Scott Adams: Manufactured Word-News, China Trade, Russia, Iran | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: Manufactured Word-News, China Trade, Russia, Iran

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Biden’s possible VP running mate, Kamala
Some suspended conservatives are now back on Twitter
My defense of AOC
AOC and Tlaib are getting the “Fine People” HOAX treatment
Hyperbole taken literally or out of context for political gain
My defense of Tlaib’s “calming feeling about the Holocaust”
Don’t you automatically know that can’t possibly be true?
Out of context quote, looks HORRIBLE
Clarification is buried deep in articles about it
Chuck Schumer tells Pompeo to tell Putin to stay out of our elections
…Because nobody has already communicated that?
…Because nobody has thought of telling him that?
…Because Putin has no way of knowing we would be upset?
THE MEANING OF now driving the news
Russia Collusion: Spying or an investigation?
News people pretending they don’t know how words work
Nancy Pelosi invited Imam Omar Suleiman to do Congressional prayer
Lee Zeldin criticizes Suleiman’s anti-Israel history and remarks
Was Pelosi aware of Imam Suleiman's background?
MSM won’t allow Biden to become the Democrat candidate
They’ll knock him back and promote someone good for ratings
Have you seen Biden interviewed on CNN?
Does anybody report on Biden…with interest?
China pulling back from the trade deal
China expert says the LANGUAGE of the deal was the problem
The language used was DISRESPECTFUL, offensive
Recycling plastic has always been possible, but it’s challenging
NEW type of plastic can be easily recycled
Sex Strike Update
A+ for persuasion to Alyssa Milano
Respect for her activism sincerity and effectiveness
Knee-jerk hatred of everything “the other side” embraces
Free will has been SCIENTIFICALLY disproven
Free will simply doesn’t exist
Facts and common sense have little or no impact
People join a team and defend their team