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Scott Adams: Social Media Bans on Conservatives, Also a Bunch of Good News

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Senator Cornyn & psychedelic mushrooms, “What could go wrong?”
Presidential critics BACKING the President on China trade deal?
Hard to negotiate with Dems perpetually pecking him
Climate change articles completely ignore nuclear power options
Juan Williams on The Five…cognitive blindness?
Mark Schneider web page raising public awareness about Gen IV
Chemical desalination of sea water…MAJOR breakthrough
Life saving overdose drug, Naloxone, legalized for the public
Availability result 1st Yr: 27% reduction of overdose deaths
Availability result 2nd Yr: 34% reduction of overdose deaths
Social Media banning popular conservatives
Reddit REMOVED top pro-Trump group from searches
Google simultaneously REMOVED them from searches
A new level of censorship coordination
Dilbert traffic dropped 30% suddenly, recently
LinkedIn stopped sending traffic to Dilbert, why?
“Ginsu” missiles…scary, highly effective, safer for bystanders
When the President uses hyperbole (lies, per the Dems & enemy press)
His hyperbole is selling America things that are...
...good for America
Hyperbole to stimulate markets
Hyperbole to drive negotiations
Hyperbole to create optimism, positive results
Democrat and enemy press hyperbole
Does it hurt or benefit America and Americans?
A 2nd COUP attempt?
Social media bans popular Trump supporters
Reddit and Google team up to disappear top Trump group
Control social media and you control the message
Warm relationships with people you negotiate against, HUGE benefit
Allows you to negotiate HARD…without it getting personal
No advantage in disrespecting other countries leaders
Nobody understands that better, does it better…than President Trump