Who is hiding the truth? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Who is hiding the truth?

Ethnic Albanians have committed ghastly crimes in Kosovo and Metohija, and among those that are to be held responsible for the massive murders of Serbs are former commander of the (so-called) Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and Kosovo premier, Ramus Haradinaj and Agim Cheku respetively, the Italian weekly magazine Panorama has set out in an analytical article, publishing for the first time the photos of Serb victims.

Before the (1999) NATO bombing campaign Serbs were accused of being butchers, but as soon the forces of the Atlantic Pact marched into Kosovo in June 1999, they became the victims of an ethnic cleansing, the Milan weekly assessed.

What we did to the Serbs is what we did to the Iraqis, and what we did to the Afghan's, and what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians.

Totally destroy their infrastructure, Destroy their historical monuments, And kill as many of them as possible.. Mon , Women, and Children.. Wipe them and their culture off the face of the planet.

That is why we must all side with the Palestinians now.. Because it is obvious that we will be next.