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Obama’s birth certificate proven a forgery, fraudulently fabricated document, by forensic investigators on two continents 2 15 sec ago Old_Logan
VIDEO | Watch Mueller get ambushed after Easter Service… 1 14 hours ago Old_Logan
From 'total exoneration' to 'total bullsh**': Trump lingers on damning report 1 15 hours ago Old_Logan
Leftists demand eliminating all Christian crosses from public view, claiming it “triggers” them… political correctness is now equivalent to Satanism 1 15 hours ago Old_Logan
Investigators to Probe ‘Overseas Links’ as 8 Arrested Over Sri Lanka Blasts - PM 1 20 hours ago Old_Logan
Nancy Pelosi Declares a ‘New Era’ of Internet Regulation 1 22 hours ago Old_Logan
Bill Maher: "Trump was right about one thing: I'm tired of him winning." 1 22 hours ago Old_Logan
Dems STOPPED COLD After Trump Offers HUGE New Gift To Help LOW-INCOME Americans 1 23 hours ago Old_Logan
Next Week Obama GOES DOWN For Spying On Trump - New Evidence To Drop Will PUT HIM IN JAIL! 1 1 day ago Old_Logan
Trump's so-called ‘peace’ plan for Palestine dead on arrival 1 1 day ago Old_Logan
Julian Assange Is a Better Journalist Than Many of His Media Critics 1 1 day ago Old_Logan
Our leaders so often lie, but we still believe them. 1 2 days ago George
How to Turn America into a Shit-hole Country in 4 Easy Steps 1 2 days ago George
Obama White House, Liberal Media Mocked Romney's Accurate View of Russia 1 2 days ago Old_Logan
Flyers cut ties with Kate Smith recordings after 'offensive lyrics' come to light 1 2 days ago Gleiwitz
‘I could’ve fired EVERYONE, including Mueller!’ Trump explains what real obstruction would look like 1 2 days ago Old_Logan
Will the Mueller Report Help Defeat Trump in 2020? 1 2 days ago typeviic
It’s official: the collapse of the mainstream media’s credibility is now complete 1 2 days ago typeviic
Tucker: Beto's campaign is dead 1 3 days ago Old_Logan
The Mainstream Media Is Hyping Up The Release Of The Mueller Report As If It Were Some Sort Of Key Historical Event 1 4 days ago Old_Logan
Donald J. Trump: "Wow! FBI made 11 payments to Fake Dossier’s discredited author, Trump hater Christopher Steele. @OANN @JudicialWatch 1 4 days ago Old_Logan
Pelosi: ‘The Constitution of the United States’ Is at Stake in 2020 1 4 days ago Old_Logan
Mapping the Global Migration of Millionaires 1 4 days ago George
'Sodom and Gomorrah': Homophobic hecklers hit presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg in Iowa as he brushes them aside saying 'church gets a little rowdy sometimes' 1 4 days ago Ethan Allen and...
``Things could be much worse,'' he [Jean-Loup Boisseau organ builder on Notre Dame organ over 2 decades ago] said. ``Organ builders joke that three renovations equal a fire.'' 1 4 days ago mistorteem
Tom Fitton: Barack Obama Should be Questioned UNDER OATH about #SpyGate & Trump Targeting 1 4 days ago mistorteem
Pompeo is “Setting the Stage for a War with Iran” 1 4 days ago Old_Logan
OMG-LOL! Beto O’Rourke’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad ‘tax return release’ just keeps getting WORSE and worse 1 4 days ago Old_Logan
What Manning/Assange Actually Exposed In The 2010 Wikileaks Publications---Brutal Atrocities Against Civilians In Iraq By The US Military 1 4 days ago Old_Logan
What Trump And His Religious Supporters Can Learn From Cyrus The Great 1 4 days ago Old_Logan