Scott Adams: The Mueller Report and Mental Illness | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: The Mueller Report and Mental Illness

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Presidential critics trying to spin bad news for them, into good news
Coincidences, unimportant things, but nothing illegal
Actual witch hunters in Salem believed they had good reasons
When is it illegal to listen to information from a person?
“Collusion” charges require an agreement between parties
Chris Cuomo’s laundry list of unimportant, normal, legal things
Part II of Mueller’s report is pure political vaporware
No crimes, just lots of unimportant and legal things
Anti-Trumpers are attempting to lawyer their way out of being wrong
Attempting to define or redefine “witch hunt”
The difference between “spying” and “surveillance
Chris Cuomo discusses things that are legal…but you shouldn’t do
That’s a tell for “I have no reasons”
CNN pushing narrative that Barr framed report to support President
Anderson Cooper says CNN never made claims against President
Coincidence that all their panel guests made claims perpetually
Investigating someone, down to the molecular level…and finding no crimes
Is that the same as being cleared of potential crimes?
Anderson Cooper has attempted to take down Trump for 2 years
Anderson hasn’t been cleared of collusion with Russia
Is Anderson therefore guilty of collusion with Russia?