Scott Adams: TDS, Chelsea Handler, New Trump 2020 Ad, AOC’s Accent, Immigration | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: TDS, Chelsea Handler, New Trump 2020 Ad, AOC’s Accent, Immigration

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President Trump is a strong father figure
Supporters find him protective, comforting, caring
Haters FEAR the qualities of a strong father figure
Chelsea Handler takes some personal responsibility for her TDS
Tells Bill Maher she sought Psychiatric help for her TDS
Whiteboard: TDS Awareness Scale
Some things are ONLY a story because of partisan pundit framing
NOT a coincidence how various media frames things
Professional persuaders guide media framing of the news
Media framing becomes their target audiences opinion
You’ve likely been given your opinions by media you follow
2020…strong economy = reelection of sitting President, historically
Tucker asks the question…
How many is the right number of immigrants to allow in?
Immigration: What are you trying to accomplish?
How many immigrants would benefit the country?
How many immigrants is too many?
NOBODY can answer the most important question?
Climate science says the RATE of temperature increase is unprecedented
Why does their primary graph dispute their primary claim?
“Probably”, “mostly”, in the explanation of science papers
Scientists were wrong about what drove temperatures in the past
They looked for and found variables that validate PAST temps
How confident can we be that NOW we understand everything?
97% agree…is more than a methodology issue
Solar and Gen IV solutions are both worth developing and comparing


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