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Mar 18 20:38

Corporate Media’s ‘Ideal’ Supreme Court Nominee Embraced ‘Legal Black Hole’ Theory

“If you tried to create the ideal moderate Supreme Court nominee in a laboratory, it would be hard to do better than Judge Merrick Garland,” declared the New York Times editorial board (3/16/16), describing Barack Obama’s nominee as “a deeply respected federal appellate judge with an outstanding intellect, an impeccable legal record and the personal admiration of Republicans and Democrats.”

Mar 18 20:36

German Comedians Mock Brexit, Call Queen ‘Ancient Horse Faced Grandma’ (VIDEO)

European unity took a bit of a blow this week, after a video sketch of German comedians mocking the British and supporters of Brexit has gone viral.

Mar 18 19:49

Lebanon Levels New Spying Allegations Against Israel After Warplane “Violates” Airspace

By Brandon Turbeville

Almasdar News is now reporting that, according to a Lebanese military source, an Israeli warplane has violated Lebanese airspace over the villages of Arqoub and Hasbaya before eventually reaching the Jabal Sheikh Heights, located on the Israeli/Lebanese border.

The military source is suggesting that the Israeli plane was most likely conducting a surveillance mission since it spent around half an hour in Lebanese airspace before heading back to Israel...

Mar 18 19:48

House Endorses Legal Challenge To Obama’s Action On Immigration

House Republicans will file an amicus brief in a lawsuit contesting President Obama’s executive action on immigration after a largely partisan vote backed the 26 states questioning the constitutionality of his policy.

Mar 18 19:45

Video: Baltimore Students Say Police Beatings Not Unusual

School police officers and students square off in a TRNN debate over the role of cops in education in the wake of a beating of a student caught on video.

Mar 18 18:31

Britain Arresting Increasing Number Of Women & Children On Terror Offences

Arrests of women and children on charges of terrorism have risen dramatically in the past year, new Home Office figures show.

The figures, released on Thursday, also show an overall increase in the total number of people arrested on suspicion of terror-related activity – a total of 280 during 2015. The majority were suspected of terror activities outside the UK.

Mar 18 18:30

NC city commissioners vote unanimously to deny request to add “In God We Trust” on city hall

While Polk County government is preparing for the installation of “In God We Trust” signs on the Womack building and the Polk County Sheriff has applied “In God We Trust” stickers on patrol cars, the City of Saluda denied a request to add the words to its city hall building.

Mar 18 17:55

GOP At War Against 'Peace' Between US And Iran: Activist

Republican lawmakers in the US Senate are trying to sabotage a possible rapprochement or relaxation of tensions between the United States and Iran, says Brian Becker, an American political commentator and antiwar activist.

Mar 18 17:48


When hydrogen, the main element of water, is introduced to a small piece of the metal nickel or palladium, a reaction occurs that can create excess heat and transmutation products. Excess heat means more heat comes out of the system than went in to the system. The excess heat can make hot water and useful steam to turn a turbine and produce electricity.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. On Earth, hydrogen is found in water. An energy source from hydrogen is clean, with no carbon-dioxide CO2 emissions. In LENR reactions, only tiny amounts of the hydrogen are consumed and the metal is recyclable when spent.

Ultra-clean and Energy Dense

Mar 18 16:30

“Honor Your Oath, Scumbag!”: This Unlawful Search by Police Gets Defeated in Just 7 Seconds

Sick and tired of beings asked for papers, please or other Fourth Amendment violations when you, as an innocent citizen not suspected of any crime other than walking down a city street, are just trying to mind your own business?

Well, so is this guy.

This video is brief and to the point.

(read more)

Mar 18 16:29

Let’s Be Honest, Most of Us Simply Can’t Stand Ted Cruz

Even if you agree with some of what Ted Cruz has to say, let’s be honest… can you really stand him? Could you stand to listen to him lead America into more Middle Eastern wars like he has vowed to do for four or possibly even eight years? Not even as a president but as a person… Be honest now (and no, this has nothing to do with his Bush past and ties, his Goldman Sachs CFR North American Union-endorsing wife, his crazy pastor dad, or that booger he ate).
(read more)

Mar 18 16:27

Watch These Activists Argue White People Should Kill Themselves to Atone for “White Privilege” at Harvard

So white lives don’t matter?

This video is from an actual debate held at Harvard University that was apparently supposed to be about renewable energy but apparently turned into whether or not white people should be exterminated. The pro-genocide activists featured here are University of West Georgia students Damiyr Davis and Miguel Feliciano.

Where is the “professor” in this video? According to the YouTuber who put it up, full-length unedited versions of this video have all been put on private or deleted by the debate coaches at Harvard and Standford who are trying to disappear this video because they don’t want everyone to know that these supposedly prestigious ivy league colleges are allowing student debate on whether or not white people should be exterminated.
(read more)

Mar 18 16:26

GMA Found Guilty Of Massive Anti-Labeling Corporate Donation Coverup

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) was found guilty on Friday, March 11, of violating the “spirit and letter” of the state of Washington’s Campaign Finance Disclosure Laws by attempting to shield the identities of the corporations that dumped millions of dollars into a campaign to defeat a GMO food labeling initiative...

Mar 18 15:43


is an archive of articles and book excerpts that seek to tell the truth about American democracy, media, and foreign policy, and about the impact of the actions of the United States government, central banks, global financial and trade institutions, transnational corporations and the corporate media, on democracy, social and economic justice, human rights, and war and peace, in the Third World, and in the developed world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We mentioned this on the radio show. This is a collection of facts about covert US overthrows of third world nations around the world, and the attendant crimes connected with such US efforts.

Mar 18 15:17

Ted Cruz’s foreign policy advisor: Think tank founder who spread rumours that Obama secretly Muslim

Sen. Ted Cruz came under fire Thursday after unveiling a list of national security advisers that included Frank Gaffney Jr., a former member of the Reagan administration who is now best known for holding extreme views about Islam.

Gaffney was introduced as part of a “high profile” coalition of experts that will offer Cruz counsel on foreign policy. The inclusion of Gaffney, who once wrote an op-ed in The Washington Times suggesting that President Barack Obama is Muslim, raised eyebrows among many who consider him to be a fringe conspiracy theorist.

Mar 18 15:16

BEX ALERT - Anne Frank-theme escape room ‘shows very little empathy for survivors’ of the Holocaust

The Anne Frank foundation on Friday criticized an “escape room” game made to look like the Amsterdam apartment where the teenage Jewish diarist hid with her family from the Netherlands’ Nazi occupiers during World War II.

According to its website, the recently opened Escape Bunker in the town of Valkenswaard, 140 kilometres south of Amsterdam, has a room styled to look like the apartment. As part of the game, visitors are locked in and have to escape within an hour using teamwork, creativity and “out-of-the-box” thinking.

The Anne Frank foundation, which manages the museum in the canal-side house that includes the Frank family’s hidden apartment, said the apartment was one of the places where the Holocaust, or Shoah, played out and said, “It shows very little empathy for survivors of the Shoah to use the annex as a backdrop for an escape room.”

Mar 18 15:10

Italy: Roma Gypsies occupy family home while the residents are at work. Authorities appear unable to help

A family from Avezzano in the Italian province of L'Aquila returned from work to find themselves thrown into a nightmare. while the husband, wife and three children were out, a group of Roma Gypsies broke into their home and started making it their own.

Mar 18 15:05

Ex-Benghazi investigator drops Clinton bias claim

Last October, an ex-GOP Benghazi Committee staffer filed a lawsuit against the panel, claiming he was wrongly fired for refusing to center his investigation on Hillary Clinton — an accusation Clinton’s defenders held up as proof that the panel had devolved into a political witch hunt.

But five months later, Bradley Podliska’s lawsuit has quietly dropped all mention of Clinton.

Attorneys for the Air Force Reserve major filed an amendment to his original claim in late February, striking the legal clauses that included his accusation that the panel’s investigation was increasingly focused on Clinton — and that he was dismissed for refusing to go along.

It's a significant change from his original assertion. Podliska had burst onto the scene last fall, arguing he was directed to pursue Clinton and not the security failures at the U.S. Benghazi compound — comments that stoked Democratic ire against the panel as he made a whirlwind tour of cable news networks.

