Scott Adams: Buttigieg, Fake News, How to Frame Immigration, Abortion, Climate | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: Buttigieg, Fake News, How to Frame Immigration, Abortion, Climate

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Border psychology: Telling people we’ll be sending them back soon
A simple tweet that reduces those swarming our border
President Trump uses psychology to protect our homeland
President Trump has a highly criticized style, BUT…
Future Presidents will be compared to his energy, results
President Trump does counter-narrative things ALL the time
Enemy press and Dems push “racist” narratives about him
President’s actions and priorities counter their narratives
The essential claim for needing immigration reform
If your incentives aren’t correct, immigration is a disaster
GOOD FRAMING: Heartbeat bills, a beating heart equals life
GOOD FRAMING: immigration policies like those in…Canada, Japan
Merit based policies like our friends in Canada and Japan
People in other countries decide our immigration policies
People just decide to come here…and then come here
America has no say in whether or not they come here
Is nuclear power MORE dangerous than risk of climate change?
Have I been targeted in a really destructive way on social media?
My troll traffic suddenly jumped up
My LinkedIn related traffic went almost to zero overnight
My YouTube traffic took a step down, don’t know why
My Periscope traffic down about the same time also
Was I targeted, or is it an explainable coincidence?
If there’s no way to know, if you were targeted or not…
…does that justify government intervention for social media?