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Scott Adams The Age of Enlightenment, End of the Republic

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“End of the world” fears about President…versus major successes
A consistent President Trump theme…he knows what matters
“Age of Enlightenment” phrase used by President Trump
As predicted, he is changing how we view reality
President Trump is teaching us what’s important
Military arms sales to Saudi Arabia and support for their leadership
Blight area usage, homestead style with 2 lots per owner
Kit style homes, like Sears Craftsman homes of the past
Twitter poll, ever notice you were no longer following my account
Consistently, about 20% have experienced the phenomena
Social media has neutralized our democratic republic
Ability to influence people without them realizing it
Headline construction, clickbait links, influence triggers
2020 election results will be determined by social media
Smartest people in the world run social media
They have the means, intelligence, time, resources
Can message ratios be influenced without people noticing?
Limiting messages that reach the top Twitter influencers?
Subtly tweak how often they see those messages?
Huge upside gain…almost zero risk, mischief results
Our democratic process is GONE, not planned, but it happened
Assange situation might be “laundering” him through legal system
Did the government make a secret deal with Assange?
He might run through system and be found innocent
YouTube demonetization of some of my videos
The issue isn’t money, although it matters
Demonetization affects visibility/content of a video
The news business intentionally tweaks our “Fight or Flight” instincts
Crazy people might be getting triggered MORE than in the past
Naomi Wolf’s book on the prosecution of homosexuals in the UK
BBC informs her live…she misunderstood her two main points
To her credit, she acknowledged their points
Judging people by their mistakes... hate everyone, including yourself
We ALL make mistakes, sometimes bad ones
Judge people by how they respond to their mistakes
Is Adam Schiff an emotionally scarred victim of childhood bullies?
Are victims of bullies more likely to be anti-Trump?