Mar 18 14:32

Flint burglary where water files stored 'an inside job,' police chief says

Mystery still surrounds an unsolved December break-in at an executive office inside City Hall where Flint water files were kept.

As of Friday, March 18, there were still no suspects in the case, and officials say it may never be known what -- other than a TV -- was taken.

But the city's new police chief Tim Johnson says it's too suspicious that there was a break-in where important documents were kept, just as investigations began heating up and decision makers were beginning to be held accountable.

"It was definitely an inside job. The power cord (to the TV) wasn't even taken. The average drug user knows that you'd need the power cord to be able to pawn it," Johnson said.

Mar 18 14:17

Russia To Deliver 40 Attack Helicopters To Algeria As Part Of Contract Deal

By Brandon Turbeville

In yet another example of the growing influence and reputation of Russia on the international stage, particularly when it comes to the question of “fighting terrorism,” Algeria will soon receive 40 MI-28 attack helicopters from Russia...

Mar 18 14:08

Do Jews Run Hollywood? - You Bet They Do...& What Of It?

"Hollywood is run by Jews; it is owned by Jews--and they should have a greater sensitivity about the issue of people who are suffering. Because...we have seen...the greaseball, we've seen the Chink, we've seen the slit-eyed dangerous Jap, we have seen the wily Filipino, we've seen everything but we never saw the kike. Because they knew perfectly well, that that is where you draw the [line]."

--Marlon Brando on Larry King Live

Mar 18 14:01

Cancer drug giant's tax bill less than PM's

The drug giant seeking $30 million from the taxpayer for its cancer drug Keytruda paid less income tax in 2014 than Prime Minister John Key did on his salary.

Leisa Renwick, a melanoma sufferer who this month presented to Parliament a petition signed by 11,000 people demanding government funding for the drug, described the low tax bill as outrageous.

A Herald investigation of more than 100 multinationals operating in New Zealand found pharmaceutical companies were the second-most aggressive industry in shifting profits out of New Zealand, behind only technology firms. The companies in question, including Facebook, Google, Pfizer and Pernod Ricard, said they followed New Zealand laws and differences in profitability between their New Zealand operations and elsewhere were the results of different business models. There is nothing to suggest the activity is illegal.

Mar 18 13:56

Homeowner shoots and kills a teen burglar, families response "How (else) he going to get his money?"

WFOR-TV reports, relatives of a 17-year-old are angry a teenager was shot and killed by a homeowner who police say was protecting her property. The sister of the teen who died identified him as Trevon Johnson. She said he was a college student. “I don’t care if she have her gun license or any of that. That is way beyond the law - way beyond,” said Johnson’s cousin Nautika Harris to WFOR last week. Relatives said they don’t believe Johnson stole anything from the home but detectives would not confirm that. “You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood,” said Harris. “You have to understand… how he going to get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is a tragedy that this kid died like this; but people living in this area are scared to death of this kind of burglary, so they are arming themselves, and learning how to shoot, which apparently the home owner did with great efficiency.

But where were the family values which should have prevented this from happening in the first place?!? Apparently, for his cousin, he was absolutely justified in stealing to buy clothes for school.

Couldn't someone from school, maybe a counselor, talked to him, and taken him to somewhere where he could get free, or very inexpensive, clothing that looked good on him?!?

To me, the family failed him; any faith community with which he was involved failed him, and his school failed him.

I'm not condoning the burglary at all, but how many other Trevons out there could we possibly help before they turn to crime?!?

I am going to take a lot of flack for this, but I think we, at the community level, need to figure out how we can support families better to prevent future situations like this. A little loving intervention could have made all the difference here.

Mar 18 13:41


Since the mid-20th century, the world has only ever heard one side of an incredible story. The story of a boy from an ordinary family whose ambition it was to become an artist, but who instead became a drifter.
His destiny however was not to drift into the awaiting oblivion, but to rise to the greatest heights of power, eventually to become one of the most influential men who ever lived.

Now for the first time, here is a documented account of a story many believe to be…

The Greatest Story NEVER Told!

Mar 18 13:33

If Americans Knew

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world's major sources of instability. Americans are directly connected to this conflict, and increasingly imperiled by its devastation.

It is the goal of If Americans Knew to provide full and accurate information on this critical issue, and on our power – and duty – to bring a resolution.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Factual sit eon the realities of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Mar 18 13:32

Syrian War Enters Sixth Year with Graver Dangers Still Ahead

The national economy has been shattered, with over half of Syrians unemployed and 85 percent living in poverty. Much of the country has been plunged into darkness after continuous attacks on power stations and other electricity infrastructure.

This proxy war has been waged almost entirely by Al Qaeda-linked militias armed and funded by the CIA, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, which all collaborated to funnel in tens of thousands of so-called foreign fighters.

The attempts to sell this war to the American people, as a “humanitarian” intervention by the Obama administration and its media accomplices, and even—by various pseudo-left organizations—to portray it as a “revolution” have fallen totally flat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is why every candidate running for Congress, or the Presidency, needs to be confronted with questions about these horrific pre-emptive wars, and extract pledges to stop them, when they take their Oath of Office.

Because at the end of the day, these wars are not for "freedom", or allegedly "protecting the American way of life"; ultimately, our sons and daughters, husbands and wives, and friends and relatives are being killed or maimed for life to enhance corporate profit, period, end of discussion.

And you can be pretty darn sure that the sons and daughters of either Congressional representatives, or the kids of the chairs of major defense corporations, can be found anywhere on the front lines of these wars!!

It's always "other people's kids".

Mar 18 13:18

EU says Israeli land seizure threatens peace process

A seizure of land by Israel in the West Bank raises questions about its commitment to a two-state solution to end the conflict with the Palestinians, the European Union said in a statement on Thursday.

Echoing remarks this week by Germany and France, the EU's foreign policy service issued a rare statement directly criticizing Israel for its appropriation of 579 acres (234 hectares) near Jericho.

"Israel's decision ... is a further step that risks undermining the viability of a future Palestinian state and therefore calls into question Israel's commitment to a two-state solution," the EU said in a statement.

"Any decision that could enable further settlement expansion, which is illegal under international law and an obstacle to peace, will only drive the parties to the conflict even further apart," the EU said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear EU: I am having a palm to forehead moment, at warp speed, at your magnificent grasp of the obvious.

Do you not understand that Israel does not want peace, but territory, and by any means necessary?!? Has that assessment not collectively dawned upon you?!?

As reported at antiwar.com on 15 March 2016:

Israel announced on Army Radio today that they have “appropriated” a large tract of Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank, confiscating some 579 acres (2.3 square kilometers), which NGO Peace Now referred to as the largest single confiscation of territory in years. The territory seized is near the Palestinian city of Jericho, and is reportedly slated to be used in the expansion of Jewish settlements in the area, to further prevent the potential of forming a contiguous Palestinian state in the future.

This land grab means that now, there can be no contiguous state of Palestine, period, end of discussion.

What part of this are you having a difficult time to understand?!? The Israeli government will collectively relieve itself in your faces and tell you it's raining, say they want peace, and then haul deliberately haul off and do something like this.

It's a pattern that is almost pathological in the Israeli government's way of doing things.

And remember, for the Eretz-Israel crowd, the country of Israel has the right to all territories from the Nile to the Euphrates. Please think about what that means, in terms of the structural integrity of the region.

Mar 18 13:01

Moderate earthquake hits mountainous Lake Sarez in Tajikistan

A magnitude 5.3 hit Tajikistan’s mountainous areas in the vicinity of Lake Sarez, a spokesman for the Tajik Academy of Sciences’ Geophysical Service told TASS on Friday. "The epicenter of the earthquake measuring 5.3 points on the Richter scale was located near Lake Sarez in the mountains some 330 kilometers southeast of the capital city of Dushanbe," the spokesman said, adding that earth tremors were felt in the city of Khorog, the administrative center of the Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous region, and in Dushanbe. No information is immediately available about damage caused by the earthquake. This was the third major quake near Lake Sarez in the past four months. Lake Sarez emerged in 1911 after a devastating earthquake. The most powerful earthquake of a magnitude 7.2 hit the Pamir Mountains in early December 2015.

