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The U.S., Brazil and Turkey: how to lose friends and estrange allies

But where are the tough sanctions of yester-week? Where’s Hillary, the iron-brained lady, for whose sake Barack, I ween, Lost his principles and went all shady?(Apud François Villon’s “Ballade des femmes des temps jadis”)

Richard Falk’s article Rebalancing the World gives a fair and balanced view of the far-reaching consequences of the May 17 Tehran Declaration. However, when addressing the possible reasons for the U.S. negative response to the deal brokered by Brazil between Turkey and Iran he’s right in essence, but off the mark on one crucial detail: it’s not true, or at least not entirely true, that “American leaders tried to talk Brasilia and Ankara out of making any independent steps to resolve the crisis”. They did so only from May 12, when apparently they got strong signs that Iran would accept a deal. This is when Clinton called both Lula and Erdogan to tell them that the U.S. had strong signs of the opposite, that Iran would not play ball. Erdogan took Clinton’s words at face value and cancelled his scheduled trip to Tehran at the last minute. Lula decided to go ahead with what after all was to be to climax of six months of intense talks and consultations involving Turkey, Iran, the U.S., France, and Russia.

A deal was struck, and Erdogan had to cancel his cancellation and rush to Tehran to be present when it was signed.