Scott Adams: Beto, Biden, Cuban, Healthcare, Comey, Brennan, The Border | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: Beto, Biden, Cuban, Healthcare, Comey, Brennan, The Border

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Beto’s cringeworthy, white privilege apologies on The View
Mark Cuban doesn’t think ANY Democrat candidate has a chance
The Democrat candidates would look a LOT more appealing IF…
…we weren’t comparing all of them to President Trump
Border news, almost none anymore, why?
Did coverage stop because President was correct all along?
Does border news now support the President? Confirm him?
Political left has GOALS
The problem is…how do you achieve those goals?
The left’s failure: lack of practical SYSTEMS to achieve goals
Political right uses SYSTEMS to achieve GOALS
SYSTEMS of the right are processes to achieve desired goals
Brennan says him and Clapper didn’t want to use Steele Dossier
Brennan says Comey pushed to use it for FISA
14 year old ran a poll on whether she should kill herself
69% said yes
“Heartbeat Bill” is brilliant, really strong persuasion
Framing of heartbeat as a standard for life
Iranian leader Khamenei says there’s NOT going to be a war
Unusual for adversarial countries to flat out say…no war
Who’s attacking Saudi resources if not Iran?
John Bolton is feared by Iran
Adversaries that fear Bolton, make peace negotiations possible
Media Matters has targeted Dave Rubin for public destruction
Why? Because Dave is going to interview Mike Cernovich
Media Matters has also targeted Mike for public destruction
CIVIL Interactions between people you like and don’t like... a GOOD THING
Shine sunlight of the arguments of both sides
Let people hear and decide how they feel about both sides