Mar 18 13:01

Iraq's Sadr spurns calls to drop sit-in over 'bastion of corruption'

Influential Iraqi Shi'ite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr rejected calls to cancel a planned sit-in on Friday at the gates of Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone, which he called "a bastion of support for corruption".He published a statement on his website on Thursday in response to politicians who asked him to drop the protest over concern that it could lead to violence near the sensitive district, which houses government offices and embassies.

Sadr called for the sit-in last week to press Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to replace cabinet ministers with technocrats unaffiliated with political parties in order to counter systemic political patronage that has abetted corruption.

Early on Friday, the Interior Ministry published a statement saying it had not authorized the sit-in but did not indicate how it would deal with any protesters who do show up.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Does anyone else remember this guy, and the powerful effect he had on making sure that when US troops left, it was precisely on the date stipulated on the SOFA agreement between the US and the Iraq governments?!?

And remember what he said? He threatened that if the US military was not out of Iraq precisely on the day it was supposed to be, that they would all be "fair game" for the Mahdi militia, which he controlled?!?

With this call for peaceful protest, Sadr appears to be "pulling a Gandhi" here; But what if he doesn't get what he has demanded of the Iraqi government, how long would it take for him to "get the band back together", i.e., reconstitute the Mahdi militia?!?

The short answer is, not long at all.

And if that happens, what does that portend for the future of Iraq?!?

I certainly hope that SOMEONE in the White House, State Department, Pentagon, and Congress is losing sleep over this, because I sure the heck am!!

Mar 18 12:51

Pentagon chief: 'We don't want a draft'

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter on Thursday appeared to favor abolishing the draft, amid the debate over whether women should be forced to register.

“It stands to reason that you will reconsider the Selective Service System and its treatment of females in view of the Department of Defense policies and practices with respect to women,” Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee. “But the second thing I’d like to say about the Selective Service System and the draft generally is this: We want to pick our people. We don’t want people forced to serve us.”

In December, Carter announced that all combat jobs in the military would be open to women with no exceptions.
Carter’s decision sparked a debate about how that affects the draft. In 1981, the Supreme Court ruled that women didn’t have to register because combat jobs were closed to them.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am waiting, with a short-term egg timer in hand, for Carter to reverse his position the moment he realises that the US government doesn't have the troop strength to create a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia and/or China.

And the truth of it is, the US military doesn't, along with not having the weaponry, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to the next major war in which we get embroiled.

Mar 18 12:50

Creating Kurdish federal region in Syria to complicate Geneva talks — source

"This situation only complicates the negotiations, considering relations between Damascus and the Kurds," the source said. According to him, "it was not Damascus that prompted the Kurds to take this step, but the forces that are blocking their participation (in the Geneva talks), they were actually forced to take such a step. The Turks are blocking the Kurds’ involvement (in the talks), who are a real force ‘on the ground.’ In actual fact, the Turks prompted the Kurds to take this step," the source said. Earlier reports said that more than 30 political parties that gathered for the congress in Rumeilan, a city in Syria’s Al-Hasakah province, proclaimed the creation of a regional federal administration in northern Syria on Thursday. The forum held under the motto "Democratic federal Syria - guarantee of co-residence and brotherhood of peoples" brought together 200 delegates.

Mar 18 12:48

Syrian opposition Riyad group calls on Moscow to stop supporting Damascus

The High Negotiations Council, the Riyadh-formed Syrian opposition body, believes that Moscow should stop supporting the Damascus government, HNC official Spokesman Salem al-Mouslad told journalists on Friday. We do not want to talk of what was yesterday. We want to discuss what is happening today or will happen tomorrow," Salem al-Mouslad said when asked what he thought about the withdrawal of Russian armed forces from Syria. He added that the HNC was waiting for positive solutions from Russia. If they really want to resolve the Syrian problem, they should do it immediately, Salem al-Mouslad said.

Mar 18 12:45

EU and Turkey agree to restrict migration — Finnish PM

The European Union and Turkey have signed an agreement for restricting migration at a summit in Brussels, Finnish Prime Minister Juha Sipila said on Friday. A European source close to the summit told journalists that the deal had been concluded and that the European Union and Turkey would start implementing it as of March 20. "According to the final draft, the agreement will start to be implemented on the night from March 20 to 21," the EU diplomat said. The European Union and Turkey agreed to open another chapter concerning Ankara’s accession to the European Union. "The 33rd budget chapter will be opened by late June," he said.

Mar 18 12:44

The FBI Wants Teachers To Go Stasi On American Kids

Finally, here’s the heart of the thing. The report continues to be carefully nonspecific and suggesting that most would-be violent people are not to be found by establishing a pattern. However, “students and educators are encouraged to convey their concerns and observations to trusted community partners, school resource officers, or a local law enforcement entity.” And “acting decisively” is important if a teacher sees that a student has turned terrorist.

Fundamentally, the FBI wants people not to profile, but as soon as someone fits the profile, they should call law enforcement. And that profile, fittingly, can include such asinine checkpoints as “feeling lost” or having some kind of mental health problem (welcome to America and its neurosis and depression). The FBI’s new teen website details more of the warning signs, which are predictably meaningless, yet menacing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And remember: school records now follow kids through their entire school lives, at this point in this creeping dystopia which has become the United States of America.

As reported at education.law.lawyers.com:

Most of us remember hearing one of our grade school or high school teachers say something like, "This is going on your permanent record!" You may have thought about it back then, but it's something easily forgotten about. Now that you're a parent, you may be wondering if your child has a "permanent" school record. Have a school law question? Get answers from local attorneys. It's free and easy. Ask a Lawyer Yes, she does. And odds are, yours is still around, too. What Is It? Practically everything about permanent student records is controlled by the laws of the state where the school is located. These laws are probably different in some ways from state to state, so be certain to check the laws in your area for specific details. Nonetheless, there are some things in common for most permanent school records. What's in the Record? You can expect to see some or all of these things in a permanent record: Basic information for identifying the student, such as her name, address and birth date, and also the names and addresses of her parents or legal guardians Academic records or "transcripts," including grades, classes or courses taken and completed, class rank, date and age the student advanced to the next grade or graduated, and scores on standardized tests, such as placement tests, ACT/SAT scores, and college entrance exams Attendance record Any accident reports or incidents or any health-related information on record, such as medication administered at school and/or with the help of a school nurse, like insulin or other long-term medications Results of any intelligence, aptitude, and psychological and personality tests the student took while at the school Teacher evaluations of the student's performance or abilities Disciplinary actions taken against the student, such as suspensions or expulsions, and the reasons for the actions taken, such as cheating, destroying school property and fighting with students or staff Awards and honors earned by the student The student's participation in school activities, such as sports, student government, etc. A record of who was given access to the permanent record and when As you can see, your permanent record is a lot like a resume; it gives quick and easy access to your highlights (and any lowlights) of the time spent at the school.

Mar 18 12:43

Syria’s armed opposition unit reportedly used heavy weapons

An armed opposition unit in Syria has been reported to have used heavy weapons, namely a multiple launch rocket system, the Russian center for reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria said in a regular bulleting posted on the official website of the Russian Defense Ministry on Friday. According to the document, five ceasefire violations were registered in the past day. "One episode of the use of heavy weapons was reported. Gunmen of the Liva Sultan Murad armed group calling itself opposition opened fire from multiple launch rocket systems at positions of Kurdish self-defense units in Aleppo’s Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood," the document says. Other episodes of ceasefire violation involved the use of mortars and firearms. Thus, Jaish al-Islam units reportedly opened mortar fire at government troops’ positions in the vicinity of the settlements of Hteitet al-Jarash and Zibdin in the province of Damascus, according to the bulletin.

Mar 18 12:28

Europe’s Free-Speech Apocalypse Is Already Here

Europe’s silence in the face of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s hostile takeover of two of his country’s independent newspapers over the last weeks is being chalked up to the need to avoid jeopardizing Ankara’s finger in the dike of even more massive waves of Middle Eastern migration into the continent. But Europe’s cavalier attitude toward this kind of rising authoritarianism on its eastern border is more than just strategic indifference — it’s symptomatic of a steady erosion of core civil liberties within the EU itself.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a critical time for free, reasoned speech to be reverberating around the world, where people need to come together to solve the world's problems in an ethical and concrete way; not calling something out for what it is, is just plain wrong, and the deafening silence at Erdogan's increasing dictatorship, and the snuffing out of dissent, should be pointed out, logically, and the man named and shamed.

