Vulnerability in fully patched Android phones under active attack by bank thieves | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Vulnerability in fully patched Android phones under active attack by bank thieves

A vulnerability in millions of fully patched Android phones is being actively exploited by malware that's designed to drain the bank accounts of infected users, researchers said on Monday.

The vulnerability allows malicious apps to masquerade as legitimate apps that targets have already installed and come to trust, researchers from security firm Promon reported in a post. Running under the guise of trusted apps already installed, the malicious apps can then request permissions to carry out sensitive tasks, such as recording audio or video, taking photos, reading text messages or phishing login credentials. Targets who click yes to the request are then compromised.

Researchers with Lookout, a mobile security provider and a Promon partner, reported last week that they found 36 apps exploiting the spoofing vulnerability.


Let face it, Android is Google...

Tian Shan

that is why I'll buy a Huawei when I go back to China. And it's not so surprising Google let their phones become compromised. They're too busy spying on Americans than creating hacker proof software.

My, how the mighty has fallen.

As an American, I'm disappointed in Google's pervasive data mining, lack of privacy, etc., while claiming "we want to protect your privacy" (capital "BS").

At least in China, I know this is what may be expected of me as a consumer, and user (and possibly as a foreigner).

I'd rather deal with an honest "rogue" govt than deal with a dishonest and treacherous liar. At least I know where I stand.

Btw: The last time I was in the Huawei store on People's Square (Shanghai), it was packed. I knew from the start Google's Android phones has competition it won't be able to compete with anymore in a slam-dunk way.

Google has lost the trust of Americans, and Google deserves that.