Al Jazeera received a secret report prepared by former military officials who worked with the Saudi-UAE alliance in Yemen on the conditions of prisons and secret detention centres and forced disappearances.

The information in the report matched the testimonies of prisoners and abductees given to human rights activists. Such details also reinforced what had been revealed by the Associated Press in previous investigations.

The report revealed some of the atrocities taking place in these secret UAE-controlled prisons situated in southern Yemen. The violations range from murdering detainees and abductees to torture and deprivation. Moreover, the report listed sites and names of secret graves, detainees tortured to death and missing persons, as well as identities of the torturers and the details of interrogations

The report lists the types of physical and psychological torture conducted in the prisons administered directly by Emiratis, including rape with devices or sticks or directly by other individuals, electrocution in the chest, armpits and male organs, as well as flogging with sticks, rods, cables and ropes.

The executioners also use the method of holding detainees in the air, applying hot pepper and salt on open wounds, sleep and medicines deprivation, slapping and kicking, pouring cold water on the body, and insulting as well as cursing them.

The secret prisons are under the supervision of Aden’s security director, Ali Shayi Hadi, who is loyal to UAE. In these prisons, detainees are subjected to severe torture sessions. These include flaying their skin using rods and hammers, electric shocks, smashing bone with stones, burning body parts with melted plastic, placing the detainees in a narrow space called “Al-Dhaghata,” (the pressure space) in addition to pressing the testicles with plastic ropes, and sticking needles under the nails.

The report reveals that in the prisons of Ali Shayi Hadi, a person named Awad Rashad and nicknamed the “beast” is also involved in the killing of the detainees. Rashad was recently transferred to an unknown location or assassinated for the secrets he knew and was replaced by another called Ali Al-Emirati to oversee the tortures going on

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember when Gina Haspel, now head of the CIA, assured Congressional Representatives, that torture would never happen again on her watch, no matter where in the world?!?

Who is arming, funding, and advising the Saudis on their genocide in Yemen?!?

Were I the same Congressional Representatives who interviewed her, and heard those promises in English she made about never having this happen again, and understanding what was now going on in Yemen, Courtesy of the UAE, and I would put her back side right back into the investigative chair, and ask her why she is allowing the UAE to do this.

Or, perhaps, given the proclivities of some members of the US Deep State to "get off" on this kind of torture, psychologically, one might say that, perhaps, she has already been given a "get out of jail, fee" card, with her defense as being given that "she is not in control" of UAE torture in Yemen.

While this may be technically true, that Haspel, apparently, is making absolutely zero moves to stop this, while the best intellects in intelligence work, claim, irrefutably, that torture does not work, and only gets the tortured person to say what the torturers to say to get the torture to stop, means that she is, personally, ethically and morally, cheering the torturers on.

The leadership of this country had a choice with her nomination; they could have chosen a Hanns Scharrf-like character, a German-born American and British world War II hero, who never used torture to get intelligence from his prisoners, but was unfailingly kind, and used to get them day passes for cultural events, or someone with the human rights sensitivities just to the right of those of Attila the Hun.

You have seen the direction this Government has chosen to go, with Haspel's confirmation, and that makes me very much fear for the future of my country.