I don't know what you would call the country of Turkey at this moment; but it sure as heck is not a democracy.

Mar 18 12:27

The Gloves Are Off: Trump Accuses Hillary Of Being "Involved In Corruption For Most Of Her Professional Life"

It's popcorn time.

Barely 24 hours after Trump launched his first Hillary attack ad in which he showed a laughing Putin respond to a barking Hillary, and shortly after Hillary's SuperPAC responded in kind with an ad of its own in which it used a Trump quote to mock him, the gloves are officially off, and now that both presidential candidates - both convinced they will face off against each other - are beyond the foreplay stage, the gloves have come off and the direct attacks are escalating rapidly.

So rapidly, in fact, that one may say Trump is risking a potential lawsuit with the following accusation (which, however, should not be too difficult to prove should one of Hillary's SuperPACs sue him for libel).

Mar 18 12:26

San Francisco Legislators Dodging Public Records Requests With Self-Destructing Text Messages

You can call it irony. Or bullshit. But what you can't call it is good government. Cory Weinberg of The Information reports San Francisco legislators [warning: paywalled link] are using one of those infamous tools o' terrorism -- messaging service Telegram -- to dodge open records requests.

Mar 18 12:25

US Propaganda Push Against Russia May Shred Basic Constitutional Freedoms

In an Orwellian Twist of Fate, two US senators drop legislation calling for the creation of a propaganda agency tasked with “delegitimizing” Russian and Chinese media, and “strategically” presenting “facts” to support US interests. Critics slam the bill as “extreme,” adding that it likely violates the US First Amendment.

Mar 18 12:23

Exposing the Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look at Hillary’s Emails

Of the 3,000 emails released from Hillary Clinton’s private email server in late December 2015, nearly a third were from her close confidante Sidney Blumenthal, the Clinton aide who gained notoriety when he testified against Monica Lewinsky. One of these emails, dated April 2, 2011, reads in part:

Qaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver . . . . This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French franc (CFA).

In a “source comment,” the original declassified email adds:

Mar 18 12:15

Hillary Clinton: 'I think we have done a really good job securing the border'

Hillary Clinton said Thursday that she feels the United States has "done a really good job securing the border."

Clinton, while fundraising in Tennessee and Georgia, called into a Phoenix radio show to discuss the state of the Democratic nomination fight and a number of issues that matter in Arizona, the next major state to vote.

"I think we've done a really good job securing the border," Clinton said. "I think that those who say we haven't are not paying attention to what was done the last 15 years under President Bush and President Obama."

Mar 18 12:14

Pentagon skips tests on key component of U.S.-based missile defense system

Against the advice of its own panel of outside experts, the U.S. Missile Defense Agency is forgoing tests meant to ensure that a critical component of the nation’s homeland missile defense system will work as intended.

The tests that are being skipped would evaluate the reliability of small motors designed to help keep rocket interceptors on course as they fly toward incoming warheads.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We know it will work just fine. We bought it from the same people we got the F-35 from!" -- The Heptagon

Mar 18 12:13

As Russia's Tactical Jets Leave Syria, Its Most Advanced Attack Helicopters Arrive

Russia says that its pullout from its air base in Syria will be complete in just two or three more days, but it is leaving behind a more potent attack helicopter force than what was ever there before.

Mar 18 12:11

Sweden Adopts Cold War Military Strategy, Ramps Up Against Russian ‘Threat’

Stockholm moves to expand defense, establishes military strategy contemplating multilateral attack capabilities against Russia following months of growing anti-Russia escalation by NATO.

Mar 18 12:08

Ten huge drug ripoffs that Big Pharma is campaigning to continue

When did you become aware of the obscene prices the pharmaceutical industry is charging for drugs? For many it was when a smirking Martin Shkreli, founder of Turing Pharmaceuticals, testified on the Hill in February about his price hike of the antiparasitic drug Daraprim from $13.50 to $750, after which he called lawmakers “imbeciles” in a tweeted goodbye.

For others it was the roll-out of Gilead Sciences hepatitis C drug Sovaldi in 2014 at $84,000 for a 12-week course of treatment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And there IS a question I will ask, henceforward, when I go to a health care professional, and they are about to prescribe a medication for me.

And that question is, "Are you being compensated by the drug company which manufactures the drug you are prescribing for me?!?" And that is really important, because many doctors are guilty of this practice.

As reported at propublica.com in 2010:

Drug companies say the millions of dollars they pay physicians for speaking and consulting justly compensates them for the laudable work of educating their colleagues. But a series of lawsuits brought by former employees of those companies allege the money often was used for illegal purposes — financially rewarding doctors for prescribing their brand-name medications. Impact What the New ‘Collaborative Media’ Can Mean Our Database Search through nearly 15 million records to see if your doctor has received money from a drug or device company. Search for your physician. Use the Data Get the data that powers this investigation. A complete, digital download is available for purchase in the Data Store. In several instances, the ex-employees say, the physicians were told to push “off-label” uses of the drugs — those not approved by the U.S. regulators — a marketing tactic banned by federal law. In the past three years alone, pharmaceutical companies have anteed up nearly $7 billion for settlements in cases such as one filed by Angela Maher, a former drug sales rep for Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical. Maher sued the company in Massachusetts federal court in 2003, alleging it pushed an anti-seizure drug for 27 off-label uses. She said company officials rigorously tracked whether their payments to physicians were worthwhile. Maher said she would regularly hear commentary from her boss after a physician spoke at a dinner program: “‘After he talked last week, our sales went up 8 percent’ or ‘I listened to doc ABC and he barely mentioned’” the drug. The company settled for $81 million earlier this year and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of misbranding a drug; Maher was awarded $3 million. Allegations in other whistleblower lawsuits provide a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the drug marketers: -- Allergan, the maker of Botox, created faux advisory boards solely “to reward hundreds of its top injectors,” federal prosecutors charged this month. More than 200 doctors, for example, were put up at an oceanfront resort in Newport Beach, Calif., in 2005 and 2006 and paid $1,500 to listen to presentations, according to their sentencing memorandum. Allergan settled with the government for $600 million last month and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for misbranding Botox. Allergan said in a statement that it is “committed to conducting its business with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws.” -- Forest Laboratories created “preceptorship” programs in which physicians were paid up to $1,000 each to allow a sales rep to spend time observing their practice. “In reality, Forest sales representatives used the preceptorships to induce physicians to prescribe [anti-depressants] Celexa and Lexapro,” according to a 2009 complaint filed by federal attorneys in Massachusetts. The reps filled out “return on investment” forms to justify the payments from 1999 until 2003. One rep noted that a psychiatrist’s prescription “numbers were trending up,” and “we need to keep a good thing going as long as we are still getting this kind of growth,” the complaint said. A Forest subsidiary pleaded guilty to one felony and two misdemeanors and the company paid $313 million in criminal and civil fines. In a statement, Forest’s CEO said the firm had improved its “compliance program since the events at issue in this investigation, which occurred a number of years ago.” -- In a 2005 lawsuit pending in Pennsylvania , Wyeth Pharmaceuticals is accused of hiring speakers until 2003 based on how often they prescribed the kidney transplant rejection drug Rapamune. “Wyeth management was able to exclude speakers who did not promote Rapamune, and reward those who did so with repeated speaking engagements and resulting honoraria,” according to an amended complaint filed this year by two former sales reps.

Please don't think for one second that this practice does not continue.

Mar 18 12:02

British warships to intercept migrants off Libyan shore

British warships could be fighting back people smugglers within sight of the Libyan coast within months, under plans presented by David Cameron.

The Prime Minister told his counterparts at a summit in Brussels he wanted to expand a current EU naval force operating in the central Mediterranean to stop hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing from Libya to Europe.

Angela Merkel’s €6 billion aid-for-deportations deal was in serious jeopardy as leaders warned Turkish “blackmail” risked violating international law. Talks were set to grind through the night before a Turkish breakfast this morning with Ahmet Davutoglu, the country’s wily prime minister.

Mar 18 12:02

Italy-bound migrant flight grounded in Greece

Six suspected members of a trafficking network were arrested in Greece as they prepared to fly seven Iraqi migrants to Italy in a light aircraft, Greek police said on Thursday.

