drive POSITIVE results for America
600 attorneys sign deceptive misleading letter
Trick 1: How many attorneys DISAGREE?
Data point taken out of context to create a perception
Trick 2: President doing his job…can’t be obstruction of justice
Knowing now, what HE knew back then (witchhunt)
it was his job to manage Comey and others
Trick 3: “He would have been indicted”…but NOT convicted
The “persuadables” are the only people who should be polled
Team people (GOP or DEM) can’t be persuaded
Mexico and the America do NOT share a border
Drug cartels control border territory in Mexico
REFRAME #1: Whiteboard
Border wall is between America and murderous drug cartels
REFRAME #2: Whiteboard
Immigration Plans with estimated acceptable levels of crime
Objective priorities list for murder, rape, GDP, drugs
1. What’s your plan cost?
2. What’s the estimated crime reduction?