Scott Adams: Barr, Climate Change Totally Solved, Fine People “Truthers” | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: Barr, Climate Change Totally Solved, Fine People “Truthers”

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Al Sharpton rejects the “fine people” HOAX
MSNBC calls people debunking the “fine people” HOAX, “truthers”
I’m a “truther”…because I’m telling the truth
Barr’s Interpretation and debate on obstruction legal statute
Judge Napolitano’s odd legal opinion on obstruction
Did Russia really tell Maduro to stay in Venezuela?
Our government tells us that happened
Has our government ever lied to achieve results they desire?
ISIS founder, Al-Baghdadi video seems to prove he’s still alive
Is it really Al-Baghdadi, how would anyone know?
He says ISIS has been crushed on the battlefield
Which 2016 fears about President Trump have come true? None?
Nuclear war, economic disaster, Putin puppet, mental issues?
President Trump was NOT exonerated by Mueller?
All that looking for an indictable item, and none found
That’s awfully close to exoneration…isn’t it?
Gen 3 nuclear power plants, there are a LOT of them around world
ZERO meltdown issues with a 20 year track record
Statistician, Caleb Rossiter shot holes in AOC New Green Deal
He accepts the basic science of climate change
BUT…he argues that the warming won’t be a disaster
Barr’s summary of the Mueller report
No underlying crimes by the President…per Mueller
Barr’s actions support an innocent person who was wrongly accused