Mar 18 11:59

A Rebuttal to National Review’s Claim that White Working Class Communities Deserve to Die

Normally I would ignore a run of the mill writer from a past its prime publication still living on the legacy of its founder, but Kevin Williamson’s attack on the white middle class is so beyond the pale that it cannot be ignored.

Incredibly, the National Review writer proclaimed in this month’s cover article that those who are being left behind through the global trade agenda and shipping jobs overseas are somehow responsible for not adapting to the new economic reality. “[N]obody did this to them. They failed themselves,” writes Williamson.

Mar 18 11:58

Six Billion-Dollar Industries That Make Their Profits From Exploiting the Poor

Many see families in poverty and seek to help. Others see families in poverty and see opportunities for profit.

Here are six examples of billion dollar industries which are built on separating poor people, especially people of color, from their money, the reverse Robin Hood.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is worth recalling that similar businesses operated in Germany during the Wiemar inflation period, profiting from the suffering of the German people, and this is what built up the huge resentment towards the banking class that the Nazis successfully exploited.

Mar 18 11:58

Greek Farmer Asks for Euthanasia Because of Debts

A 70-year-old farmer, from Ekkara Village near Domokos, made a euthanasia request because he owes millions of euros to the state and he has no money to live on.

Mar 18 11:57

Draghi’s Giant Giveaway; More Handouts for Wall Street

Last week, European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi announced a much bigger and wider-ranging stimulus package than anyone had expected. Unfortunately, the ECB’s bond buying program will have no impact on employment, business investment, inflation, lending or growth. It will, however, create a temporary incentive for corporations to buy back more of their own shares while providing more cheap cash for banks to roll over their prodigious pile of debt which otherwise would have dragged them into default.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"As long as we have the printing presses, we can keep ourselves rich. The rest of the world can go to hell for all I care!" -- Dragee

Mar 18 11:57

If You Already Think CEOs Make Too Much Money, Wait Until You Read This

A new survey reveals Americans believe CEOs make way too much money — but that belief is based on figures that undercut true CEO compensation by as much as 90 percent.

Mar 18 11:55

Paris terror [patsy] Salah Abdeslam captured

Paris terror attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam was captured alive Friday, a Belgian counter-terrorism source told CNN.

Mar 18 11:49

Priest abuse claims 'not passed on to police by Archbishop Carey', inquiry told

Former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey delayed a "proper investigation" into a senior priest's paedophile crimes for two decades by failing to pass information to police, an inquiry heard.

A lawyer for some victims of Peter Ball, the disgraced former Bishop of Lewes and Bishop of Gloucester, made the claim to Dame Lowell Goddard's public inquiry into child sex abuse.

Ball, 84, was jailed for 32 months in October 2015 after pleading guilty to a string of historical sex offences.

Mar 18 11:48


President Barack Obama will move to declassify U.S. military and intelligence records related to Argentina's "Dirty War," the White House said Thursday, aiming to bring closure to questions of U.S. involvement in a notorious chapter in Argentina's history.

Obama's visit to Buenos Aires next week coincides with the 40th anniversary of the 1976 military coup that started Argentina's 1976-83 dictatorship. Little is known about the U.S. role leading up to that period, in which thousands of people were forcibly disappeared and babies systematically stolen from political prisoners.

Susan Rice, Obama's national security adviser, said Obama would use his trip to announce a "comprehensive effort" to declassify more documents, at Argentina's request. She said Obama would also visit Remembrance Park in Buenos Aires to honor victims of the dictatorship.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As reported at theguardian.com in January of this year:

Declassified US files expose 1970s backing for junta Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles Friday 5 December 2003 21.20 EST Henry Kissinger gave his approval to the "dirty war" in Argentina in the 1970s in which up to 30,000 people were killed, according to newly declassified US state department documents. Mr Kissinger, who was America's secretary of state, is shown to have urged the Argentinian military regime to act before the US Congress resumed session, and told it that Washington would not cause it "unnecessary difficulties". The revelations are likely to further damage Mr Kissinger's reputation. He has already been implicated in war crimes committed during his term in office, notably in connection with the 1973 Chilean coup. The material, obtained by the Washington-based National Security Archive under the Freedom of Information Act, consists of two memorandums of conversations that took place in October 1976 with the visiting Argentinian foreign minister, Admiral César Augusto Guzzetti. At the time the US Congress, concerned about allegations of widespread human rights abuses, was poised to approve sanctions against the military regime. According to a verbatim transcript of a meeting on October 7 1976, Mr Kissinger reassured the foreign minister that he had US backing in whatever he did.

This is the same Kissinger who created a coup in Chile, and installed the murderous General Pinochet as its leader.

This is the same Henry Kissinger Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has counted on - and continues to count on - for foreign policy advice. In fact, as reported in the New York Times website on February 2016:

"“Kissinger is a friend, and I relied on his counsel when I served as secretary of state,” Mrs. Clinton wrote in The Washington Post, in a positive review of his book “World Order.”

If in fact, past is prologue to the future, I shudder to think what foreign policy will look like under a Clinton administration; but I would almost bet on would be more pre-emptive wars, and a return to the draft, which will include our young men, as well as our young women.

Mar 18 11:41

Ted Cruz: A vote for John Kasich in Utah is a vote for Donald Trump

(*Of Course , Your Excellency !
Subjects Of Utah The Dictator Has Spoken .)

Mar 18 11:28


Is the United States turning into a police state? Incidences like this certainly make it seem that way.

A popular music DJ has just been charged with disorderly conduct for nothing more than playing NWA.’s classic ‘F*ck tha Police’ song, while cops conducted a “raid” on a club for having “too many people in attendance.”

MassLive reported that the incident took place when police officers from Westfield, Massachusetts found themselves called to get ride of 350 people who had exceeded the 160-capacity limit for the club in question.

The place where the music was being Shenanigans Pub.

Kashawn Harris, AKA DJ Boogy, couldn’t believe the ridiculousness of the police raiding a place for having a few more people than the fire department would like to see.

So he began spinning the famous NWA track, which led to the officers giving charging the 25-year-old with disorderly conduct.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, I get the issue of overcrowding, and it can be a real public safety issue.

But to charge this guy for attempting to start a "riot"?!?

Please, give me a break!

Although I am a primarily Christian composer, this is a free speech issue, pure and simple. I hope his attorney defends him on those grounds.

And if ALL police around the country were treating ALL of its citizens with respect and dignity, this lyric would never have been created in the first place.

This is simply a reflection of anger expressed as a song, and it is no bloody wonder that it has such a resonance with many of the dispossessed in this country.

Mar 18 11:24

Why US and Israel wants to ban this video...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is an hour long, so you may want to bookmark it for later.

Mar 18 11:20


The film maker approaches a woman holding a Mexican flag and asks her what would happen if an American attempted to fly a U.S. flag at a protest in Mexico.

“What would happen to them?” he asks the woman.

“Some crazy sh*t,” she responds.

The footage then cuts to an angry white woman who attempts to block the film maker from recording the woman with the Mexican flag.

The woman quickly becomes irate and offended on behalf of the Mexican woman, pointing a camera in the man’s face and demanding to know his address.

“I wish somebody could come save me from you right now,” jokes the man.

“Right, well nobody has to save you because you’re a f**king white man who gets to do what he wants to in this space, so I’m saying no, you do not have permission to walk around videotaping women of color,” the woman barks.

Apparently, she thinks that permission is required to film people who are taking part in a protest in a public area.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is unfortunate in the extreme, and politicians love this, because it is polarizing this country, and removing focus away from the people who generally got this country into the mess it is; and that is the damned politicians themselves!!

And to ALL leaders of faith communities in this country; what we need here is dialogue, not monologues of accusations; then, we have to look at the issues we all have to fix, and start fixing them, one by one, TOGETHER.

Mar 18 11:19

Hillary Has an NSA Problem

Now, over two months later, I can confirm that the contents of Sid Blumenthal’s June 8, 2011 email to Hillary Clinton, sent to her personal, unclassified account, were indeed based on highly sensitive NSA information. The Agency investigated this compromise and determined that Mr. Blumenthal’s highly detailed account of Sudanese goings-on, including the retelling of high-level conversations in that country, was indeed derived from NSA intelligence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The important element to this story is that those top secret documents were on isolated networks, not connected to the regular internet. There is no way those documents could "accidentally" be emailed to Hillary's server. Someone copied those documents onto a flash drive and walked them outside the secure area, then copied them onto Hillary's server.

