TRUTHS concerning the odious nature of IsraHELL | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

TRUTHS concerning the odious nature of IsraHELL

“ALL MY HEROES ARE DEAD”– except for President Ahmadinejhad
* April 20, 2009 – 11:13 pm
You see – when I hear this man speak and THEN listen to the sock-puppet two-faced piece of human crap imposter we have ‘elected ‘ as ‘THE CONSCIENCE OF THE NATION’ – who is IN FACT an avowed Communist (high treason) and dedicated child murderer (supports infanticide in it’s most hideous barbaric form) and an atheist (with no moral code) – it is a monumental embarrassment especially in light of the fact that our ‘obamanation’ in the eyes of God – has never served his country – as have I and many others who have ‘paid the dues’ of living in a free Republic.

I read where Mr.‘Obamanation’ refused to attend the meeting Where the Iranian President spoke as if he were too good. Well I have a news flash for you Mr. Negro Marxist – you are not fit to “fasten the latches on his sandals” – as it is put in Scripture. And as for the hypocrite Zionist scum puppets that walked out on the President’s speech – NONE of you are worthy of even being called men!