Scott Adams: All the HOAXES Pretending to be News | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: All the HOAXES Pretending to be News

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NYT interviewed a non-racist statue supporter at Charlottesville
There was a DIVERSE group of people at the event
PolitiFact “pulled a Mueller”, refuses to state Charlottesville was hoax
PolitiFact provides full context, lets the reader decide
Judging true or false is what PolitiFact does…and they can’t?
Left-leaning PolitiFact can’t or won’t state it was a hoax
Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales (Founder), retweets Breitbart
Wikipedia beat all other left-leaning outlets to report truth
Does a law exist, that allows the murder of babies after birth?
A life and death decision, who gets to make it?
Synagogue shooter and copycat shooters
Media coverage provides a how-to tutorial
Tragedy increases media profits
Does the media unintentionally promote copycat horrors?
NYT International edition’s anti-semitic trope…WTF?
NYT removed the comic, said it was an error in judgement
Don’t judge by the mistakes people make
Judge by their response to making the mistake
“I made a mistake, I’m owning it and here’s how I’ll correct it”
Isn’t that a better filter for life, and the world you want to live in?
48-Hour Rule: Allow people 48 hours to retract or explain things
Charlottesville event poster wasn’t obviously racist to everyone
A Jewish person went, thought it was a free speech rally