Mar 18 11:18

Iranian Commander: Elimination of President Assad Zionist Demand, Dictation

Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi said the insistence of Riyadh and Syrian opposition groups on having President Bashar Assad removed from office is what the Zionists dictate and want. "The election of a leader and a president in any given country should come through ballots. It is undemocratic and hostile to dismiss or choose a leader and president via politics," Firouzabadi said on Tuesday. He said a mentality and position as such is out of date, adding that this aggressive and unreal dream will never come true in Syria. Firouzabadi warned that elimination of President Assad from Syrian politics will expand the influence of ISIL terrorists and pave way for the establishment of a Takfiri government inside the war-torn country. He once again reiterated that those who want to remove President Bashar Assad from office are in fact doing what the Zionists desire.

Mar 18 11:14

Navy Commander: Iran Preparing to Send Warships to Atlantic Ocean

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari announced that the country is planning to send a fleet of warships to the Atlantic Ocean in the near future. Sayyari said that presence in the Atlantic Ocean is among the Iranian Navy's plans for the next Iranian year (to start on March 20). Sayyari told the Islamic republic news agency that presence in free seas indicates the Iranian Navy's capabilities in establishment of security. He added that presence in free seas, specially in North of Indian Ocean that is a bottleneck from an economic aspect, is among achievements that was fulfilled upon guidelines of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei. In relevant remarks earlier this month, Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Gholam Reza Khadem Biqam announced that Iran is moving ahead with a large scale navy modernization program for wider presence in the high seas.

Mar 18 11:14

Another Climate Scientist Indicted for Financial Fraud

Here we go again. Daniel Alongi, a researcher racketeer with the Australian Institute of Marine Science — though he’s no longer listed on its website — is facing trial for using a scheme to erroneously pocket half a million dollars in taxpayer money that was supposedly being used on climate change research. According to The Heartland Institute, “Alongi has been indicted by the Australian government on charges of defrauding taxpayers out of $556,000 in false expenses since 2008. Alongi has already admitted to creating false invoices, credit card statements, and e-mails to cover his misappropriation of funds.” As you might expect, “Alongi’s indictment raises serious questions concerning the credibility of his research,” Heartland adds. Meteorologist Anthony Watts says, “If Alongi falsely claimed to have spent half a million dollars on radioisotope testing, it would look pretty strange if he didn’t produce any false test results, to justify the expenditure of all that money.”

Mar 18 11:12

Obama-Backed Solar Plant Could Be Shut Down For Not Producing Enough Energy

California regulators may force a massive solar thermal power plant in the Mojave Desert to shut down after years of under-producing electricity — not to mention the plant was blinding pilots flying over the area and incinerating birds.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I flew over one of those solar plants once (as a passenger) and the glare from the mirrors is intense. While the direct solar energy is focused on the generator tower, the atmospheric haze from near the sun misses the tower and reflects back into the sky.

Mar 18 11:10

More Aid Packages Distributed in Damascus, Idlib Provinces

Officials in Syria sent convoys of humanitarian aids to help the residents in the two crisis-stricken towns of Madaya and al-Zabadani in Southern Damascus province close to the border with Lebanon. The convoy comprises 34 trucks fully loaded with medical, food and other humanitarian aids for the residents of the two rebel-held areas which have been in dire situation due to hostilities in Syria in recent years. The humanitarian convoys entered the two towns as the current ceasefire in the Syria is still holding. Earlier, the residents of the al-Fo'ah and Kafraya in Northern Idlib province received thousands of humanitarian food and health packages. The health packages, transferred to the towns by a convoy of 24 trucks were distributed to the people who were in dire need of food and medicine aids. Last week, the displaced residents of the Yarmouk refugee camp near Damascus received more packages of humanitarian aid on Friday.

Mar 18 11:09

Black Dems aren’t turning out for Hillary like they did for Obama

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has to worry about a steep drop-off of the black vote that could imperil her chances of winning the White House in November, an analysis has found.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh my GAWD; look at the picture of Obama in this article! He's giving the NAZI SALUTE! Honest! Same thing Trump did! WOW!!!!! :)

Mar 18 11:08

Senior Cleric: Arab League Chief Bribed by S. Arabia to Blacklist Hezbollah

Tehran's provisional Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi Kermani said Saudi Arabia has bribed Secretary General of the Arab League Nabil al-Arabi to designate the Lebanese Hezbollah as a "terrorist group". "Saudi Arabia has given $2mln to al-Arabi to call Hezbollah terrorist since Hezbollah has stood against the enemies," Ayatollah Movahedi Kermani said, addressing a large and fervent congregation of the people on Tehran University campus on Friday. He also referred to the Riyadh-led attacks against the Yemeni people, and said the Saudi crimes against the Yemenis, including the recent airstrikes against a market which killed 120 people, are committed with the US support and green light. In relevant remarks on Tuesday, Head of Egypt's Al Nasseri Party Mohammed Abu al-Ala blasted the decision against Hezbollah resistance movement, and said that the AL is a dead entity for the Arab nations.

Mar 18 11:05

Iran Blasts Presence of Terrorist Leaders in Geneva Talks on Syria

Amir Abdollahian made the remarks in phone talks with UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura on Friday. He described presence of the leaders of terrorist groups at the negotiations table in Geneva as harmful... Jaafari also dismissed the Syrian opposition negotiating team as a “terrorist Saudi delegation headed by a murderer”. Amir Abdollahian, meantime, appreciated de Mistura's efforts to settle the crisis in Syria politically, and underlined the necessity for focusing on Syrian-Syrian talks. De Mistura, for his part, lauded Iran's efforts in fighting against terrorism and its support for settling the crisis in Syria politically, and said despite the challenges, the trend of Geneva talks are positive and they will continue by next Tuesday. The Syrian peace talks have hit their first logjams, as disputes erupted over the composition of delegations to the talks and a Kurdish call to form a federal Syria with a semi-autonomous Kurdish region in the North of the country.

Mar 18 11:03

What Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and Maxwell Have in Common

The British socialite madam Ghislaine Maxwell (the daughter of) stands accused of recruiting Jeffrey Epstein’s “teen sex slaves.” Ms. Maxwell was ordered by a Manhattan judge to hand over any correspondence she has had with the billionaire pedophile.

The alleged madam will also have to produce any documents from between 1999 and 2016 that mention the sex-trafficking ring she and Epstein allegedly operated.

Victim Virginia Roberts has sued Maxwell in Manhattan federal court for defamation. Roberts, who is now 32, has also claimed Maxwell pimped her out to Epstein’s wealthy pals, including Prince Andrew.

Roberts escaped from the sex ring in 2002 after fleeing to Australia when Epstein and Maxwell allegedly sent her to Thailand to study massage.

Mar 18 11:01

Iraqi Planes Throw Leaflets on Mosul Calling Residents Prepare for Army Operation

A source in Iraq's Ministry of Interior announced that the Iraqi Air Force's planes dropped thousands of leaflets on the city of Mosul (405 km north of Baghdad), calling the residents to be prepared for the liberation operation of the city by the Iraqi army. The source said in a statement obtained by IraqiNews.com, “Today the Iraqi Air Force planes dropped thousands of leaflets on Tahrir neighborhood, as well as different parts in the left side of Mosul,” Iraqi News reported. The source, who asked anonymity, added: “The leaflets called the citizens to be prepared for the expulsion of ISIL terrorist members.”

Mar 18 11:00

Syria in Past 24 Hours: Army Continues Advance in Homs, Aleppo, Hama

The Syrian army units, backed by its air force, continued chasing ISIL, al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups excluded from the ceasefire agreement across the country, destroying their equipment and killing a number of their members...
The Syrian army and Hezbollah forces' rapid advance in the Western parts of Damascus province led to the freedom of two strategic mountains and closing an ISIL's supply route in Qalamoun region. http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13941228000160
The Syrian air force in a high-precision strike targeted and destroyed a mortar launch pad used by the ISIL terrorist group in Deir Ezzur. http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13941228000387
Syrian and Russian fighter jets kept on pounding ISIL terrorists' positions around the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) on Friday as army troops pressed on their ground advance against the terrorists. http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13941228000536

Mar 18 10:58

Obama's Seven Slaughters: It's a Disease, Not a Doctrine

The U.S. President who has overseen the highest Pentagon budget in history, created drone wars, launched wars against the will of Congress, dramatically expanded foreign arms sales and special operations and the arming of proxies, claimed to be "really good at killing people," and openly bragged about having bombed seven nations that are inhabited largely by dark-skinned Muslims, bolsters his "doctrine" by offering accurate antiwar assessments of Nixon, Reagan, and George W. Bush's wars. (He essentially admits to Reagan's October Surprise negotiations with Iran that sabotaged the 1980 U.S. elections.) Obama's and Goldberg's discussion of Obama's own wars does not display the same accuracy or wisdom.

Mar 18 10:56

Rabbis, Jewish leaders plan boycott of Donald Trump at AIPAC

Several groups of rabbis and Jewish religious leaders are planning to protest Donald Trump's speech to a major pro-Israel conference in Washington on Monday, accusing the presidential candidate of encouraging hatred.

Trump is scheduled to address the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference Monday night, and several groups are organizing boycotts of the speech.

Mar 18 10:53

Bullet casings disappear from LaVoy Finicum shooting scene, sources say

Two bullet casings that might have proven an FBI agent shot at Robert "LaVoy" Finicum apparently disappeared from the scene shortly after the Jan. 26 highway confrontation turned deadly, according to law enforcement sources and newly released police reports.

Five FBI agents assigned to the traffic stop told investigators that none of them fired at Finicum's Dodge pickup after it crashed at their roadblock. Oregon investigators, however, concluded that one agent fired twice at the truck, hitting it once in the roof and missing on the second shot.

A state trooper later described to investigators seeing two rifle casings in the area where the agents were posted. Detectives tasked with collecting evidence didn't find the casings, police reports indicate.

Mar 18 10:52

ACHTUNG: Blacklisted:

Blacklisted: Drudge, Coulter, Hannity, Carson, Breitbart, O’Reilly, Christie Make GOP Smart Set’s List of ‘Ideological Hustlers’

Conservative movement professionals in Washington, D.C. are plotting to form a “blacklist” of Donald Trump supporters that they can kick out of the movement, never to return.

Mar 18 10:27

The Kurds: Turkey-NATO Genocide?

The Kurdistan Regional Government in northern Iraq has called the Turkish military operation against Kurds on the border in with Turkey genocide. Meanwhile, a growing number of world states are viewing Turkey as a rogue state, a NATO member growing more militant each day. The looming question is, “How far will NATO and the European contingent allow Erdogan’s government to go before reining him in?”

Mar 18 10:27


In light, this writer recommends that the PA leadership abandon once and for all the illusive quest for Palestinian statehood and opt for a the creation of a democratic and unitary state (between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean) where Jews and Arabs live together in peace and equality irrespective of religion and ethnicity.

Mar 18 10:22

Apple Encryption Engineers, if Ordered to Unlock iPhone, Might Resist

If the F.B.I. wins its court fight to force Apple’s help in unlocking an iPhone, the agency may run into yet another roadblock: Apple’s engineers.

Apple employees are already discussing what they will do if ordered to help law enforcement authorities. Some say they may balk at the work, while others may even quit their high-paying jobs rather than undermine the security of the software they have already created, according to more than a half-dozen current and former Apple employees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the government, throwing its weight around like a typical dictatorship, getting what it wants only because it wants it and not because it will accomplish anything.

After all the news reporting about government back-doors does anyone think real criminals or terrorists will ever use those devices or rely on the "approved" encryption? Of course not! Edward Snowden confirms that the NSA has never succeeded in preventing a terror attack, and the tsunami of ransomware and other cyber attacks proves that criminals are already their own systems of encryption, which are in fact very easy to create.

So what we have here is the government wasting billions of dollars to spy on law-abiding Americans who are not doing anything, while the real criminals and terrorists rampage across our society unhindered!

Mar 18 10:14

Proof It Is Rigged: “Fed Moved 93% of Entire Stock Market Since 2008?

Fact: The Fed has screwed over the country. Monetary policy has distorted the economy, and this data proves it.

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Mar 18 10:06

Party Polarization: Eagles, donkeys and elephants

It is time to rethink the symbols which have historically represented American political parties

Mar 18 10:03

Donald Trump’s son Eric receives threatening letter at his NYC home: report

A law enforcement official says New York City police and the FBI are investigating a threatening letter sent to the Manhattan apartment of Donald Trump’s son Eric.

The official says the envelope sent to Eric Trump’s apartment on Central Park South on Thursday contained a suspicious white powder and a threatening letter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The letter told Eric to get Donald out of the race or Eric's children would be harmed! Nice people we have running for high office in this country!

Mar 18 10:02

Military Admits Billion-Dollar War Toy F-35 Is F**ked

In a remarkable period, beginning in February and lasting several weeks, senior officers and high-ranking bureaucrats finally publicly copped to the warplane program’s fundamental failures.

But the timing of the military's mea culpa is ... interesting. For at the same time as the admissions of guilt, the F-35 was passing several bureaucratic milestones that make it more or less impossible to cancel. Too much money’s already been spent. Too many well-established jobs are at stake. Too many F-35s are already rolling out of the factory.

The Pentagon can clear its conscience of the jet fighter’s misdeeds because doing so is, at this late hour, consequence-free.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Yes, it's a piece of crap. But it is an ESTABLISHED piece of crap, and thus now an institution!" -- The Heptagon

Mar 18 09:57

How Hillary Clinton Lied Her Way to War in Libya

Declassified emails released in January and February reveal that Hillary Clinton was one of the main instruments in spreading chaos and extremism in Libya when the U.S. secretary of state personally pushed for the ousting of late Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi.

Clinton’s emails reveal that she and her staff were aware that civilians they claimed to be protecting were not actually in danger from government forces.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The real goal was to end the Gold Dinar and put Libya's oil back on the world market traded only in US dollars!

Mar 18 09:55

BREAKING: Obama Just Gave Himself A MASSIVE Pay Raise… FOREVER! $$$

The Congressional Research Service reports that for requests for both 2016 and 2017 fiscal years, Obama’s proposed federal budget would expand funding through the Former Presidents Act. In 2017 alone, Obama wants nearly an 18% hike in expenditures… $588,000.

Mar 18 09:53

How Glyphosate mimics our basic amino acid, and gets into our cells, tissues, chromosome and DNA

A renowned biochemist and research scientist that has been studying Glyphosate, and other potentially harmful chemicals for a long time, he has four peer reviewed scientific papers already published, along with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, on how Glyphosate provides a pathway to various modern diseases.

Now, Samsel has made a more fundamental finding on the chemical and is working on his fifth paper on it. And that finding, for the first time disclosed by anybody on earth, is that glyphosate is essentially an amino acid, but like no other naturally occurring one. And it tries to mimic one that is part of our biology.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That would explain the massive tumors on those test rats if their bodies were trying to use glyphosate instead of glycine in the building of proteins!

Mar 18 09:38

Israel Declares War On Trump

Israeli political forces in the U.S. have launched a media war against the Trump campaign in an attempt to destroy his candidacy due to his promise to bring about peace in the Middle East.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, we have a chance to kick out the corrupt incumbents, dump Hillary the way we dumped Bush, and rip Israel's fangs from our government all at the same time!


Mar 18 09:33


Megyn Kelly has broadened her war on Trump.

Now, she’s not just dedicating her program to Trump-bashers but she’s openly attacking Donald Trump supporters.

Mar 18 09:32

Pictured for the first time: The shotgun used in Kurt Cobain's suicide 22 years ago

Webmaster addition. That shotgun seems too long to run around and shoot oneself with.

Mar 18 09:31

We Are All Flint

We saw Flint coming. In fact, I’ve seen this whole national water crisis coming for years. I see these issues happen, I know where they are. I know when they’re going to hit. And I know they’re going to come up, year after year after year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Right now, the "We Hate Donald Trump" network (formerly known as FOX News) is harming GOP candidates running for offices other than the Presidency, and that even though the career politicians have wrecked the nation, Trump would only be worse. That is impossible. NOBODY could be worse for the nation and the American people than the politicians we have now! (Not even me.)

Erin is correct. Flint did not happen all at once, but was allowed to happen in Flint and across America by career politicians who felt money was more important than people, and that the peoples' money was better spent on wars, propping up Wall Street, and supporting Israel, than ensuring safe and healthy drinking water (or for that matter, food).

Trump can't do worse. We are at the bottom. Trump can only take us up!

Mar 18 09:24

Israel's Influence: Good or Bad for America? Live Stream

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot, does not, and will not serve the American people. A friend of Israel is no friend of America. In these dark times America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third!

Mar 18 09:14

The Murder That Exposed Hillary Clinton’s Grim Legacy In Honduras

While the identities of the killers remain unknown, activists, media observers, and members of the Cáceres family are blaming the increasingly reactionary and violent Honduran government.

The authorities had frequently clashed with Cáceres over her high-profile campaign to stop land grabbing and mining while defending the rights of indigenous peoples.

Mar 18 09:11

Wake Up Ted, It’s Time to Make the Phone Call

It’s time to face reality. Donald Trump will be the 2016 GOP Presidential nominee. Only Trump has a path to the nomination. Ted Cruz is delusional if he thinks he can win the nomination…or deserves to win the nomination. He was shut out on Tuesday night. Shut out as in zero, zilch, zip, nada. It was Trump 4, Kasich 1, Cruz 0, Rubio cut from the team.

Cruz can’t be the nominee. We’re deep into the GOP presidential race on a key Super Tuesday and he can’t even win one state. The nomination winner can’t be 0 for 5 on a Super Tuesday. That’s not a man on the way to becoming leader of the free world.

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Mar 18 09:06


Montenegro can expect to become a member of NATO by mid-2017 – said on Thursday, Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic. He believes that the accession of Montenegro to the EU and NATO would mean a greater guarantee of security, not only for Montenegro, but also the entire Western Balkans. "After Montenegro was invited to join NATO, a new phase began, and negotiations about entry are successful so far. I expect that they will be over in a month, month and a half. After that the procedure of ratification in the parliaments in the member states will begin. Following the process of the other countries, we can realistically expect that by mid-2017, Montenegro will become a full member of NATO," said Djukanovic.

Mar 18 09:04

Cruz Citizenship Timeline (documented)

1964-1966 – Cruz Sr. takes a few odd jobs, marries and moves to Canada to work in the oil fields. The Cruz family resides in Canada for the next eight years. “I worked in Canada for eight years,” Rafael Cruz says. “And while I was in Canada, I became a Canadian citizen.” – (From and interview with NPR)

Peter Spiro, a legal expert on U.S. citizenship at Temple University. Spiro says Rafael Cruz's multi-country odyssey did not follow traditional models for immigration. – SPIRO: “Ted Cruz himself seems to be an advocate of those traditional immigration models. Maybe he should be a little more tolerant of the nontraditional versions, given his own father's history.”

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Share this everywhere you can. Ted Cruz is not a natural born US citizen and cannot serve as President under the Constitution, or as Vice President under the 12th Amendment.

Mar 18 09:02


Minutes ago in the Deir Ezzor Governorate’s southwestern countryside, the Syrian Arab Army’s 137th Artillery Brigade of the 17th Tank Division – backed by the National Defense Forces (NDF) – declared fire control over the Thayyem Oil Fields after a fierce battle with the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) today. According to military source from the Syrian Arab Army’s 104th Airborne Brigade of the Republican Guard, the 137th Artillery Brigade was able to reach the Thayyem Oil Fields earlier today after clearing much of the territory surrounding this imperative site.

Mar 18 09:01


BBC reported, Saudi Arabia has said its military coalition will scale back operations against rebels in Yemen. The announcement came as the death toll from astrike on a market this week doubled to more than 100. Witnesses said at least two missiles hit the busy market in the Mustaba district of Hajja province, north of the capital Sanaa, an area controlled by the Shia Houthi rebels. Video footage purportedly of the aftermath of the strike showed what appeared to be the bodies of several children. A UN official said 22 children were among those killed. In January, a UN panel found that coalition air strikes had targeted civilians in Yemen and assessed that some attacks might constitute crimes against humanity. SouthFront: the Saudi announcement of “scaling back” took place a week after Putin’s order on the partial withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria. Perhaps the Saudi announcement is a part of the big deal concluded between Moscow and Washington.

Mar 18 08:59

Peacefully Protesting Pensioner Arrested Outside NSA Spy Base

Police arrested a 74-year-old peace activist who refused to leave a protest site outside an NSA spy base in Yorkshire on Wednesday. The force also issued an official dispersal order banning protesters from assembling there.

Mar 18 08:58


The Turkish government is continuing its crackdown on Kurdish fighters in the country’s southeast, coupled with shelling Kurdish positions in Syria and bombing them in Iraq. The map represents the situation in the city of Nusaybin in Mardin Province of Turkey where the Turkish security forces are clashing with Kurdish fighters. The population of the city is 83,832 as of 2009. The citizens are largely ethnic Kurdish descent.

Mar 18 08:56

Green Party Presidential Candidate Offers ‘Collaboration’ With Bernie Sanders

Facing a mathematically improbable path to victory, Democratic Party presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders needs all the support he can get, and the Green Party’s Jill Stein has an offer that would be unprecedented if accepted.

Mar 18 08:55


This was reported on social media say on Friday, adding that all American soldiers were ‘’killed on the spot’’. According to the Kabul-based Watan Press newspaper, the incident occurred in the Shawal Manda area of Nad Ali district in Helmand province. This is the largest province in Afghanistan. According to unofficial information from the social media, 4 soldiers were killed in the helicopter. Despite the reports, stating that the Taliban side has taken responsibility for the incident, the US army has reportedly denied the truthfulness of this information. US media quoted an unnamed military official, saying that initial reports indicate a Resolute Support helicopter had made hard landing in the province of Helmand, without any reports of casualties. The source also adds that investigation is going to follow. Statistics show that the Taliban militants have increased their acts of violence against the Afghan forces and US-led forces recently.

Mar 18 08:42

Eating In The Dark

I’m sick of writing about labeling genetically engineered foods.

I’m sick of it because there’s really one thing to say, and I’ve said it before: Americans have a right to know how their food is produced. Period.

The fact is that most processed food in the supermarket is genetically engineered. That means it includes ingredients that have genes from other species inserted in their DNA. Nearly every single American has eaten genetically engineered foods, but many of us don’t know it.

Mar 18 08:39

Donetsk Blog Mar 18: Civilian Vehicles Targetted - Weapons Sold - Ukrainian Military Corruption

According to DPR intelligence, several commanders of the Ukrainian units are even under an investigation carried out by the General Staff and the SBU into heavy losses and excessive use of ammunition. In addition, a number of Ukrainian soldiers are tired of the war and willing to bring it to the end by getting rid of weapons in non-conventional ways. The DPR Defense Ministry reported an attempt of one of the Ukrainian commanders to enter into negotiations with the DPR military authorities to hand over American radar stations. Even though the Ukrainian military are notorious for selling weapons and equipment, even to the enemy, this case seems different because the negotiators stated their intention to destroy the radars in their possession if the transfer turned out to be impossible. In another Ukrainian unit, DPR intelligence sources on the ground report that soldiers discarded unused ammunition into a nearby body of water...

Mar 18 08:27

CRASH2: Just when we need a masterchef with new recipes, we get the same old waiters

Last week, it was Mario Draghi’s turn to boldly go where only idiots like Abe go, and he grasped the opportunity with both hands. It delivered about 25 minutes of effervescence to the European markets, after which the default position returned to enervation. You might say that the ECB boss had promised not just to pay the crowd to watch Christians being eaten in the Coliseum, but also totally wild and unpredictable lions to do the deed. Instead, a little bloke with a bald head shuffled into the arena and shouted, “Wait, wait – you’re making a terrible mistake, already”. At which point, a fat ginger Tom wobbled in and licked his hand.

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Mar 18 08:25

When Your Media Are ‘Disappointed’ By Opposition To Bigotry

As the aggressive behavior of his supporters becomes as much of a story as the violence implied in his politics, Donald Trump is bringing together folks who agree on little else to denounce him. It’s true Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have policies in some ways even more regressive than Trump’s, but then neither of them is openly pining for the days when protesters were carried off on stretchers.